Moderator: James
Minutes: Eli
Stack: Margot

James : Ground Rules


Chris: Facilitation
  Thanks for passing Sunday Working Group Proposal
  Sunday 7-9 we will work to come up with ideas
  We need magnets, committee members, facilitators, participants for
antioppression training
Karl and John (Media Team)
  There has been a restructuring of the media team this week
   A rogue member has been dismissed and is still releasing press
releases, she does not represent OccupyAustin
   An alert has been issued, the media is on our side
  I have copies copies of lawsuit form for unlawful arrests, talk to
me after the GA for details
Cesar (IT Team):
  Mobile App meeting at Java at noon tomorrow. 2-3 hour meeting
Ronnie and Heather (Outreach)
  We had a conference call at one with several occcupies.  We will
attempt to do a national occupy, Monday night at 8 or 9
Peter (Legal Magnet):
  292 9044 is the safety number
  If you have warrants, try not to be arrested
  We have criminal and civil lawyers
  We are working on a class action of unlawful arrest for the 4 arrested
Anton (Websites):
  #’s up for the third straight day
  Developing content, please contribute


Thomas Taylor: No show
Heather: We have to move all our stuff in for cleaning, unclaimed stuff
will go in the trash
Tiffany Meet and Greet every Mon. and Sat. at 4:30, plus before every
major march
Curtis: We work damn hard at base camp, please respect us.
James: Wants to form a Ways and Means Committee, looking at solutions
and tactics and research to fight the corpratocracy
Audience: THere is an action forum that meets at 4:30 daily
Clake: Halloween march tomorrow, invite everyone.  4:00 pm
         Occupy together rally tomorrow @ the capitol
Claire:: Bree is the new medic

Proposals and Agenda items

John:  All nighters 3 times a week weakens us, maybe we can sleep in
parking lot, legal magnet is now working on this.  Forming a working
Comrade: It was approved last night that mezzanine become
headquarters, several working groups (to be decided) will have tables
up there
Don’t expect memo against sleeping up there to persist once stairs
reach full occupancy.  We need tables
Brian and Carl:
  Problem with indiviuals acting unilaterally.  Summary of Sylvia
Baninni’s actions
   Proposal: Recognize that SYlvia Banninni is acting counter to the
actions of GA.  No punitive aaction, but Statement of Record that she
does not represent this movement.
   Consensus: Reached!
  Personal Request: As with law enforcement, plese videotape this individual
  Proposal: Get old signs, clean them, make new ones, surround city
hall with signs.  This Tuesday during rush hour, please come and
  Friendly Amendment: Meet at 300, earler to work on signs
  Consensus: Reached

  We should make signs reading “We win” and leave this place
   Proposal tabled
   Bree: Signs from City Hall are illegal, if that is what this is about
  Proposal: Call ‘security’ or ‘peacekeepers’ by the name Firewatch
  I: They are known as firewatch in Film, Houston Occupy, Rainbow Gathering
  Bree: Everyone should empower yourself to be a peacekeeper
  Proposal: Passed
Reading of Proposal from City Hall
  Not Happy, no one agreed to this
  Document is from assistant city manager
  Points made in discussion
    This document attacks our 1st amendement rights
    People keep serving food until 2 am
    This is not enforceable
     If we are serious about making big change, we will reject this proposal
    As far as we know, this still has to be passed by City Hall
    This is a process, no one is trying to make a decision now
    1st amendement takes precendence over ordinances
    We need to keep this protest peaceful to grow
    We support civil disobedience
    We are already conceding by being here and not in a park
    This issue has brought us together
  Proposal: Work on amending this document over the next 72 hours
  Consensus Reached

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