One of our Diversity group participants has suggested that Craigslist not be forgotten as a resource for disseminating information. She tried to submit multiple entries but Craigslist would not allow her to since they were similar. You can help!

Remember, our goal is so encompassing that we have to reach all populations possible through every available means of communication.

Please revise the title and language to make it distinct and personalized. This will allow viewers to realize that every single one is from a separate individual and not the same person.

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Date: 2011-10-03, 10:07AM

Looking for people to stand up and tell big corporations and the government that you are fed up with getting the short end of the stick while corporations get bailed out and we get nothing. If you are fed up with not being able to afford health insurance, if you can’t pay your student loans, if you think it is time for a change in our world….COME TO OCCUPY AUSTIN–starting on OCT 6th at City Hall. This movement can change the world for the better for the 99% of the population. We need bodies, we need donations of all kinds. You can find out more about this movement via livestream OWS. POST about it on your twitter, your facebook, tell your friends it is time for a change. THIS IS A LEGAL, PEACEFUL PROTEST. 

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