I have noticed many people looking to the Occupy movements as a whole and saying they agree with what is being said but they don’t see enough action to feel they should get involved.  They aren’t seeing any results.

I wanted to take a moment and ask how they would expect to see anything come of this if they continue to refuse involvement.  This is a movement that could change the course of our entire history. This movement could change the world; in fact, it already has. But this is a slow change and a change that comes from within ourselves. We can’t sit and wait for someone to make the change and then fall in line, we need to be the change. We need to stand up and show that there is a problem which cannot be ignored.

It is time we unite as a people for a common goal and extend ourselves towards a solution. We can’t just sit and allow for this to continue because our movement MIGHT fail. Even the glimpse of hope is worth trying for. It is time we try.

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  1. If you are going to write an article from the first person point of view, I would ask that you let us know who you are. Thanks! :)

  2. I’m flashing back to people waving placards reading only “HOPE” and “CHANGE”. It’s possible to be too meta.

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