General Assembly minutes 10/18 7PM


Jenna began a discussion group about outreach to local organizations, coops, etc. to encourage them to teach workshops, share information about becoming more sustainable within our local community. Several occupiers chimed in with additional information about others working on the same task, and joined Jenna for continued discussion. This would touch on many existing committees and working groups and would require cooperation, but many feel this is vital work, so it is worth having those conversations and getting things happening.

Jacob, ┬áTommy, and Peter independently discussed problems with the overnight situation at City Hall. Sleeping is difficult or impossible with music and drums and shouting and crazy “mic checks” in the middle of the night. Working people can’t occupy overnight, if they can’t sleep. Tommy discussed people coming only for the food, and cigarettes, without contributing to the movement in any way. Negativity runs high at night when fewer responsible people are around, and safety is questionable. Peter asked magnets and committee members to strive for a constant presence at City Hall; recommended having a schedule to insure people that are sane, sober, and respectful to be present to help keep the space peaceful and positive, and help people here overnight to get involved.

Documentation of how much money Occupy Austin is responsible for moving from big banks to local credit unions. $172k, so far, and many more people have signed up for additional actions. Contact

General Assembly minutes 10/18 7PM

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  1. Yesterday or today Citigroup posted their 2011 third quarter profit of $3.2 billion. The SEC fine for Citigroup knowingly selling toxic mortgage securities was $285 million. The cost to Citigroup for making billions of dollars in profit is aprox 1/13th their QUARTERLY (3 months) profits. This amounts to giving Citigroup a parking ticket for stealing millions of working Americans homes, pensions, savings, investments, jobs, education, you name it and significantly contributing to the economic crisis in Europe. Justice has not been served. So, we the people participating in Occupy Austin must have some street justice in the form of continued General Assembly and general protest/remedies through support of Occupy Wall St. Our govenmental judicial system has failed our people miserably pointing up to OWS calling for the reformation of our “democratic government” that is not working on behalf of the people of the USA.

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