Welcome by facilitators

Explanation of hand signals

Committee Reportbacks

Ben – Labor Outreach Monthly membership meeting tuesday Motion to support occupation passed at last meeting Find ben if you would like to know more cool stuff happening

Josh – Transportation Looking for more people to help out Meeting after GA: looking for people with cars, trucks, ANYONE who wants to help out

Ihor – Media GREAT NEWS! Coverage from 4 local TV outlets. KEYE, KXYN, KVUE, … Austin American Statesman – STUNNING endorsement of OA! Yay! Nationally: NYTimes endorsed OWS, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman (nobel laureate) wrote article supporting OWS. $4.5 BILLION moved from banks to credit unions! Reports of 1mil people took part.

Natalie – Food Switch to new kitchen. Need help. Need for blissware: plates, plastic forks, etc. needed n_atwater@hotmail.com Portable sinks being worked on. Use City Hall bathroom for washing.

Harry – Facilitators Working groups. Ideas brought up, take consensus to see if we want to break into work groups to craft a proposal. ALWAYS looking for facilitators. Proposals guide. Guide for creating a proposal. Proposal form in the works.

General Announcements

Jessica and Yatzel – Nomilitarytrialsforcivilians.com wrote a letter to occupiers to ask for support on Nov 12 for those being held in detention without charges, and crimes by the state. There is a working group working on the logistics of having a demonstration in front of the Egyptian Consulate in Houston. Either way OA will financially support this or not they will be going to Houston to march on the Egyptian Consulate. Egyptians marched on the US Embassay when occupiers were arrested. See them for more info.

Phoebe – Formation of a working group. Meeting at camp at city hall tomorrow at 1pm. Make sure occupiers can have cigarettes.

James – Group meeting every monday at 5:30 for education about anarchism. Meet by bathrooms by city hall.

Ihor – Media stories referenced earlier can be found on the occupy web page. OA now has aver 18000 followers online.

oaexiles google group. People need to join this google group to discuss issues facing those with CTs.

[Break into working groups]

Yatzel – Egypt March. Collecting people’s info for the google group. Talk to Jessica. Strict diversity of tactics. Meeting tomorrow at 7pm at the Tower.

Daniel – Communications between island and city hall. Short list of ideas using a laptop. Skype will be used in the beginning to facilitate communication. If you are interested in helping, email daniel occupyaustin@danielturton.net

Phoebe – 2 for 2 coupons for American Spirits. Talk to Phoebe for donations for cigarettes.

Justin – Transportation committee reports Justin will be taking the role of dispatcher for transportation committee. Transportation committee REALLLLY needs people with cars or trucks and people who have a legal ID to devote their time. Contact: josh madere 512-203-6770 email: joshua@medere.net Justin – 512-782-8775

Rohan – 4 fundraising ideas. Benefit concert. Tree planting action. Simplicity and minimalism initiative. Donate stuff and sell on ebay and proceeds go to OA. Soliciting hotel vouchers, frequent flier miles, other stuff for Occupy together rowan@rowanprice.com

Harry – facilitation team working group. Make sure you give a facilitator a working group you have started and also follow through on what you are discussing. We will start a stack of working groups and announce them so you can decide where you want to devote your time. Send ideas for working groups to swelljoe@gmail.com

Kenneth[announcement] Friday the 11th. Veterans march 9am. Meeting at monday night at 5:30 at Austin Java. March from the Capitol at 9am. contact: 512-828-9778 email: koymag@gmail.com

March for the keystone pipeline tomorrow at 5pm to 7pm. Rio Rita on East 6th to Obamas HQ in Austin.

Open Mike

Deitrich – doesn’t like sparkles. This is more than occupy wall street. Bottom line is we dont have a resource problem we have a money problem. We live in a police state Disenfranchizing a lot of people. The police are a problem and our civil liberties are being violated. People have to stand up.

Claire – We have been here for 1 month now. Our only hope lies in our ability to recapture revolutionary spirit. We are faced with the fact tomorrow is today.

Daniel – First night out here. Excited to see what is going on at OA. What brings me out here is seeing a imbalance in the way laws are applied to us. Copywright law. Application of property rights to something that doesn’t necessarily ‘exist’. The problem is applying the rules of a physical object to an unphysical object.

Justin – Its considered education and knowledge are the way out of poverty. Getting education and knowledge is a problem. Plans underway for a new library. Fully support that library. Legislature is going to make it harder to get financial aid. Look up financial aid reformation bill.

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