AUSTIN, TX, October 29, 2011 – Occupy Austin is surprised and concerned by

the actions of the Austin Police Department this afternoon enforcing what had been

understood as proposed changes in the use of the public space at City Hall.


Occupy Austin had received the proposed changes delivered yesterday and had begun

discussions of them at last night’s General Assembly (GA), the organization’s democratic

forum for decision-making. After, a message was sent to city and police officials

seeking clarification as to the timeline for arriving at mutually acceptable changes.

The “clarification” came as police officials indicated that the proposals were, in fact,

edicts. Soon, officers enforced what had been understood as proposed changes this



“It seems we have had an unfortunate breakdown of communications,” said Jonathan

Cronin, Occupy Austin spokesperson. “Today’s actions of the APD seems entirely out

of character from the good faith dealings we have had with city and police officials until

now. Imposing these apparently without due process is unnecessary and inflammatory.”


Cronin added that on Thursday, Chief of Police Acevedo had addressed the GA and had

every opportunity to raise the proposed changes and answer questions about them. His

silence about them, followed by these actions, has been taken as a provocation by many

attending this evening’s GA.


“Chief Acevedo indicated that he wished to set himself and the APD apart from their

colleagues in New York, Oakland and Atlanta that have precipitated clashes with those

in the Occupy Movement simply exercising their First Amendment rights. Now, he

has apparently changed his mind and decided that provoking peaceful protestors and

providing inspiration for acts of civil disobedience is in the public’s best interests. We

can only hope that this is an unfortunate miscommunication that will quickly be cleared

up. We hope that all parties will patiently exercise restraint until this is clarified,” said







Occupy Austin is a grass roots movement that has formed in response to the actions on

Wall Street, in New York City. We gather because our economic and political system is

badly broken. Daily general assembly meetings give anyone the opportunity to participate

in a process aimed at bringing positive change.



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  1. What were the “edicts” you speak of? What were APD’s actions?

  2. Sorry to be pedantic, but I’m hoping this action will make people more critical of the police. Yes, income-wise they are of the 99%, but structurally they are part of the repressive state. The core of their job is to manage and control the movement of people, and no amount of shaming or rational argument will change this. When the decisive moment comes, they will always side with their bosses, not the people. They are not your friend.

  3. Here are the people to call regarding the enforcement of the mysterious memo from city hall. Yes, call APD, but these people are in the shadows pulling the strings.
    Michael McDonald, Assistant City Manger (in charge of city hall/ apd issues) 974-2476 michael.mcdonald@ci.austin.tx.us

    Jason Alexander Executive Assistant 974-2194 jason.alexander@ci.austin.tx.us
    Alta Ochiltree Executive Secretary 974-2307 alta.ochiltree@ci.austin.tx.us

    Marc A. Ott City Manager marc.ott@ci.austin.tx.us

  4. […] of communications,” Jonathan Cronin, “Occupy Austin” spokesperson, said in a statement. “Today’s actions of the APD seems entirely out of character from the good faith dealings we […]

  5. 10-31-11 – Occupy Austin
    Well, the city of Austin has started to treat he Occupiers like all the other cities have, as a nosecones and something to get rid of. I understand their frustration, they’ve been Occupying the front square of city hall for 24 days and not much has come from it. But that sadly is the case for all of the Occupy cities. So many of the Occupiers claim there is not one person in charge of their group, that they all are in charge and that they all vote on what the movement wants and declares it to be. But, in the process, things are not getting done at a pace that will keep the movement alive. Instead, this slow Occupying process is just that Occupying. No movement, no forward motion.
    To read more, go to: http://nowhomeless.blogspot.com/2011/10/10-31-11-occupy-austin.html

  6. It’s ridiculous that you “require” an address to leave a reply. This only encourages those who support your cause to reply. What’s the other option – if I have something negative to say, I have to give you my address? I dont think so.

    Anyhow, this whole ordeal is getting out of hand and ridiculous. What is shouting “jellybean! jellybean! jellybean!” over and over again getting accomplished? Like the majority of 20-somethings in Austin, I feel this whole effort has been polluted to the point of embaressment to those of us who started off supporting this cause. Linking arms around a table? Not allowing the city to powerwash city hall on a schedule that was set up long before OA came around? Pick your battles. When you start arguing over everything, you dilute your message.

    I did not grow up in an enviroment that would have allowed me to not have a job and yet still have an iphone. Yet that’s the majority of the occupiers lately. There are still some with common sense, but the majority is turing this into a joke.

    And as far as you saying how APD is reacting to this – it’s not APD, it’s the City of Austin. The city makes the decisions on what they want APD to do, the APD didnt make the decision to show up there. The majority of the officers who will be there tonight would have spent tonight home with thier children, being a part of their Halloween. Now they have to babysit OA.

    Get organized, get rid of the riff raff or get off our city hall’s steps. We are not amused or impressed by the lack of effort.

  7. Chief Acevedo may have been sincere when he made the statements at GA. It can be explained in my opinion, by the city managers office directing secret orders to Art Acevedo after he addressed the GA. Art works for the city and they probably just embarrassed him by jerking him and APD union protected professional officers around. The officers working the steps were very stressed out when arresting OA people. Their stressful/incredulous facial expressions gave it all away. Assistant-Chief Carter is reputed to be a bad actor in the chain of command. This is also an issue concerning the embarrassment of Art Acevedo where he can not talk about such things if they exist. The city officials have continuously side stepped the question about where the new mezennine/plaza rules originated. The logical suspect is the city managers office, Mark Anthony Ott, in my inquisitive opinion.

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