Meeting called to order at 7:10pm.

Introduction of consensus process.
Introduction to hand signals.
Count of People: 122 people @ 7:20pm

Reports from Magnets

Consent on XX minutes for reports

1st Report: Medical Committee & Holistic Health Committees; Magnets: Claire & Virginia –
  • Keep donations coming in to Lucian
  • Holistic Health Magnet clarifies intent: to address long-term care
  • Claire is magnet for Medic Team; Virginia is Magnet for Holistic Health
  • 1st aid Medical Committee & Holistic Health Committees will share supplies, but want to remain as two distinct groups
  • On Thursday, 1st Aid Medical & Holistic Healing committee will host a space called: The Clinic
  • Putting out a call for Donations, consult flyers Joe made
  • Volunteer for Training during the occupation; will publish on Fbook the group page
  • Medical Team requets that the Teach-in/Education magnet get in contact w/them

2nd Report: Outreach Committee, Magnet: Danny

  • Inviting a Presence: Talk to your Community
  • Flyers available on Google Docs
  • Fundraising for Books and Author-travel (collaborate w/occupy Montana)

3rd Report: Kristian- Guide to Thrive

  • ???

4th Report: Facilitation of Consensus, Magnet: Joshua

  • Can’t do ‘facilitation roles’ more than twice in a row
  • Added a Translator (Spanish)

5th Report: IT Committee, Magnet: Greg

  • Freedom Tower: communication infrastructure
    • Free Network
  • October 5th, the Freedom Tower will be ready; 1st test; Bring laptops!
  • Call for Volunteers w/a background in Computer/Technical things to help maintenance the Freedom Tower

6th Report: Report: Twitter Account ; Magnet: Peter

  • 2 Lawyers on Board
  • Twitter Account being made for self/friend-reporting possible arrests
  • There will be a number to call in case of arrest: (number not yet announced)

7th Report: Texas Outreach, Magnet: Ronnie

  • Outreach is being made to: San Marcos, Dallas, Mcallan, Houston
  • E-mail sent out to Magnets for committees to fill out a Needs List to be posted on website

8th Report: Childcare Committee, Magnets: Courtney Hensley & Emily Sharp

  • Now have official forms
  • Declaration of Screening Process being developed
  • One Location established, but in desire of more . . .
  • Twitter, E-mail, Fbook account made
  • There will be a Child-care Base-Camp @ the occupation
  • Desired Donations: Art supplies, and another place for overflow . . .
  • Childcare Meeting being held @ Republic Park @ 6pm

9th Report: Report: Labor Union Outreach, Magnet: Ben

  • Drafting an open letter to Union members & activists (read part of the draft)
  • Wanting Signatures to give power to letter
  • Contact:

10th Report: Library Committee, Magnet: Levi

  • Wants Relevant Videos
  • Starting a YouTube channel

11th Report: Bank/City-Hall Relations Committee, Magnet: Dave

  • In need of volunteers . . .
  • Intent: to make sure the Banks & City Hall relations are ‘clean’ and transparent

12th Report: Student Outreach, Magnets: Jonathan Kronan

  • UT Walk-out will gather @ 6-pack, south of UT tower
  • San Marcos walk-out will be @ the Quad
  • Lawsuit filed in New York
  • Twitter: Occupy Austin 2, & Occupy Austin 3

13th Report: Media Committee; Magnet: Lauren Welker

  • Welcoming interviews . . . (no violence)
  • Need Volunteers w/Administration skills
  • Anyone w/photogrpahy, videography, journalistic skills

14th Report: Peace Committee, Magnet: Levi

  • “I’m not the flyer guy . . .”

15th Report: Beverages Committee, Magnet: Chris

  • Want to discuss with Food Committee, where to serve donated coffees & agua frescas
  • Call for 5 gallon jugs to put agua frescas in . . .

16th Report: Local Actions Head Committee, Magnet: David Ring

  • Looking for ‘horror stories’ . . .
  • Revolution Panel Discussion,  @ Eastview ACC Campus Building 8000; 8800 @ 6:30

17th Report: Transporation Magnet, Magnet: Harry

  • Electric Cab, contact: Ris
  • Need Pick-Up Trucks for Waste
  • Transportation Committee Meeting: when?
  • Welcome information about Bus Routes & Other Transportation info, etc . .

18th Report: Values & Mission Committee, Magnet: Kyle

  • Vote on Mission Statement

19th Report: Diversity Committee, Magnet: Coquita

  • So far representatives reaching out to LGBTQ, Latino (overlap w/Union & Labor outreach), Afro-American community
  • Request for Secretary for

20th Report: Public Education Committee, Magnets: Jorge & Nicole

  • Topics of Discussion: civil disobedience, holistic health, & debt
  • Goal: to get people walking away from the occupation a ‘little bit smarter’
  • Call for Volunteers: wanting to read source documents (ex: MLK letters from Birmingham jail, etc) & have discussions . .
  • Republic Square Park <— possible place to have these discussions
  • Want to collaborate with Library Committee

End of progress reports

3 breath break: 8:06PM

Open agenda items proposal

NAME: Danny

  • Proposal: Pass, Dicuss: How will we handle Alex Jones’ publich speech for ‘potential damage control’? (ACTUALLY, we’re NOT going to talk about this)

NAME: Clayton

  • Proposal: Pass, Discuss a way to modify procedures to make ‘the flow’of this consensus-making better

NAME: Kyle (values & missions committee)

  • Proposal: Pass, to read mission statement to ratify it or not

NAME: Erik

  • Proposal: Pass, Discussion 3 Topics:  1) Do we need a police liasion?, 2) Creation of Cop-watch for this specific event, 3) Talk about tactic of un-arresting? 4) Maybe a Magnet Creation

NAME: Ronnie

  • Proposal: Pass, Create a liaison committee between all the various medai/face committees


  • Proposal: Pass, How do we deal with successful occupation (aka: high population)?
  • Proposal: Pass, Dicuss having a National Outreach Program or a forwarder with Occupy Together?

NAME: Jacob

  • Proposal: Pass, To be as transparent as possible w/this whole process. For things like: minutes, money collected & spent, by using: Google Docs, etc.

NAME: Matt Houston

  • Proposal: Pass, Discuss interfacing with State and National Govt. to propose ideas for laws, and to interface w/executive branch agencies to get; creation of committee for this?

NAME: Anyonymous Audience Member

  • Proposal: Pass, consolidate ‘making committees’ agendas into ONE agenda item

NAME: Anonymous Audience Member

  • Proposal: Pass, to have more ‘consolidated’ proposals

Name: Les

  • Proposal: Pass, Agenda item for tomorrow; We deal w/the question, “What are we specifically going to be doing when we open occupy Austin?”


  • Proposal: Fail, Propose we discuss a collective image. (solution to fail: Talk to Kyle)

NAME: Cherry Pop & Pickles

  • Proposal: Bring Toys for playing and learning together!

NAME: Harry

  • Proposal: to put on the Agenda the idea of occupational therapists (solution: talk to Levi)

NAME: Levi

  • Proposal: table, to dedicate an entire meeting in the future to only the Mission Statement

NAME: Luna

  • Proposal: Come together to discuss local goals? Meet w/David @ Public Library @ 2pm

Clarification: The agenda item proposal stack is for proposing an already thought out formed “Plan-of-Action”: concise, thought out intentions; not for proposing a vague idea that still needs to be formed

Discussion of time allotment
Agenda for Oct. 5th
7.5 minutes for Lawyer Q&A (extension: 3 min)
2  minutes for Misison Statement
2  minutes for City Council Alliance
2  minutes for “handling disruptive people”
3 minutes for Police Liason
1 minutes for Transparency Using Google Docs
1 minute for each item for Forming Committees

TOPIC: Lawyer Q&A
Speaker: Stephanie

  • Presentation: There is potential for arrest. We could be given an order to leave & disperse. If we are given an order to disperse and we do not disperse (for some reason or another: purposefully resisting, or accidentally resisting) it’s possible to be arrested even if you don’t ‘get the news to disperse’ directly from the authorities. For an arrest of a civilian with a clean-record you could Bond Out w/out a Lawyer, but it will take time. However, if you have a Lawyer, you could have a bond waiting for you. Being a Travis County citizen vs. not being a Travis County citizen does make a difference in how this process carries out.
  • FYI for all participants: Emotionally prepare to be arrested if the police choose to do so
  • Your case may take 6 months to 2 years to ‘resolve’ (people w/plans like graduating, etc . . be mindful of this)
  • It’s very possible for APD to say, “We’re done” with tolerating the occupation
  • Stephanie has the paperwork to fill out Bonds

TOPIC: Mission Statement
Sponsor: Kyle

  • Mission Statement Read: “Our Mission is to assert our rightful place within the political process, and to take the reigns of power away from profit driven interests.”

TOPIC: Forming an Alliance with City Council

  • Tabled

TOPIC: Handling Disruptive People
Sponsor: Clayton

  • Allow a suspension of procedure Motion to open the floor during general assembly to passionate speake
  • Propose Hand Signal to express a motion to suspend rules (temporarily)
  • Propose that a time-limit should be given for this, 2 minutes

TOPIC: Discuss Police Liason & Cop-Watch Committee
Sponsor: Erik

  • A police liason is a channel of communication for the police
  • diverse opinions: police against us, police with us
  • Joshua (police liason): the goal- to consolidate the 99%, including the peace officers (police)
  • The peace/police officers job is to protect the people & environment
  • David says: Once you set up a person as the Police Liason the police will view this person as a leader and treat the group like a ‘hierarchical structure’
  • Erik says: when you talk to the police you lower your odds, talk to your lawyer
    Topic: Copwatch Committee (yes; Magnet: Erik): has fbook, monitor police behavior; take videos and send to erik or

TOPIC: Handling Overflow of Occupation Population

  • John will be a magnet

TOPIC: Magnet for forming a National Outreach

  • Matt will be magnet to forming outreach for national Govt.,
  • Audience member says: “Don’t become another lobby group . . . – it is a recipe for co-optation.”

TOPIC: Transparency Using Google-Docs

  • Suggest that Committees ‘organize’ and make their documents public
  • Financial group DOES have a transparent
  • Request to clarify w/instructions HOW to become transparent
  • jacob Norwood,

Meeting came to a close @ 9:46pm


    • John: new magnet of “population overflow” wants to begin organizing, Library @ 2
    • Collecting donations for financial committee
    • James: wants the document he sent to be printed
    • Erica: musician, Thusday 10pm (music will be played)
    • Alex: 4 year veteran of Iraq: be careful what you wear as a Vet
    • Harry: Transportation magnet, come talk to him w/questions about transport . .
    • Motion for an Open Mic

Minutes taken by Gessica

Agenda Items for Tomorrow

  • Plans for October 6th to be debated first

Next meeting will be held tomorrow @ 7pm at City Hall

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