(started minutes several minutes into announcements)
Anton, Web–getting together a content team
Alex, veterans person.  If you know any veterans, get in touch.
Boyd–IT person.  Needs more engineers.  Still getting a lot of amazing stuff done.  Charles, who assisted with freedom tower, is helping build freedom towers to Occupys everywhere.  One went to Seattle.  Shout-out to those helping put out local bands and user-recorded playlists, as well as peoples’ stories.  

General discussion–Forum–three minutes of discussion, consensus after ten minutes, will add a minute add a time after that until consensus reached.  

Boyd–come find tech support people if any issues.  

Daniel–The Slumber Party is the party between big government and lobbyists, and regulators.  We all participate in the Slumber Party.  Buy local instead of global, supporting farmers’ markets.  

Sara–friend is a clerk in federal immigration court.  Can’t look at classified info, so knows little about this movement.  Talked to Chase Bank manager, is lending to small businesses, not aware of big picture.  Both gov’t employees and bank employees believe they are doing good for people, afraid of losing what they have.  Wants to start campaign to disseminate info to bank and government employees.  Need to ask them what works about what they do.

Blake–Really proud of what happened today.  as we continue to move forward, will win with love and respect.  Respect everyone around, even if they are not like us.  Introduce yourself to people around you.

Jennifer–Energy policy is genocide, uses toxic chemicals.  Eminent domain, environmental racism, Massive pits of waste water are caused by hydrofracking.  They say it’s clean energy, but are leaving toxic pits of water.  Fukushima dispersed radiation that gets into food chain.  Deep water drilling leaves perforations on ocean floor.  Dioxin is used to make paper white.  Rare earth minerals are leaving hazardous waste in Inner Mongolia.  Tar sands in Canada have leaked, they cover it up, will continue pipeline from Alberta to Texas.  Uranium mining on Indian reservations are some of the only jobs available.  They are dying prematurely.  That is why marijuana is illegal, because it grows oil.

George–wants to form side group to promote Occupy Austin.  Every day, there are shows on in Austin, wants to get people who are comfortable with calling in to shows.  Must be germane to topic.  Need to take over some of the media narrative, they will take over.  David Letterman talked about OWS and that GE paid no taxes.  Can call into these radio shows, participate.  One of y’all can call in.  Message must be honed, must be preparation.  Can’t come off rude, or they will kick you off.  Contact George afterwards.

Gustavo–there is a lot of energy from coal plant in Fayetteville, TX.  Contributing to poisoning of people right now.  Campaign “Roll Beyond Coal”–can tell council about it.  There is a coal team and a tar sands team.  

Bryan–maybe could go out and find areas that are neglected by City, put on orange vests that say, “Occupy Austin cleaning crew”, and clean up city.  Presentation on how ending the fed might affect small business portfolios might be good.

Ann–Freedom of speech is important.  It is not right to expect latinos and African-Americans to deal with what is our problem as white people.  Diversity and inclusiveness are important, not a question of divisiveness or disunity.  We should talk about those questions of race and class as part of the discussion.

?–white people tend to dominate spaces that should involve everyone.  This space needs to be made available for other communities.  People should feel culturally comfortable to be here.  

?–politics should reflect all votes being counted.  Flash memory at Diebold machines can be hacked easily.

Adrian–(proposal) Liberate Austin is an objective long-term.  Wants to propose with respect to police neutrality, everybody comes from different experiences with the police..  If we continue to promote a class and race based relationship with police, will never reach the 99% objective.  Glad police no longer there tonight.  Does not feel safe with two cops in middle of occupation.  Critical that we understand that some people in East Austin may have different relationship that West Austin.  Wants to make this a police neutral space.  The space of the occupation is not used to make statements friendly to police or attacking to police.  if police attack, we will respond.  No more statements of solidarity with police.

Moderator–stated above proposal in her own words.

Comment from audience–what if someone has a positive experience with police?  Comment from audience–you can express it on your own but not on behalf of the group.  Comment–there is a false premise that we are supposed to be policing ourselves, and we need to snitch to the police.  There is no policy for self-policing.  Can talk to an individual.  Comment–some people need mental health care.  Lots of people don’t get the help they need.  some people talk to themselves, need help.  Comment–civil disobedience is not attacking police, it is attacking the system.  Anton–we can make a decision to be neutral as a group, but act individually how we wish.  Adrian–Forum has collective spaces, concerned about how it is used.

Consensus–to maintain police neutrality.

John–not seeing a lot of minority people.  As an African-American, systematically oppressed.  Him being here was not supposed to happen.  Once realize this, it was all money and power.  Anyone not of white skin has been oppressed.

Greg–since proposal passed, point is moot.  Reasons why police neutrality might be desirable:  issue of safety and comfort.  A lot of people have had bad experience with cops.  Some think might cause a safety issue.  Is an interest of safety and comfort.  

Debbie–Neutrality means not applying good or bad connotations to police.  Not about logistics involving police.  Police are always watching us.  If you put yourself at risk with police, should be a safer setting, such as base camp.  City’s position is that we don’t have to vacate, can move from one side to another.

?–some have talked about democratizing position of police liaison, some have talked about not having one at all.  Wants to not have one at all.  Josh has been talking to police, had them there for march.  Doesn’t think we need police’s permission to march.  Proposal–Liaison should be abolished

Comment–Police are there to protect us from motorists.  comment–safety in marches does not necessarily need cops.  Can have safety marshals to make sure street blocked.  we have enough bodies to make it happen.  Comment–Eric from cop watch said we should limit reliance on police, we have it under control.  comment–march for monday, already had crossing guards (indigenous people’s march).  Police liaison told police, they changed route and challenged our autonomy.  We can take care of ourselves.  Comment–police are trying to control us.  They use safety as an excuse.  We want to not fall into that trap.  comment–had issue with idea of neutrality, didn’ t want it to alienate police.  liaison should get police to take anti-oppression training or bring them back into the fold of the people.  agrees that police liaison impedes us. Margo–maybe it would be better to define role of police liaison.  maybe choose someone different or define their role  comment–does not think there should be one person communicating with police, might give them information group does not know.  group should deal with police.  Margo–can group take care of itself during marches?  comment–present police liaison has never received approval of GA or coordinating committee.  He is informing police about our activities without our consent.  Must be with democratic context.  We should build democracy and participation.  Comment–are there two police liaison concepts?  One where we trust you to express to police, another where you communicate what GA tells you to do as police liaison.  Comment–private security sector has the right to say police can’t go into their buildings.  Private security is separate from government.  comment–went to police about computer compromise, they called police monitor on her.  just discovered on Chase account that $1500 was funneled into another account.  We need to stand up and not take down.  They are not playing fair.  They can sweep around us.  Power to the people.  We cannot stop.  We put tax dollars in their pocket, why should we share stuff with the police when they don’t care about us.  She moved away from Texas in 1986, said would never come back to TX because she was raped, when reported to police they defamed her character.  Should not tell police things.  Not put on her neighborhood watch team because she was too radical.  doesn’t care about going to jail for what she believes is right.  comment–might be an evolution, but a revolution.

Moderator–we should move this discussion to the side.  We can talk about it forever.    Go to the side and hash this out.  

Comment–are we here to change something.  Are police part of system you want to change?  Are courts part of system you want to change.  If it is, don’t send someone to represent you with these people.  Thinking about leaving country.  Was in jail in another country, was tortured by system.  Now talk is police.  Talk is about how to work with police.  Austin police accept money from big corporations like in New York.  

Kenneth Clark–concerned about credit cards.  credit cards hit him about four times in his life.  no systematic way of dealing with this question.  credit reporting agencies are deeply involved in your lives, has moved information from US to foreign countries.  Your ssn is in Central America, Philippines, etc.  need to police financial management of money.  if you have tried to do it in federal court, will take a year and a half.  We need accountability.  

Brandon is going to make an announcement.  –energy, different thoughts emit different frequencies, can be picked up with devices.  energy is intense.  does reiki.  
Alec.  PA system is owned by individual who has been controlling who talks, absurd considering this is a liberated space.  We have an opportunity to bring solar-powered system owned by community.  

Peter–just had all radio equipment stolen.  

Alec–on solar PA–has asked owner to remove PA, he is controlling it as his own property.  trying to eliminate censorship.  will leave PA, ask him to remove it.  comment–solar PA will not work at night.  comment–solar PA will be donated.  Alec–nobody her will control it.  comment–rules will be determined by GA.  

Proposal passes to get rid of P

Stuart:  We don’t have minutes posted for several nights.  We basically lost those nights.  2 months later , that info was lost.
  1. I feel like though the process is a good thing, sometimes it’s being used to impede voices.  Some people who aren’t pushy don’t get on stack.  Be mindful of facilitator bias. & other biases. Make sure our process is being used to include ppl.

Moderator–Do we want to save the rest of the list for tomorrow>  People seem to want to keep it going.

Comment–silent energy march .  Daily Kos says occupations all over the world.  

Sylvia–from media team.  will go back to office and write report.  In over 1000 cities as of today in US alone.  None of it would happen if we all weren’t here.  It will take time.  Main media has served us as a community very well, as well as police.

Comment–meeting at triangle across street to discuss police liaison issues.  

Bradley–come will say if we are against capitalism, we are utopian.  But capitalism should be more tolerable.  Should not be a meeting to determine that capitalism now behave differently.  does not take into account our own organization.  Not against reform, simply asking that we are vigilant to limits. Wall street and Washington must take us seriously.  We have realized the limits of capitalism, we must be responsible to act from here.  We must recognize when we slip into the logic of capitalism again.  We realize that capitalism can fail through its own activities.  we must replace state with ourselves.  
capitalism is the villain.

Comment–magnet for petitioning city for properties for low-income camping and flea market sales.  Difficult for many to have a residence.  has sat down with city council to lay down what we want.  we want acreage.  like art farm on pleasant valley. .  put contact info, tommy tutor on occupy austin page.  wasserburg is facebook page.

Comment–we are here to make demands on gov’t, to be given things we deserve.  what about demands on ourselves, to take responsiblitiy for ourselves, we should have right to withdraw consent from oppressive state, to revive political discourse, without fear of arrest or persecution.  what matters its the day after, when we have to return to normal life.  Will there be any changes then.  [disruption here, somebody yelled FUCK THE POLICE and was countered with LOVE THE POLICE repeatedly] Remember what our basic message is here, we are allowed to think about alternatives.  let us keep in mind, it is not something separate from ourselves.  it is the system of capitalist ideology alive within us all.

Vote to adjourn.

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