Introduction to the GA

– GA Process
– Hand Signals
Working Group/Committee Announcements
Miranda – Safety
 – Concerns; some women do not feel safe. Possible safeword to promote safety discussed. “Yellow” a possibility.
 – Peacekeeper support sought.
Cesar and Greg Foster – IT
 – We need help. All comers welcome, all levels of experience. email at
 – “Hackathon” on Saturday (today) from 12-5pm
Peter – Legal Magnet
 – Let us show solidarity with Oakland, San Francisco, all Occupations
Gary – Bank Action Group
 – Bad News: There will be no Credit Unions at City Hall on Bank Action Day.
 – Good News: There is a bigger cause at hand. Rally every Austin citizen on Bank Action Day on 11/5, Tables will be on hand for committees to recruit members, information for switching your money out of a bank account to a credit union. Reach out through Facebook, email, blogs, websites, churches, schools and nonprofits to get people involved and Occupying for Bank Action day!
Nahal – Labor
 – Last Sunday march of over 500, a show of solidarity with labor unions.
 – Hopes to increase union participation in occupation. Ask Union members to attend action on Tuesday at 6:00 pm.
 – More Union Actions forthcoming to support Occupations here, in Oakland, in San Francisco, etcetera.
Anton – Website
 – Numbers rising on the website again; possibly due to solidarity with Oakland and San Francisco.
 – Call for web-content; please encourage any web-folk to contact the Webteam to participate.
Lance – Occupy Radio Austin
 – Occupy everywhere! 5 Announcements:
 – 1 Occupy Radio Austin broadcasts 24/7
 – 2 Collecting music through my music occupy, come and share your music at the occupation!
 – 3 We collect stories from Occupants and the 99% share them in place of commercials.
 – 4 We are creating a National Radio for all sites.
 – 5 We need folks with smart phones, voice recorders, and other recording equipment to come out and find us recording live.
 –  Volunteer to help at
Joshua – Finance Committee
 – Money from Credit Unions will be available soon; if you change to University Federal Credit Union, mention Occupy Austin to get a donation.
General Announcements
Nancy – Registering Voters
 – Believes real change comes from voting. Volunteers needed to register voters; see Nancy.
Lacy & Joe from San Antonio
 – An Invitation! To a Free Concert at Hemisfair Park (the site of Occupy SA) : 
 – Arts United of SA has organized 12 local bands, poets, and artists for Friday the 28th from 5-9pm
James & Stephanie
 – American Dream Movement Nov 5th, Actions are planned. Stagecoach, zombies, at Wells Fargo. 
 – Costume making get-together Sunday at 4:30 at AFLCIO, on 11th and Lavaca
 – Have questions about the power washing? Talk to Police Chief Acevedo.
 – We owe one another a round of applause.
 – Offering a Constitutional Class. Comprehensive annual reports on the economy and where the money goes.
 – Also offering advice on what to say to the police, what not to say, and information on Supreme Court Precedents.
 – If interested, speak to Curtis. 
 – March to the Capitol was a success. Nightly marches continue at 9:30 after the General Assembly. 
 – The March tonight is to 4th Street.
 – Super secret event in the works.. can’t tell about it. Except if you are interested, see Jaime and have a solid black outfit.
Chris Johnson
 – Occupy Movement Discussion at UT – 3:00 – 5:00pm
 – Educate the Students on the 99%. 
 – Student Services Building on University Drive
Caleb – Occupy Houston
 – OH Sends love! 2 Points:
 – 1. Occupy New York is printing Occupy Wallstreet Journal for NY and a Separate journal for the rest of the country.
 – Several Cities (9) nationwide are receiving this journal; including Houston. Houston will spread copies to other cities.
 – Be prepared to disseminate up to 50,000 per week.
 – 2) City of Houston has DECLINED City of Houston power. Solar Panels are needed; Houston would like Occupy Austin Solar Panels which are unused.
 – Samantha R. Beckett and Olivia E Smith – Panika has your things/property; Come Get them From her.
A Note on Placement: Art Acevedo made this announcement after Proposals time began It was the first on the list for Proposals, but could easily have been last on the list of announcements and NO PREFERENCE WAS SHOWN in this placement; the stack was respected. For the sake of recording I have placed it among announcements, and for the sake of accuracy I have recorded that it was given first in the next section, rather than last in this one. – Gustavo M, recorder of minutes for Thursday 27, Occupy Austin Infoscribes.
Art – (Police Chief Art Acevedo)
 – Wanted to follow our rules; claims to be here regardless of divisive attitude amongst our members towards police to say he is proud of the occupation.
 – Here to protect our rights.
 – We have allowed a man with a gun into the group, breaking thus our peace. Allowing him to speak is violating police neutrality.
 – There is obviously some dissent here; but the big picture is that the movement needs to progress and grow, no matter what. This movement has grown over the last month and is evolving. Cooperation means involving the 99% as a whole, and this includes peace officers. This is a responsibility to reach out to them.
Peter Cooper
 – 1st time addressing the assembly. The police, we must acknowledge, are in a complicated middle or buffer zone between the 1% and the 99%. In Egypt, barricades were put up and government buildings were burned, including police departments. The police and military joined ater 18 days, but they were not invited!
 *Point of Information* – The Police did not switch sides to support the movement, but were officially disbanded when the military was called in. The Military did in the end support the movement.
Egypt did not follow police or military rules. We need more marches. We should be respectful to one another, for certain, but we do not need to follow their rules.
*Announcement* SWAT Teams have been activated and are on standby. *Announcement*
 – Who invited this person to speak?
Question: Do the people need to be invited to speak?
Response: Yes, if they are the police (large negative reaction from crowd; many reverse-sparkles)
*Point of Information* – Livestream of event exists, if the answer to the question is relevant.
  The Police have beaten us when we have challenged economic systems or the police, for years. They beat people in (cites 60’s movements, Civil Rights movement, marches, too quickly to record, I am sorry. x.x) and if the order comes down then Police Chief Acevedo and his friends will come down here and beat you too.
Agenda Proposal Time
Chris, Juniper, Yetzel
 – The General Assembly can and should be opened to teach-ins, working group gatherings and discussions, recruitment, etc; 
Specific Action item:
 – Anti-Oppression training in this space on Sunday at 7:00pm. 
 – All people facilitating, all magnets and committees, and especially all peacekeepers encouraged to participate. 
 – Open to all.
 – You cannot form a Critical Mass of people if the space is not anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-misogynist, anti-homophobic, and non-violent.
Consensus to Extend Discussion
 – Will it be mandatory?
 – NO
 – Can Anyone attend?
 – Yes
 – Anti-oppression training suggested by a person (Yetzel) who began a “Fuck the Police” chant.
 – Yetzel did not begin the chant, though she did participate.
Consensus taken on issue: 
Open GA to other activities, in this case an ANTI-OPPRESSION Training on Sunday?
Premise: There is an action from Houston, let us join in solidarity to protect our children from the 1%
Proposal: Join action against Valero taking tax $ money from Schoolchildren via the EPA. Be here Tuesday, for Demonstrations against it. Occupy Austin should participate in some way, shape, or form. The information and event are around the TCEQ. For more information contact Anne Lewis.
CONSENSUS*? (Action items ephemeral; name only involvement?)
– Safeword proposal. 
Proposal: Adopt a safeword to use in case of danger.
Reasoning: Make the area safer, get respondents to need.
Tabled for Discussion
 – Proposal: March on Nov 2nd in solidarity with Oakland.
CONSENSUS Communicating with other March and events Organizers to solidify details.
Two Out of Place Announcements Follow:
 – For the Sake of Order given, they remain here in the order they were presented to the GA, and not above in the Announcements section. In the case of Art Acevedo, his Announcement being moved to the Announcements section does not disrupt the order of communication given and so it was shifted up a slot from Proposals to Announcements, where announcements belong. – Gustavo M, recorder of minutes for Thursday 27, Occupy Austin Infoscribes.
Food banks give needy folks ingredients. These ingredients can be used to cook food. Lots of people going means lots of food for Occupy to cook.
Some Occupy SA Members:
 – Group from SA bringing spirits up with a Drum Circle after Proposals are done. It helps solidify the group and make people smile.

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