Occupy Austin GA Minutes

Sunday 10.2.11





  1. Welcome and Intro
  2. Committee Updates
  3. Open Agenda
  4. Next GA Location?


Welcome and Intro


Joshua – thank you for coming. We are going to allow for the new model of democracy to be embodied here. We are organizing a grassroots movement that is only five days old. People on the internet can watch this live. Yesterday we had a very cohesive assembly, got a lot done, a very great feeling all around. Somehow electronic people were emailing Lauren saying there was negative feedback. This enforces our point that the system is corrupt. You need to come for yourself to the assembly to see how it works.


Allie – thank you all for coming. This is Aaron, she will be your facilitator. Hands up in the air means “I agree”. In the middle is “ sort of agree” and there is a low position as well. Another hand signal is for a direct point, where you point forward with your hands.


Chris – I just want to point this out. the direct response is a direct factual response. It is not meant for opinion or subjective analysis, but for clarifications and facts only.


Aaron – We have a two minute limit. If somebody else makes your point you can abstain if you are on the list. If you want to be on the list of speakers please come to the front. Another hand signal is point of order, where you make a diamond with your hands.


Joshua – just to clarify, as you use them more these signals become second nature and it does it easier, so hang in there.


Aaron – with a lot of people there comes side conversations which does distract from the group, so when you hear clapping you need to focus attention to the front. If you’re having a great conversation, please share it with the group, and when you hear the noise please respond and clap so that we are a cohesive whole.


Joshua – if you want to have a deep conversation go off to the side so you dont distract the GA


Crowd – can you guys introduce yourself?


Anton – I run occupy Austin.org


Joshua – I do whatever I can to promote the cause


Lauren – I am facilitating all things media here. Anything press related, please send to me at



Allie – I’m allie, similar to Joshua, just want to help and do anything I can. But I am focused on the logistics. We’re focused on everything from bathrooms to recycling to pro bono lawyers for the group


Aaron – I’ve done a lot of community oriented things in my community but I am trying to do everything I can.


Joshua – everything here is self selected. Noone tells you what to be or do, you have to figure it out and proclaim it for yourself. It starts with one person, and now we are seeing that that power is in each of you.


Crowd – Last time we designated a smoking area, how does that work?


Aaron – outside the group for smoking please.


Anton – we’ll offer an opportunity to get items on the agenda in a minute.


Joshua – I’ll do my best to keep track of the vibes. If at any point that I think we have gone to negative, I’ll do my best to bring us back to a more positive place.


Aaron – You’ll have two minutes. After one minute I’ll give you a clicking sound, and again with 10 seconds left.


Committee Updates


Joshua – I’ll start with the general overview of what’s happened so far. First off lets talk a little bit about , a lot of people are talking about what are the police going to do. Some of us met with Chris Riley, a council member. He offered to give us increased exposure, and offer a proclamation from city hall. He also said that no permit is needed as long as we are blocking the flow of traffic, etc. And we can stay there as long as we want as long as we arent sleeping there. That’s the same thing that the police chief, art acevedo said. He told us that its completely a go to assemble.  He suggested that we do it in shifts, which I think is perfect because it embodies the spirit of OA, that we, as a collective, are awake. We have some pedi cabbers giving rides. There are a lot of people coming in, this is going to be massive. The peace officers are public servants, they are here to protect the safety and peace of the people, which is what we have asked them to do. This is completely nonviolent and peaceful.


Crowd – you need to stop violence when you see it.


Anton – there could be provocateurs, government entities, so be aware and put a stop to it.


Joshua – Ours is a tactic of peace in dealing with these situations. Just shower the anger with love, our goal is to not respond to violence and injustice with the same. We have to make sure that we also communicate with the police beforehand, which they did not in NY, because we have to make sure they know this is not a riot, its an occupation, and non-violent.


Crowd – are they going to use the rangers?


Joshua – we’re not sure yet.

Anton – We are in the process of expanding the website so that it will include a blog environment, pictures, videos, a forum and wiki. If you have any general Q&A’s you can focus on that as your resource. Please if you feel passionately and want to contribute, we need content for the website. Email to info@occupyaustin.org. The website is ranking well with search engines, we have visitors all over the world, in the five days since the website was formed we have 600,000 visitors. Please contribute content


Crowd – what is the legality of posting posters?


Anton – First, there will be an option for downloadable posters from the website. We need to spread the word. Our goal with OccupyAustin.org is to get the word out. Thank you.


Allie – I want to give a quick update for logistics. I talked to the GM of TXSPC about setting up a solar powered station for phone charging, etc. Everyone I spoke with was positive, but the owner of the company needs to be on board so we have to wait and see what happens. And now to the stack for updates


Lucien – financing update. The plan is to start doing business as Occupy Austin. We  are also going to open a checking account. We are going to start moving funds as well to a local credit union, and away from the big banks, BoA, Chase, etc.


/dog enters to retrieve toy, followed shortly by embarrassed owner


Jason Smith – Austin City Ordinance compliance committee. My job is to make sure that we are able to get our message across. I have a list of the most essential things. People who are underage need to be aware of curfew laws. Anyone can participate because of a clause that says underage people can participate in a demonstration. You can lay down and sit down but you cannot sleep.


Anton – the goal is to get all of this info on the website, so please whatever you have, submit your content to the website. Info@occupyaustin.org


Aaron – we are going to be going with three minutes now , instead of two.


Kimberly and Courtney – we had a meeting today concerning child care. We feel younger children should be kept off site. Come to us if you have questions about this, we have references for these people they will be very safe. If you see lost children take them to the table with pink balloons. We will do whatever we can to keep children where they are supposed to be. Kimberly.sharp@g.austincc.edu

Wholewoman2009@gmail.com  Thank you again if you have questions please contact us. When I had small children I couldnt come to the rallies so now its time for me to return the favor to those that helped us.


Kyle – Mission team. My teams job is to put into words what we are here for, to convey our central message to the world. We had a great meeting yesterday. We worked on the Solidarity Statement for those that are in NY


 Ben – I’m working on labor outreach. If you need to get in touch with me


Danny O. – I am the defacto GLBT outreach coordinator. We are going to reach out to everyone. Everyone needs to help by reaching out to people in their own communities and diverse social and ethnic groups so that we get everyone’s help, this is the 99%, and that’s a lot of people we need to mobilize.  Blueye.photo@me.com for any questions  about community outreach.


Danny – I’m with the food committee. Everyone needs to think how they can resist corporate control in their own lives. If anyone has experience with teach-ins and growing your own food we would love to get working on building the community around self sufficiency. danielleslabaugh@yahoo.com


Ryan – I’m working with the Youtube channel for Occupy Austin. Everyone should take video at the event so we can upload it. You can email content to Youtube@OccupyAustin.org  We’ll have that put up on the website so people can stream it.


Allie – moving on to the open agenda now.



Open Agenda


Joe Brothers – Is there anyone here that is part of the med team? I’m proposing that we need a first aid team. If anyone has training, please find me and we will figure it out. I volunteered to be the magnet for the first aid team. My training is limited, we need people that are first responders. Neophytesky@gmail.com I am also on facebook


Joshua – consensus. Is anyone opposed to the formation the medical team. We have a proposal, and a second. Those that volunteered to help need to exchange contact info, preferably phone numbers.


Ronnie Garza – I am going to gather all of the contacts and lists of committes, magnets, etc and we will get that up on the website.


Joshua – proposal to make a library team. Do we have consensus? (yes)


Levi Murray – leevaijeans@gmail.com Contact for library committee.


Joshua – We need to talk about the administration committee. We need to form this committee, any second? (Seconded and approved, none opposed)

Does anyone have any suggestions to get away from Facebook so we can have greater security over our communications? Please let me know.


Clifton – I propose that we put the actual event on the top of the list so we dont get bogged down with the details. Majority wants to do the mission right after the stack and then talk about October 6th.



Lauren – I need help with the live stream. Proposal for me to get help with media administration. (Seconded, none opposed, notion passes.) Contact =


Joshua – moving on, are there any other further agenda proposals? Vibe Check!


Aaron – I have a proposal that we allow 10 minutes for each media item to be discussed. (The motion passes)



Kyle – Mission committee. This committee has been formed for 24 hours. We have worked on a solidarity statement for those on Wallstreet. This is what we have:


“We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who occupy wallstreet and occupy around the world, we are dedicated to nonviolently reclaiming our government from the financial interests that have corrupted them. We resist financial corruption and ask that our public servants recognize that the people are the supreme authority”


Crowd – point of process. This is a living document and so it can change, please remember that.


Aaron – three minutes into our 10 minutes


Crowd – can you read the solidarity thing again?


Kyle – remember that this is a living document, we cannot continue to debate each word otherwise we will be here all night. If you want to suggest a change there will be a time and a place for that.

What we’re proposing is to post it online now and then take input and  continue to make this better.


Crowd – is this going out publicly, at large?


Kyle – the original suggestion was to put this on the occupyaustin.org website so that everyone can see it.


Joshua – vote on whether this goes up on the website (The motion passes). We will now discuss what actually happens on October 6th. Please see Chris if you want to get on the stack and propose something for the event. We will give you two minutes to speak in the order that you are on the stack.


Carl – I would like to propose a candle light march.


Gonsham Fergusing – I propose that we start at this park ( 4th and Guadalupe) and march as a group over to the occupation site.


Arthur – I propose that we continue and follow the NY model, which is not to stop working.


Les – I’ve seen my primary function as being here in support of all of you. The proposal is to make it clear what time it starts and to make sure that the posters get distributed far and wide, don’t put them right around the capitol.


Stewart – What I see is there’s a lot of process here. We are here to be heard. What I propose is that at the beginning of the meetings we give everyone one minute to say whatever they want. There’s too much process, we don’t want to be just like what we are trying to fight.


Danny O – What I propose is that we sing, we dance,


Joshua – City Hall is highly visible, that’s where we’re going to meet.  From there that’s we go to the first occupation site. The movement will have a base that we can discuss each day where we want that to be. This is not a one day event, it is a process.

Do we agree to close the stack now? (Yes)


Crowd – The federal reserve basically works by only having 1 dollar for every 9 dollars they lend out. I propose that we raise the amount they are required to keep on hand. We need to find a way to abolish the Federal Reserve without creating pandemonium.


















Next GA Location?


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