Please note that these cannot be considered official minutes, as there was no dedicated minutes-taker (as far as I know) and they are extremely incomplete. James kept notes as best he could in the midst of his other facilitation duties on this evening. More people willing to keep minutes are desperately needed; find someone from the facilitators or infoscribes groups to volunteer. Or just show up to a GA with pen and paper or laptop ready to keep notes.

If you were keeping minutes on the 19th, please let us know.


Action committee 1745

March October 29th passed

Action set in

Email list

Dave cabor and banking

City hall-credit union

Green city fest issue

Chris Support camp- need help

Tony transportation

Needs vehicles

Lenna- alternative EDP

Margo media teams

Powerwashing Plaza 130 530 sleep at support camp


Nathan book club discussion group

Samantha graffiti on walls no no

Jacob street team forum

Joshua speech

Venue LBJ community

Steve announcement

Harry dara polluted water

Red tip the pyramid


Jacob people giving rally bad name

Jacob people get to work

*There was a group formed to deal with the street kids/homeless/mentally ill, but its not in the minutes so I don’t know the name or the magnet

Sorry these are spread out I wasn’t the minute taker im just typing what ive read

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