Minutes 10.5.2011
Meeting called to order at 7:16pm.

Introduction of consensus process.

Introduction to hand signals.

Reports from magnets

Consent on  minutes for reports

1st Report: Danny-o, Coalition and community outreach
    •    possibly have recycling bins provided
    •    mobilize in your community
    •    pass out flyers-human connection-restore community
    •    flyers available through google docs

2nd Report: Les, local issues
    •    city council meeting at same time of occupation
    •    low speed electric vehicles ordinances
    •    social services contracts
    •    advisory task force

3rd Report: Anton, webmaster
    •    open to help and ideas, organizing those ideas into actuality even better
    •    need assistance in managing all questions on the website
    •    make sure content is organized before sending to us

4th Report: Levi, Peace committee
    •    holding classes at republic square park
    •    hold a class her at 7 on non-violent communication

5th Report: Lucian, finance committee
    •    donations needed
    •    we have over 400 in

6th Report: Bird, diversity committee
    •    street teams to go out into lower income neighborhoods to let them know whats going on
    •    press releases-need fluent spanish speakers
    •    dedicated pr person to contact for networking

7th Report: George, public education committee
    •    have time for them set right after GA
    •    library will have info booth
    •    discussions-discussion topics
    •    20 min of guided presentation by designated person
    •    fredlongoria@gmail.com
    •    reading group started, looking for participators and facilitators

8th Report: Dave Cortez, Bank something or other
    •    researching institutions ourselves
    •    credit unions around town
    •    open account with credit union first, close bank later
    •    target is to simply say we withdrew this amount of money from wall street on this day

9th Report: Peter, legal committee
    •    Preparation for people getting arrested
    •    peaceful protest, so abide by certain laws
    •    safety number: 292-9044
    •    need co-facilitators
    •    we have 6 lawyers with us

10th Report: Virginia, holistic health
    •    emergency water plan
    •    accepting donations
    •    co-facilitators needed to distribute
    •    trash and recycling cans available
    •    loosely organizing groups for after the general assembly
    •    providing list of local restaurants
    •    list of public restrooms available

11th Report:Gromet, food and water
    •    supplies running low, need donations
    •    bring your own food and water
    •    picnic pot-luck at republic park
    •    looking for magnet on weekend nights to provide food

12th Report: josh, facilitation
    •    creating a living doc that records whole procedure
    •    exploring ways to expand this process

13th Report: courtney, childcare
    •    childcare away from occupation
    •    need to know how many children will be dropped off
    •    cover all bases so make sure to leave extra info and emergency numbers

14th Report: Kristian, handbook called guide to thrive
    •    up on website
    •    includes everything you need to know, contact info, preparation, information, resources

15th Report: dave, labor
    •    most major labor unions have endorsed occupy
    •    will be here tomorrow
    •    might be willing to provide legal services for anyone arrested for non-violent protesting

16th report: Eric, cop watch
    •    monitoring the police behavior at the protest
    •    eric.c.

End of progress reports

Open agenda items proposal

    •    links on website to parking stuff
    •    logistics set up tonight

    •    Tent city is going to be established
    •    discuss being here longer than just the sixth

    •    read talking points later
    •    flyers and handouts

    •    discussion of what we want to see happen here tomorrow

    •    info booth
    •    waste management team
    •    organizing marches, and pros and cons

    •    agreed upon avenue for immediate needs

    •    present the city council with a doc claiming the right to occupy-legality, and first amendment rights

    •    establish a team to set an agenda for after occupy
    •    what will our next event be, not a protest, an occupation

    •    someone watch the audience- new facilitator

    •    contingency plans for if we have too many people, and where to move to

    •    setting an official time for g.a.

    •    logistics of how many spanish speakers will be there tomorrow, and if we can get a translator

Discussion of time allotment


5 minutes per item +consensus to add time

Program for Tomorrow

    •    DISCUSSION:
    •    What is it that we and you want to see happen here from 10-night tomorrow? Listing out various possibilities and going on from there.
    •    Read solidarity statement
    •    Have an open forum/open mic
    •    Reading of the mission statement from last night
    •    Goals/Talking points from committee if they finish and it gets approved tonights
    •    How to deal with pepper spray
    •    Small break out groups for discussions, and then come back into assembly
    •    sing along
    •    discussion of whats legal, what will get you arrested
    •    continuous march along congress
    •    sign-making area
    •    bank runs, session
    •    news feed updates, projecting live streams from other locations
    •    formation of a suggestions assembly a go

Physical logistics

    •    DISCUSSION:
    •    start together here at 10 AM
    •    g.a. Starts at 3, ends whenever
    •    lay out (maybe with tape) where all the committees will be
    •    just a few items for this suggestion: classroom, library, food, medical
    •    would people not be allowed in? Alienation?
    •    What is the capacity of this space?
    •    Go see mary if you want to lay out where everything will be

Base camp

    •    4,000 sq ft warehouse that will be our base camp
    •    5011 east Cesar Chavez
    •    RESULT

Calendar of events

    •    get the message out there that this is an occupation, not a protest
    •    occupy a space, do a march, or do a bank run. Stay in federal/government area, bank, public space
    •    talk about it tomorrow during g.a.
    •    Something else on the calendar for after tomorrow-future of occupation
    •    we need to publicize a future event now to continue this movement


    •    several groups proposed to march different areas, all beginning here and at republic park
    •    information will be available on website
    •    no set time yet, its a contingency plan based on overflow here and at republic park
    •    idea is the sync marches as well as possible

Waste management

    •    DISCUSSION:
    •    bring trash bags, collect trash on our own, be responsible for yourself and your trash
    •    caitlineb3@yahoo.com

Legalities of the assembly tomorrow

    •    DISCUSSION:
    •    go to occupy Houston, do’s and don’ts
    •    know your rights. You can occupy if you have grievances you wish to be resolved
    •    consensus of the serve of notice tomorrow

Emergency preparedness

    •    DISCUSSION:
    •    if an emergency arises, everyone knows where to go for help, even those that haven’t so far been involved. Creating some kind of communication and or place/person that that goes to
    •    austin air waves is going to be setting up a temp air wave for us, also to be used for those without cell phones for emergencies
    •    putting the info on the website

Long term planning

    •    DISCUSSION:
    •    deciding the time for all general assembly’s.
    •    Keep the time, every day, 1:00pm and 7:00 pm, don’t specify times
    •    two assembly’s a day consensus

Talking points

    •    This movement is about democracy, demand end to corporate influence. Eliminate corporate personhood, eliminate contributions
    •    Movement about economic security, prevent banks from creating future crisis
    •    Corporate responsibility, sharp repercussion
    •    Financial fairness, the wealthy should pay their fair share
    •    change want to demand, more continuity, stronger
    •    planning on putting these demands on posters, on websites, etc
    •    will need assistance from various committees

explanation of city council’s agenda for tomorrow

    •    procedures to follow during the city council meeting tomorrow
    •    if you want to speak tomorrow, you must get here tomorrow and register on the computers
    •    it is possible for any two citizens to pull out on an agenda when they go online
    •    you have a right to give away your three minutes if you don’t wish to speak, but care about a subject, for an accumulative 15 min
    •    everyone should check the meeting out – closest point of contact to government body
    •    asking people to come at 9

Agenda Items for Tomorrow

    •    Non-decided


    •    We do not have a police liaison

Meeting comes to a close at 9:40pm.

Next meeting will be held tomorrow @ 3pm at City Hall

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