1:15 Meeting is called

1:21 facilitators: Molina and Courtney

Introduction of facilitators, timekeeper, minutes, vibes-checker

Livestream Announcement

1:25 Motorcycle crash on Cesar Chavez, APD respond quickly. The cyclist appears to be fine.

1:26 Explanation of the stack. Review hand signals and procedure, Joshua explains the new clarifying question signal, caucusing, etc.

1:30 Magnet introduction

Josh – base camp magnet- needs skilled laborers, electrician, carpenters, Wi-Fi, I.T. BBQ, heavy equipment, audio, food, water, cooler, cups soap books, lights, tape, labor.

1:36 Dani – coalition outreach- inviting presence of coalitions

1:37 A man loses and finds a wallet.

Courtney- childcare magnet – Largely self-sustaining, needs more kids. Discussion of putting childcare on the website.

1:39 Eric – cop-watcher – 15 year old got arrested last night, threatened to arrest speaker when he confronted policeman. Crowd shuns police. Concerns about police action expressed by the magnet.

1:44 Joshua encourages open-minded attitude towards police.

1:46 Anton – web magnet – asks for contributions from occupiers. Use website contacts page for more info.

1:49 Joshua – facilitation magnet – invites participants to meeting after 7pm GA.

Lauren – Media Magnet – Occupy Austin on MSNBC today, call for livestream streamers, housekeeping, chalk is OK.

1:52 Les – Political action working group magnet – not a partisan group. First meeting will take place on Sunday at 7pm.

Matt – Education Magnet – Today: green living, wild techniques, history of debt crisis. School of free thought.

1:56 Josie Miller – Heading up the march today, be aware of policies for picketing and marching.

David – Local issues magnet – register to vote. Les requests some system to respond to false information that has been passed out.

Library committee – needs donations of books, working with education committee

2:01 – Greg – IT group – needs geeks. Looking for people to watch the freedom tower.

Peter – Legal Magnet – System which will inform those who are arrested. Twitter: ArrestedAustin 512-292-9044 emergency legal number. Will bring more pre-bail forms.

2:05 Finance Committee- Donation bucket.


2:06 Call for agenda item

Les – point of process –concerns about finance bucket, resolved.

2:08 Open Stack for agenda items

2:09 – Brief discussion of coordinating overflow plans. Passed for GA

2:10 Proposal to use money donated for food and water. Passed.

An occupier gives a feel-good message, it is not a proposal, however.

Lindsay – proposal of discussion of the way meetings and magnet groups are run. Passed

2:13 Proposal to discuss fluoride, channeled to discussion with local political action group.

Legal announcement: Message: Don’t confront people you don’t agree with. Keep chill.

Clarifying question – can this be done formally? Agreement that keeping cool and sitting down is best course of action.

2:16 Les – proposal to discuss false information, with presentation at GA. Passed. (Unfortunately, this item was lost in the shuffle of other issues, especially the march which was of immediate concern)

Proposal to create two committees, one for national, and local issues. Not passed. (These committees already exist)

2:18 Proposal to discuss march at 4pm. Passed.


Announcement: Be careful of provocateurs

Announcement: Pick up trash, please.


2:20 Agenda items, 10 minutes each.

Overflow issues: plan for overflow issues

Les expresses knowledge of a working group, which deals with this topic. Josh had discussion with chief of APD. Open communication is requested for future issues. The chief expressed to Joshua that he would address assembly. Point of interest encourages communication in advance, and over-estimation of participants to make sure the police are never surprised by a huge turnout. Joshua will acquire more information ASAP. Passed. GA agrees that issue has been dealt with for now.

2:27 Food and Water

Proposal to give money for food and water for occupation. POI Health code prohibits distribution of open water. More information is required. POI, suggestion to get a water-cooler type container, which technically isn’t against code. Proposal for a specific amount, 50 dollars a day for water. Josh proposes purchasing food local. Les expressed frustration with finance committee. POI, are food handler licenses required? More information requested. Compost heap discussion requested for future meeting?

Les proposes an amendment that gives finance group be given authority to determine expenditures for 100 dollars and less for magnets, upon request that it is reasonable.

Amendment accepted to cut amount in half to 50 dollars. Discussion between Les and Joshua about practicality of coming to GA with a list of rules that the finance committee can be held accountable.

Proposal resubmitted: 50 dollars now for water, next GA, finance committee with come with a list of rules it will follow so the group can remain accountable. PASSED.


2:40 Vibes Check, three breaths.


Proposal to use democratic procedural process in smaller groups. 3 parts.

1. GA will instruct committees and magnet groups to use procedural process insofar as possible. Joshua recommends that there aren’t enough people to use the facilitation process in all committees. Proposal of facilitation training. POI groups make sure no action is taken before coming to the General Assembly (exempting low-impact issues). POI, some groups need to take action immediately. Les says this action is unnecessary, Josh asks him to speak in procedure instead of interrupting.  PASSED.

2. Rotating magnets, 2 week schedule, insofar as possible. 4 blocks, Les offers alternative, where members can vote out magnets via GA. Seems unpopular, DROPPED by proposer.

3. Decision hall will remain seat of power where GA happens.

Amendment: Magnet groups that need autonomy will submit a list of items, so they can be held accountable. Les expresses concern over how GA involvement of Magnet Group minutia. TABLED by proposer.


2:36 Discussion of March at 4pm.

Dave- in 30 minutes we need to start preparing. Anyone who needs to take out his or her money should be in front. If we can gather 200 people the police will give them a lane. If the group keeps moving, then arrests shouldn’t be an issue. Mobs are not good. POI – March with flagpole, watch for flag, and go around bank of America.


2:59 Motion to suspend normal procedure — Proposal to add an agenda item. PASSED.


3:00 Proposal to petition the city to allow occupiers to sleep at City Hall. Passed. Clarification: the GA does not advocate sleeping at city hall yet.


3:02 Close of Agenda items.


Clarifying points of procedure, Josh re-announces facilitator meeting. Discussion of Robert’s rules.


3:07 Announcement: Clayton-Meeting in 10 minutes at Austin Java to discuss finance committee rules.


3:08 Meeting adjourned.

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7 Responses

  1. We’re all protesting and having our voices heard, but nearly all of us are still funding the banks and multinational corporations that are funding collusion. Until we can buy local from locals instead of buying stuff (and food) made in Asia by huge global corporations, then we are not practicing what we preach.

    It takes work and research to find ways to buy local from locals, but freedom requires footwork.

  2. Go Clayton! Thanks for getting the minutes out.

    Can you elaborate on the item at 1:39pm? When was the 15 year old arrested? Why? Has he been released? What does the rest of the first sentence mean? Who threatened who with what? What does that mean that the crowd shunned the police? What exactly happened and what were the magnet’s concerns?

    Marion (on the peacekeeping committee)

  3. Let me start by stating that I definitely sympathize with the “occupy” movement and I think that the media is trying to spin the protesters as a bunch of over-entitled, under-employed hippy liberals. I firmly disagree and I believe that the movement transcends political parties and even socioeconomic class (at least to a certain degree). This movement is a matter of right vs wrong; of corruption vs integrity; of good vs evil. I’m not against corporate America, I’m for a responsible corporate America. I’m not anti-government, I’m in favor of a strong and moral governing body. I think this is the message that needs to be sent to the corporations and our government representatives. We’re not here to destroy the establishment…we’re here to cleanse it.

  4. robert jenkinsOctober 9th, 2011

    Doing something. At last! I recommend encouraging closing accounts with large national banks and then somehow showing, perhaps by shredding (burning) the closing paperwork (or copies..) Some visible public act that registers popular dissent and actually hurts the banks in some small way. Perhaps at the same time each day in view of the media…

  5. There was NO arrest of any 15 year old. This is a example of mis information. She was temporarily detained. One of the OA leadership intervened and negotiated on the behalf of OA. APD released her. They did not have to! POWER TO THE PEOPLE ! works when we remain true to our PRINCIPLES! regards, SB ps only arrest thus far by Sunday, 10AM, October 9th was a intoxicated person who is NOT associated with OA. FACT>

  6. If you go to the video section of this website there is video of the incident. It clearly shows her being released. The item at 1:39 in the minutes summarizes what Eric of the cop watch committee said at the meeting, not necessarily accurate information. I apologize that is not.made clear at all in the minutes themselves (perhaps one of our lovely web admins could fix that?)

  7. Sylvia and Clayton,
    Thank you so much for the updates and corrections.

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