Report back about emissary visit to San Antonio. Seven Austin Occupiers visited the San Antonio General Assembly, to show solidarity and to learn and teach.

November 5th is bank action day, and quite a bit of discussion occurred on the subject. Get your money out of the big banks and go local with a Credit Union.

Unilateral action representing the whole group discussed, specifically whether it is appropriate for one person to make agreements with City Hall or police on behalf of the whole Occupation. Much more discussion took place in a working group after the GA, which lasted a couple of hours.

General Assembly Minutes

Begin 7:15

Natalie-everyone has an equal voice. 2 min to talk. Announcements then proposals. proposals for direct action.if you propose you must take action

if everyone is on board we’ll vote. wait till end of assembly to break in to working groups. *sparkles*

hand signal intro

team intro






magnet reports

ronnie-report back from outreach.group went to SA.handing out fliers.similiar working groups.fliers are being used to market. 7 demands from OWS

looking for more unified voice. NY has not released official demands. 30/40 occupying in SA. marches every day to Alamo/riverwalk. 90 at GA. talk to ronnie

for more info on SA trip. creating a list for individuals in other occupy. Christian is from Albequerque.spent time in Dallas and KC,MO

time keeper giving flashes for time. trying to keep on time.

david- bank action report. sign up to remove money from banks. building websites to make removing money digital. getting toolkits to help reach to community.

send email to CEO of banks.

Q-anymore to announce for nov 5?

A-a lot of people wanting to do something. not sure which banks are open that day. meeting with east side for bank action. translating in to spanish.


A-supposed to be meeting after forums at austin java

chris-reporting from facilitating. meeting after GA. anyone is welcome to come and learn and help. constantly discussing to improve. had a great visit

from lisa fithian? organizingforpower.com

looking in to creating more training groups.

emily-reporting from child care.child care was success for saturday. on site care for families. looking to do it again on sunday. needs people to

spread the word for families. bring children. makes it look better and invites a different demographic.planning a children’s occupation. trying to get families involved.

looking for entertainment. 28th/29th. sleep over. have offsite location in case of weather. childcare@occupyaustin.org

Q-sunday? during the march?


Q-when is halloween march?


Q-any concern for kids?

A-going to be here for child care. working on legal aspect. in planning stages

*not using mic* move closer jenna-organizing information and skill sharing. access to calendar. *using mic* if you would like to offer skills/info/add to calender. email loveatxproject@gmail.com joey & jerry-action forum. bring awareness. bring people in. trying to organize flyer groups.creating art for trade.looking for donations for art supplies.

next meeting is monday 5:45/6 before GA west side of building. tarsands. 2nd biggest oil. melt tar to oil and pump to surface. james hanson has space.

affects climate change. hanson does research. obama can affect pipeline. circling white house on 6th. 7th presenting petitions in local communities. wants people

to march. has fliers for march.

Q-can we start discussion now?

A-start working group after GA jorge-school of free thought. hold daily discussions on topics. this week on sunday-war is a racket. 2pm on sunday. ann willis later that night. discussion on the movie.

meetings tuesdays at 6. fred.longoria@gmail.com announcements

melonie- friday/saturday movie night. voting online decided “the corporation” showing friday/sat. propoganda/oppression. watching half then discusion.1 am


nathan-book reading/discusion group. 9-11am. “Anarchism” intro to anarchism. brian-news update. city hall had agenda item about open access to city hall. private meeting with lawyer. wrote to city council members.*sparkles* on brian’s

letter. *applause* on letter. received responses. “occupy austin was not discussed” “city hall in support” *applause*

chris-reading group meets at 6 before GA. next reading sunday at 2. “war is a racket” jamie-went to SA.amazing. bringing back nightly march from SA. no police escort. have whistle leaders. 1 long means stop. 2 short means go. up congress to 6th

to lamar. bring the energy. have fliers to hand to people.

sarge-last night volunteered to be peace keepers magnet. problems with drunkeness. needs help. day shift and night shift. meeting at base camp.

Q-what do you mean by policing?

A-it’s not policing. you are going to police your own before police are involved. de-escalate before things arise. keep it a peaceful protest.

Q-day shift and night shift? 12 hours?

A-trying to work it out. looking for volunteers. blocks of time. who can work nights/days. tomorrow will have more info.

claire-there will be less food brought out. you will be hydrated. try to draw less people here with food. issue is still here. a lot of people drinking. drunk people

passed out. “please, we need to do something” “we have a purpose”

Q-decision to not bring food?

A-individuals coming to eat and not support. need to not feed people who are not helping. have a topic for that later. ian-volunteer email list. topics for GA. groups. ideas.

Q-do you need help working on that?


joshua-general update.city has big decision to make for sunday morning. green festival happening here at 3. structures need to be moved. options for occupy-go

to waterloo park.city is providing electricty. go to park across the street. sunday morning power washing. may or may not be washing. losing resolve because of

water restrictions. tired of moving. proposing not to move on sunday to make a statement.

POI-waterloo park is going to be closed for construction.

POI-23rd march with Labor Unions. meet at AICLU headquarters at noon. 150-200 unionists coming. need to figure out a location to move from city hall.

making working group to discuss later. wanting to discuss/need to come back with a proposal. finance crew got checking account open at UFCU. mention OA and the account gets $25.

Q-how likely is it to have OA have booth space? at Green Festival

A-yes we can

george-looking for working group to call talk radio. Occupy given a bad light. Looking to turn around opinions. wanting to run the media. wants people to call.

works 9-5. “If you don’t set your narrative, they are already setting it for you”

Q-post phone numbers on website

A-“It is not easy. It’s not for everyone.” “If you are interested, come talk to me” Mike-labor march on sunday. Saturday march against the death penatly. Capital at 2pm. Similar campains in Chicago and Oakland. deathpenalty.org.

meeting on the northside of the capital. coming down San Jacinto to 3rd if people want to join. putting out a call for solidarity.

?-workshop saturday about consesus process and facilitation.

POI-will end in time to join the death penalty march

Anton-web team. numbers are dipping as far as growth. “we’re not done getting the word out there, nothing to worry about” had first web team meeting on tuesday.

will be at austin java after GA. Emily-will be having child care meeting 6:30pm wednesday. occupyaustin childcare facebook. fox filmed child care on saturday. trying to bring in families.

James-sanitation can always use more people. come say hi and exchange info. need more help. addressing numbers issue-if you are a magnet it is your job.

ask people to join. food people table was chaos. don’t ever think your commitee is full. engage the community.

Q-does that mean magnets are supposed to be occupying?


*vibes check* 1 more announcements.4 proposal.*song?* *no song*

Peter-legal magnet. be aware if you have warrants. 512 292 9044 safety number. planning a trip to dallas/houston.

Q-take me with you?


Q-have you taken a driver’s safety course?

A-i’ve been doing better on my driving.

There are city hall employees planning on marching with us. Bank employees planning to march with us. officially occupying every continent. group made it to

anarctica. we are sending people to other occupations.

Kathy-making a video of Occupy Austin. needs interviews.

*whoever is smoking marijuana please cease*


*let’s be friends. let’s get along. let’s be efficient*

have three minutes to propose then clarifying questions. then split in to discussion groups. time keeper will give 1 minute warning.

Q-if there is discussion do we use the block here?

A-possible 5 minute extension.if the group does not want to discuss then it will be taken to a work group. ?-need organization. we want to be the people who place people who want to help. wants to facilitate all the working groups. make the group officially in charge of

organization. information distributed effeciently on site and with website.

POI-webteam is in full support

In consensus? *sparkles*

*taking vote*


Nathan- propose that all meetings take place at Austin Java take place at City Hall. So that the public can see we are doing things.

Q-Do we have internet?

A-Freedom tower is here

*please no more shouting*

POI-If we use City Hall’s internet, they have access to our information.

Q-why is there no freedom tower here tonight?

A-making revisions. will be here tomorrow morning. it will be removed when power washing is happening.

POI-when we don’t have internet, it is a weakness.

POI-no livestream does not keep others from using cameras

*checking the crowd for interest*

*motion for consensus*

*taking vote*


*proposal tabled*

David- There is a group of people who have been in connection with City Hall. Making decisions for everyone. Proposal to democrotize the communication

between city hall. Not behind close doors.

Q-How will we accomplish transparancy?

A-Find out who the people are.

Q-Can you draft a proposal for a working group?

POI-Sylvia Bennini. Will be willing to share her information.

POI-As president of Neighborhood Association, found that you can write directly to City Hall. You must write to the aides of council members. They will make time to

address issues.

*vote taken to create committee*

*committee created to make a process to communicate with City Hall*

Nikki-proposal form proposal. creating a system for proposals. *explaining details* 3 people.will be responsible for manpower and resources. responsible for posting

48 hours before consensus.

Q-Can you repeat the details?

Friendly ammendment to take out the resources clause.

Q-What will happen if the ammendment is accepted?

POI-she can accept the ammendment

Q-what is the reason for having 3 people?

A-need to take it to a committee before it’s taken to GA.

Q-would you have had the opportunity if not taken to the GA first?

Q-does this mean that this will be the only official channel to make proposals?


*social ride interrupts GA with great applause*

Q-who would determine an emergency proposal?

A-GA will decide at the time

POI-cannot have discussion topics in GA. there is a difference between topic for discussion and proposals

*temp check to extend*


*extended two minutes*

A-does not mean you cannot come talk. please come up and talk about ideas, but get together with like minded people to discuss issues.

Q-why not make it a guideline, not a requirement? why not have a forum for discussing the proposals.

Q-how transparent will this be?

A-it will be at the welcome table.

*taking a vote*

*no consensus*

*friendly ammendment to make it a guideline*

*no consensus*

POI-process is discussed in facilitation meetings.

POI-this proposal does not affect how people can come to the GA with ideas

POI-this was created to catch the projects falling through the cracks. this will be a system to document proposals

*taking a vote*


*thank you for being so respectful! anyone who wants to learn how to do this please come to the facilitator’s meeting*

*i love you guys!* GA ended 9:02

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