By: Dave

What is awesome to see this morning is Police Chief Acevedo is here in civilian clothes mixing with the small crowd of a couple dozen people…

 The crowd is cordial and well behaved sharing whatever they bring to the City Hall steps.  Lots of horns are blaring to acknowledge the protesters as people are on their way to work.  Even Mayor Leffingwell talked with the protesters this morning on his way to work.

 I wrote a little poem today whilst at Austin City Hall between talking with the protesters myself and offering Coffee Party Austin materials.


City noises, rousing voices
Complaints about reduced choices
Ardent but civil discussions
reacting to the repercussions
of a Malignant Economy

 Multiple notes of FDR quotes
and lack of meaningful votes
If the story is truthfully told
U.S. Congress is bought and sold
creating a Malignant Economy


Having fun in the sun
involving almost everyone
People staring, horns blaring
Acknowledgement of the caring
of this protest to a Malignant Economy


Need to show that this can grow
into a movement of those who know
that overall agenda is misplaced
so ordinary people are displaced
by this Malignant Economy


Open your eyes don’t be surprised
how Occupy Austin is organized
Great to see the police interaction
working together with cooperation
despite our Malignant Economy


Good to see this taking responsibility
though bottom line what will be will be
We all want what they all want
so we all need to try to supplant
and cure this Malignant Economy


The protesters crowd numbered into several hundred so that the police cleared a lane down Congress Avenue to be able to march for a protest in front of Bank of America this afternoon.


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  1. Wayne R. KochOctober 11th, 2011

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for sharing your poem. Isn’t it great to be published.
    This movement is growing in intensity and I hope it will end up providing an impetus for greater honesty and equality within our society.
    Best Wishes,

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