Call to order and introduction to process.

Joe will be facilitating tonight if that is OK. (consensus)

Nicky will be cofacilitating. (consensus)

James is keeping stack

Stuart is keeping minutes.

Chris is the timekeeper.

How many here are new? A new guy. We are in exile on the island in solidarity with our bros and sis’s who were arrested. There is a process to keep things focused on the subject. There are hand signals to guide to process. Sparkles–I like what is being said. Meh–I;m not sure about what it being said. Downwasd sparkles–I don;t like what is being said. Point of information–not an opinion, but a short fact that is relevant or contradictory. Clarifying q–I don’t understand what was said, want it clarified. Proposal signals will be discussed later.

Agenda–committee reports and announcements, all 2 mins each.

Point of process–can use if you understand the GA process and you think J or N are going off process. If someone significantly over time, signal that they should wrap up.

To continue agenda, will have proposals–ideas or actions for group, or decisions that require input of group.

Committee Report Backs

Anton, web team–will be having an impromptu meeting tonight. Beyond that, want to read official response from APD and city. (attach email) This info is on facebook pages for Occupy, includes Michael McDonalds email. Should send him something. Will be available for GA. Also on Facebook.

Gary from Bank Action–would like to ask grace of body for add’l 2 mins. B of A announdec they will not charge 5 dollar debit card fee. 2 seconds in memory of debit card fee. 10 seconds to celebrate. All big banks are now in line. They don’t get it is not about debit card fee, is a much bigger problem. Step one is to move as much money from their banks to a local credit union. This Sat is natl bank transfer day. Major celebration at city hall. If you bank with B of A, workers defense project has 9 am meetup at oltorf and cong. Will meet at 10 at city hall, to march to wells riverside. They will meet us there, we will come back to city hall for full day of protest, educ, and music. 10 am to 7 pm. 2 flyers for event. 700 copies of both. looking for people who will distribute one flyer to one location, you can have flyers if you commit to it. if you are willing to get emails w attachments, can print out copies to tak to a local business. if you are willing to post flyers, there is a signup sheet. Third prong is education. Need volunteers to educate people on how to change banks. There will be ed sessions on wed and fri night. if interested in flyer dist or educ, step up. We now have bank action section on Occupy Austin web site. If you log on Occupy, first button at the top. to change bank to credit union, can anonymously report how many dollars you transferred. info on how to email management at banks. This is national. hoping to have enough people show up to close Cesar Chavez.

Boyd and Cesar from IT–introductions. We are also magents for Occupy Radio. If you have q’s email Need help desperately. If you know someone or want to help, email. Skills vary. not looking for experts. need people who can use a keyboard and are willing to learn and will show up when they say. Will do OJT. Announcements–IT team has workspace, secured workspace. Expensive gear will not grow legs and walk off. Greg Foster is the third IT magnet, not here. Boyd and Cesar are required to step back from local IT resposibilities, daily, such as manning Freedom Tower, media booth, livestream, so that they can work on Nat;l and int’l work. Occupy apps. Freedom tower, want to build 5000 to go all over the world, build network belonging to us. Need people to step up. Please help.

Carl from media–looking for people to join us. Have a couple of addl projects. Want people to monitor media coverage and send links to news and tv to us. On sites, there are blog comments. Want team to respond to comments. People who get up early, would be great if they listen to KLBJ who beats on us regularly, and beat back. Meeting tomorrow with city manager, would suggest that 2 pm meeting is proposed, so there will be time to prepare press release in time for eve news. There was an article posted on Occ Aus facebook, summarized media attention that occupy movement is getting nat’ly. Media attention on graphs is thru the roof. Want to have all the people arrested take a stand for applause. Your actions got us more visiblity than anything else.

Peter–is dealing with stuff across the street.

Mike–part of ad hoc working group planning a march tomorrow night at 6, to travis cty jail and come back. 1) to show support and solidarity for Oakland Gen. Strike tomorrow. Does not know what it will be like, but will be a big deal. Will be a watershed moment. 2) events that took place Sun, growing police presence and intimidation last few nights. My firm personal belief, that Sun is an attempt to squeeze and disrupt movement. If you feel the same, many things to push back. For tomorrow, we need is a big showing at this march. Everyone who can hear plan to be there, spread the word, talk about what you think has been happening here. Will try to be back before 7.

Heather–community outreach. Conference call part of first natl assembly. over 35 cities, 12 occupants. took lminutes if you need more info. Next natl assembly next mon. anyone who wants to participate, talk to heather, Is done at City Hall. wherever we can hear. There is another occupy exile call that tony has the info for, if you want to participte, talk to tony, On call, Boston has $ embezzled by Paul Karnes. Can find his pic at Encyclopedia Dramatica

Natalie–lots of volunteers, everybody wants to do farm work, nobody wants to work at food table or cook. If you can help for one shift, then come find me. trying to implement a lot of a more structured system to make sure food table is guarded, there is always water and snacks, and communication open. email phone 431-4595

Peter–legal magnet. If you know anyone arrested, have them email Can;t comment on what is being worked on. Ask that we don;t start telling people that we filed lawsuits. This morning got a bunch of calls from the city on it. Never give our opponents strategy. The curb on the other side of garage, if they come in past that curb, will be arrested. Anyone arrested, will probably be harder. Arrestees cannot use loading area. Let legal team research. Austin Java is cool. Yesterday there were people who got citations for camping, or being in park past 10. if you lost anything, can take people in there one by one, only she can do it. only has ten hours. at least ten people lost their stuff. People who lost things, go with her so we can get back to meeting.

James–magnet for relocation. Wants to move to park. Has not decided location. One reason want to move to park is because of CTW. Probably at Austin Java. Classes for facilitation, can get you up to speed.


Justin–general announcements. today at about five thirty, about seventy dollars stolen from donation bin. Wants to apologize, was supposed to be standing behind table. was trying to fulfull other duties also important, such as answering radio for island and bringing food and other supplies over. Should have either brought $ with him, or asked food person

Someone is getting arrested

Justin–sorry for his part in it. Any questions, ask me later.

Adam–wants to talk about keystone pipeline getting closer to tx–swallows farms and homes by eminent domain, poisons water, every state is crosses, according to scientist for nasa, game over for climate change, nothing our species can do to stop it. on nov. 6, thousands will surround the white house to tell obama no pipeline. at same time at hundreds of obama offices, rallies. In austin, nov. 7. there will be a march on 12 nov. for info, see me. lots of flyers.

John. people who organized signage, and sat on walkways on both sides, and got people to respond are super awesome. Trying to do best to recycle signs, so don’t contribute to more of loss of trees than necessary. need two or three good people to help site remain sustainable by taking out trash. chris and I will be walking with garbage bags, no excuse for police to do it for us.

Michelle–is exhausted. feel like is one of the only people handling info. loves doing it, but can;t be the only one. need people who care to be out during the day as the occupaion, handling info, and not putting it all on one person. Feels attacked sometimes because only person handling info. Cant do it any more. Please help. Needs more info scribes. is fun. need more people, then won;t all get axhausted. Need people here duiring day.

Joe–we are taking a long time to get through stack. Please try to be brief

Brian–is a member of 99 percent, not a magent. Has been reearching how memos are generated. Memos unsigned are just notices. There are memos from city manager to city council. that state actions will be taken, not in our memos. speaking in front of city council on thrus at noon. As many as possible who can join in support calmly and quietly, please come in, be seated and stand in solidarity as issues are brought into public forum. Will be preparing a statement tonight, will propose it at GA tomorrow. Try to take all seats. need people to follow rules of decorum.

Anton–somebody is issuing daily FOIA requests. expect to have internal info regarding any investigations or communications. can be criminally trespassed for any outburst in city hall. has happened four times this year so far.

They will not like what Brian has to say at all!!!

Carl–had to wade through more than 250 emails, about 25 really important, had to waste an hour. many unecessary emails should have been shared with those who needed them. Think before you reply all.

Joe–lets cut the human mike

tom–google mark to market, we bought worthless paper when we bought banks. home equity gone. kazi meeting, when bat city tejas, jim hightower and tom will be broadcasting from city hall. will bring food back from base camp. will call for cash audit. 88.7. also sirius 6 satellite.

Natalie, has info on base camp. rumors are trouble.

Kevin–update on arrest, nobody got arrested, two guys with crim trespass just came to get stuff. need to talk with someone from mission and values.

Wonderland–is an ambassador of a traveler compound. is starting a commune in a state park, will grow food, get rabbits, make fertilizer, will make wagons, can put stuff in wagons. Everybody buy a bottlle of isoproply alcohol to cook. if have a dog, will teach it to pull a cart. everything you own should have a purpose. Has a camper but no truck. is a popup camper, you can live in it, has propane, a/c. will leave poster with info.

Caleb–this weekend, many arrested, including myself. Trying to regain rights to free speech in prohibited space. wants to do an action with a lot of horns and signage, chaos, discord (over by Austin Java) is what society looks like if they take away our constitutional rights. Have three trumpets, if others with loud instruments can show up.

Part of info in negotiation to get people back on site.

Proposals–3 mins to explain proposal, then clarifying questions and points of info. Then will decide whether want to open up for discussion. blocks and objections.

James–did rap.

Brian–did not write out proposal, but is simple. Proposes that statement issued to finance magnet, come forward with their proces for collecting donations so we all have access. Also propose working group meeting to iron out process. Not an audit, just want info on process, how is money coming in, how documented and recorded, how do we have access. Has talked to members of finance comm. Has to happen. Has not ratified, but need to do that. Proposal–Thurs, want finance people here to discuss and clearly spell out process.

can discuss, take consensus, or table. Motion to take consensus. Objection–is there anyone from finance.

Chris–Meetings are at Austin Java, next meeting is Mon.

We have consensus for proposal.

All financial data, stored on one persons laptop. will be published to google docs tonight.

Brian–tell us where google doc is.

Josh–Do not fuck around–do not go anywhere near city hall if you have a CT. You will get arrested.

Sterling–proposal for hand symbol for unity, cry for unity. when conversation disintegrates. once people start yelling. two hands clasped. Will use it, no need for consensus.

Frog–has a proposal, each of us should take it upon ourselves not to solely speak with city workers or police. Do not know if they are getting harassed or not. Try to take one witness or many to speak with them.

Joe–can ask people to do that, but can;t dictate indiv actions. Amendment–join people when you see them talking to police.

There is consensus.

End of proposals.

Open Forum

Bradley–read an article.

Justin–gave a speech

Stuart–read a letter

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