Meeting called to order at 7:08pm.

Introduction of consensus process.
Introduction to hand signals.
Reports from magnets
Consent on 20 minutes for reports

1st Report: Danny- Coalition Outreach
  • Reached out to Synagouges
  • Grey Panthers have lended their alliance
  • Contacted Inga Muscio (author of Cunt)
  • Translated the solidarity statement and website into Spanish
  • Template letter created
  • is Danny’s contact email
2nd Report: Courtney- Childcare group
  • Nothing new to report
  • Recaped previous.
  • Contact me at
  • Any notaries please contact
3rd Report: Lucian- Finance
  • Filed for a tax id for the group
  • $140 in the group account
  • Amended: $240 were collected at this meeting alone
4th Report: Levi- Peace & Library
  • Need more volunteers to spread peaceful sentiment
  • Collecting books from likeminded people
  • Working on starting a Youtube channel
  • Friend David: Working on Bank running and removing money from these groups.
  • If you are members of Credit Union please contact
  • Go
  • Email
5th Report: Arthur- Legal committee
  • Submitted the full code of city ordinance to keep you informed
  • Will be condensing it and making a cheat sheet next
  • Please submit questions to them
6th Report: Joe and Claire- Med Team
  • Red cross is not coming
  • Anyone with medical experience and supplies please contact them
7th Report: Anna -Shelter
  • Looking for places for people to host people
8th Report: Kyle- Missions Committee
  • Passed a solidarity statement, yesterday
9th Report: Ronnie- Organization
  • Finished first draft of contact list
  • Wants to know if you need the address masked
  • More content and pictures needed
10th Report: John- Student Outreach
  • National call for Campus walkouts, Wednesday noon, local time
  • Get the word out
11th Report: Peter- Arrested Austin
  • Twitter account created, to post and let people know who is arrested
  • Working with a couple attorneys
  • Setting up a safety number
12th Report: Francis- Attorney
  • Pro-bono offer to help people with Free Speech Issue
  • Not a catch all, only for free speech issues
13th Report: Access committee
  • We are working to ensuring access for all people
14th Report: Kristian- Guide to Thrive
  • Compiling a guidebook
  • Do we need the hand guestures?
  • Yes we do
15th Report: Matt- Dissertations
  • Not a proposal
16th Report: Josh- Admin and Police Liason
  • Chris Riley from the Council has pledged support
  • Met with City Park and they are partially in support
  • Met with cops
End of progress reports

Isaac discusses the nature of progress reports.
Open agenda items proposal

  • Living in corportist world we are not free
  • I propose we need to take collections at every generally assembly
  • Nothing proposed
  • I propose we discuss ending corporate dominance[BLOCKED] No reconsensus
  • I propose we meet back here tomorrow same time
  • I would like to propose a discussion on cooperatives as alternatives to corporate America as a magnets committee
  • Propose we form a Texas Outreach Committee to help the other occupations around Texas
  • Try to dialouge with other general assembly during a general assembly
  • Pass on any information to her
  • Propose to open up hand guestures to other
  • I propose we set a time for when it starts
  • Propose we discuss our actions
  • Moved to top of agenda
  • Propose a bulletin, rescinded
  • Propose a discussion a food for thursday, there is already a food magnet
  • Justin is a contact for Food not Bombs
  • Propose an outreat
  • Propose that it is mandatory for magnets to report to General Assembly and put the items online in a standardized committee
  • Form a phone tree

Definitely neeeded

Discussion of time allotment

15 minutes for Thursday Schedule
5 minutes for discussion jar
Meeting time same place same time
5 minute discussion of coorperative magnet
5 minutes for Texas Outreach
5 minutes for Discussion topics for the day
5 minutes for speech/hand signal discussion
5 minutes for Local Issues Group
5 minutes for GA to report infastructure
5 minutes for phone tree
5 minutes for Civil Disobience Discussion

Thursday Schedule
  • Show up starting at 10am, GA @ 3pm
Donation Jar
  • Propose a donation jar at every General Assembly
  • $240 collected tonight
Cooperative Committee Formation
  • Josh has volunteered to create and head a cooperative magnet
  • Contact him
Texas Outreach Committee
  • Committee Formed with Ronnie as head with to outreach to the rest of Texas, with possibility of extending past Texas to the global movement.
  • Contact on website.
Discussion Circles
  • Form groups and teach-ins to discuss different issues and engage other people
  • George Longoria has volunteered to lead
  • Contact:
Speech and Handsignals Discussion
  • To avoid discouragement and alienation we should not reprimand people for articulating in anyway they want
  • There is a back and forth discussion about the importance of process for the sake of efficiency versus the stifling of expression
Magnet for Local Issues
  • A committee to address local issues in area, engage city council
  • David will be the lead on this magnet contact @
General Assembly Instructing magnet Groups
  • Each magnet reports to the general assembly to help with their efforts
Form a Phone Tree
  • Created, a list is circulating for emails and phone numbers
Civil Disobedience -Stephanie Collins Attorney Speaking
  • See me if you want bonds for getting released from jail
  • Emotionally prepare yourself for interactions with the police
  • Quite a few good and informative questions on the issue
  • Don’t spit at the cops
  • Contact infor
Agenda Items for Tomorrow
  • Stefanie Collins is first on the Agenda for tomorrow for a FAQ about legal issues
  • A Discussion of what is happening after the beginning of the occupation
  • Forming alliances with city council

Meeting comes to a close at 9:29.
Next meeting will be held tomorrow@ 7pm in front of city hall

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  1. The Oct 3rd minutes mis-state my proposal 180 degrees. I was quoted on the minutes as saying “Ending Corporate discussion” instead of “End Corporate Dominance.” A 180 degree flip, if you will.

  2. Sorry about that. Fixed.

  3. Good luck getting people behind this one. While you make some Very fascinating points, youre likely to have to do far more than bring up a very few things that may be various than what weve already heard. What are trying to say here? What do you want us to consider? It seems like you cant genuinely get behind a one of a kind thought. Anyway, thats just my opinion.

  4. Constructive criticism is always welcome. I have some questions regarding your communication. 1 You refer to “us”. You represent a group of people? Who do you represent? It’s my understanding that there are no leaders. Please explain your leadership role in Occupy Austin. 2. You assert that I “have to do far more than bring up a very few things that my be various than what we’ve already heard.” Could you please be a little more succinct so I can understand what you are attempting to convey in number 2 above? 3. You assert that “It seems like you can’t genuinely get behind a one of a kind thought.” Are you attempting to state that when I make oral representations my statements are not understandable? I am making a “genuine” attempt at communicating with you, or your unknown group. So. by all means please keep at it and we’ll arrive at a meeting of the minds. Peace and Love, Steve

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