Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 beginning time: 7:42 end time: 9:371 `5678909


time keeper-Katzen

minutes taker-Caitlin

co facilitator-Chris

co facilitator-Evan


Committee Report-Backs

*Carl, Media-A response from the City of Austin is presented. We had a meeting monday, and discussed our conscerns about what happened over the weekend. We win!

*Teagan-needs someones number with unlimmited texting who is here alot

*Natalie-please participate in the human mike. Food magnet, needs volunteers. phone number-(512) 431-4595

*John, Banking-last night there was an announcement made about bank transfer day, need volunteers to take out flyers.

*Gary, bank action-has sign up sheets at the welcome table for canvasing volunteers. planning routes Austin has moved over 400,000 $$$ from large banks, nationally 1.9 billion $$$ also asking for volunteers who are willing to educate people about how to change banks

*Caitlin, teach ins-Introduction and invitation to do teach ins

*Kevin-if you are interested in facilitating but have never done it before, please come to the meeting after GA at Java

General Announcements

*Trey-greetings from Occupy Houston. General love and solidarity <333

*Kelly-todays march was awesome. OWS is calling for another day of solidarity on Nov. 17. Come see her after GA to discuss actions of solidarity

*James-city council is meeting tomorrow at 10 am. At 12, citizens can speak. James is signed up and would like us to join him. Also, discuss after GA about CT interferences and details

*Natalie-the city has released a notice to come up with a procedure to interview us. arrest based on communication errors? go to the meeting tommorrow because apparently we are not being clear or concise enough for them

*Jesse and Jennifer-ending community homelessness coalition. we are having an event on the plaza next thurday, nov 10th from 4-8 and would like everyone to come.

*Ben-OCCUPY EVERWHERE!!!! Coming from Occupy New Orleans. They send us love and solidarity. will be here till the 8th or 9th, if anyone would like to find out whats going on there, go see Ben

*Lisa, Juniper-has been doing alot of traveling and training with various other occupations. This weekend they would like to offer direct action and mobile tactics training, conflict mediation and de-escalation, come talk to us afterwards if interested

*Jamie-top secret, upcoming event. show up to fridays GA dressed in solid black. nightly marches will now be on thursdays and saturdays

*Steve-not on the website, but they are still charging for parking if you even barely miss the grace period

*Claire-wants to teach anyone here who is tired of “losing” things, how not to. has experience with this, having been homeless for some time in her life. go see her after GA


*James-has been working for a while on making this GA better. would like to start just as we’ve been with the introductions, move general announcements to end of GA, move working groups to right after report backs, and then individual proposals. if we adopt the new structure and dont like it, we can always go back. ~~consensus!

*Carl-going into point by point from requests from city hall. Austin American Statesman has also posted this online. going to post a link online. also make physical copies for info desk first request and response was about allowing those arrested to continue to excercise our first amendment rights by being welcome back to city hall. charges should just be dropped. the proposal should be that they comply with their side of the bargain by dropping the charges because we have complied with ours by increasing communication. propose we draft a statement addressed to city manager to drop charges. period. could we get a working group to draft that statement to present to tommorrow’s GA for consensus. ~~consensus! do we want to move responses to these points to a working group after GA? consensus.

*Anton-about legal money for arrested. something we discussed outside of jail while waiting for our brothers and sisters to be released. did not come to consensus at the time for various reasons. proposal: immediately allow access to the legal team to the wepay account to bail out arrested brothers and sisters. this proposal is only to allow access to the money for those arrested for civil disobedience related to the occupation. Everything will be documented, etc. ~~tabled.

*Curtis-we had a disturbance with the food distribution today, proposal to drop 1/4 or 1/3 of food and water at the island when we bring food. tabled.

*Heather-proposal conscerns the our food tables. create checklist to ensure that duties are fullfilled. ~~consensus!

*Alex-tries to spend alot of his time engaging people one on one about what we are doing here. Main concern from general public is that city hall is being made a mess of, and others do not feel safe/welcome here. proposal to clean up our bed roles and gather our things after sleeping and possibly discuss with city hall officials to designate a place where our things can be consolidated. ~~tabled.

*Ian-proposal to get a water filter for obvious various reasons. ~~~tabled for the beginning of tommorrows proposals

*Kyle-we have around $600 in cash, $6,00 in wepay moolah, which we do not have access to as of yet. propose to allow finance one more day for various finance committee things. ~~~consensus! also, books are reconciled on website (finally!!!!!)

*Claire-gives an awesome inspirational speech ~~~consensus


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