Comm. Reportbacks

Josie-action forum: Halloween March 4pm. need help- signs costume makers tables markers posters, greeters. family friendly for kids. need march captains- see Josie take a couple flyers and put them around town Against corporate greed and Zombies

Sanitation (ashi?) keep it clean, clean up your own trash. sign up sheet for volunteers.

Amanda (facilitation): fac.comm meeting to streamline process and bring it back to GA. if you’d like to be part of meeting tba. workshop tomorrow: intro to direct democ. fac. consensus and GA. 530pm at city hall

mike- labor: labor march 500 ppl turned out Sunday. labor comm mtg 6pm at city hall. everyone is welcome. tomorrow (thursday)

food and water (gromit): setting a dependable schedule. controlled and sanitary way. need volunteers to help out even if just an hour. go to food table and ask anyone and put your name down. need water, non perishables. contact

jenna (infotable/welcome): need people during the day to staff and talk to the people and welcome them. – let us know if you want to schedule anything. updating schedule boards at city hall and online.


BLAKE: don’t associate movement with one person on the mic. introduce yourself to everyone around you. Encourage new people to get involved. more interaction the better

Yoshi: OWS OA reads someone’s poetic statement on revolution.-christopher K.

Natalie: volunteer sheet for meet and greet. activities to get to know each other, to unify and make it fun. see natlie movie moving forward at 1130 with zeitgeist.

Joe: facilitation meeting. sunday GA possibly a working group assembly. possible proposal to be talked about. 1 time event: working group intros. break out groups for an hour, come back w/ reportbacks and unifying activities. to be discussed at nightly fac. comm. mtg. It’s on under┬áproposals.

Natalie: org. come down to JOhnson’s backyard garden 5 hours of work for a box of vegetables- organic. find natalie and volunteer.

sarge: volunteer for peacekeepers. flagpole after meeting. conflict resolution team was consensed upoon and sarge is magnet (james fac. comment) -brian point of process- no security team was passed by consensus and then james responds (above)


gary: bank action comm. credit union referral fees. allocate 100$ to join and additional 2 credit unions- amplify and a+ federal. person who opens gets 25, OA gets 25 amplify person 20, OA 20? (couldn’t hear well)

already at ufcu

referral fee: open a new membership and fill out referral card and OA gets the referral from it. (whatever the final name of the financial entity is).

proposal passed no concerns or blocks

Ian: financial transparency: all cash donations be filmed by livestream with links to videos on website. document money going into bank account and out on google doc. bank account that anyone can look at (can do with 501c3 nonprofits) financial team should be very transparent. (we are not a nonprofit)

lots of questions.

-everyone can look at bank account. google doc for deposits and withdrawals.

panika- googledocs updates. receipt book to scrutinize. may need 2 live streams offered to do livestream balancing books. not a 501c3 yet. don’t have a status yet- need a status to open bank account. show mtg minutes to get money allocated get receipt and bring it back. james: stuff about kidding ourselves, not enough for a bank account. tabled to working group.

panika Proposal: use mezzanine during nighttime have 4-8 tables for activities being used in a respectful. security tent (amended to conflict resolution team , medical. after business hours after GA. concerns: hard to carry stuff up all those stairs (big donations) juniper: quietest place to sleep and place with the least light. don’t understand the proposal about tables and walking all the way up there.

panika: food table still on ground. being used for things we “shouldn’t be doing here” so trying to prevent that. camera caught illicit behavior. concerns on timing, “security team”- we have a conflict resolution team. do not have a specific time set- james fac.

james says we have consensus. panika: bringing this in writing to city hall: tables and tents, activities area to deter unacceptable behavior, behavior monitored by camera. proposal approved (see panika for details)

transparent onsite kitchen volunteer support group. ? food handler’s certificate. proposer has certificate screen volunteer to make sure they understand food handling with someone there with FH cert. to keep tabs. keep things clean and sanitary as possible. friendly amendment carey: training/screening require some form of etiquette training proposer speaks to concern, trying to address it. original proposal approved

leslie: meditation join us in 5 minutes outside of GA. (not a proposal- an announc ement

adam: keystone xl pipeline talk. nov 7th in austin obama campaign office to protest it discussion -not a political move because obama in whitehouse -partisan- addressed to a political campaign so we shouldn’t endorse it. act individually. brian: would block as partisan. should be an announcement -is an announcement- act as individuals, adam asked for solidarity (lots of ppl clap)

march tonight for oakland. gather at 9pm. solidarity for oakland to the capitol. suggestion for silent march. flyers. decide before march. maybe be silent on the way and then loud on the way back.

Ga concludes. no mic open forum in session.

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