Called to order at 7:21

Facilitators Kristian and Chris

Minutes Joe

Attendee Count 67

Committee and Working Group Reportbacks


  • Good article in chronicle
  • Growing followers on facebook
  • Press release to media; countering charge about how expensive Occupy Austin had become.
  • We’re doing our part to keep expenses down. We’re a model for how occupations can work while retaining our rights.

Dave-Bank Action

  • San Antonio and Dallas and El Paso are outdoing us…we’re in shambles compared to them.
  • Citibank march Saturday at 11AM


  • A call yesterday about a December 6th action; resisting foreclosures by taking back homes.
  • Wiki page with contacts, International Outreach.

John P-Working group from Tuesday’s proposal about the food table

  • Community building
  • Ending the hostile situation and creating a space where the movement can grow

Natalie-Food and water

  • Get out there and talk about occupy Crock pot for heating food through the day
  • Blissware with string (reusable utensils and containers)
  • Donations are being accepted at all Planet K locations


  • When counting the money will leave some notes
  • Infoscribes has the information
  • Updated ledger book
  • Finance is a rotating group…so volunteer

Mike-Big day of action

  • March for saving public education
  • Many groups are involved
  • Response from unions is positive
  • Education Austin endorsed us AFL/CIO endorsement and teachers AFL endorsed
  • Making flyers
  • No specific civil disobedience planned


  • Come to the info table to let them know what’s happening
  • Intercommunication between committees Fill out forms for working groups and proposals

Phoebe-Nic at Night Donations

  • It costs about $3/night to keep them smoking and stopping fights
  • Canisters are more efficient, but more expensive up front

Jessica-Arab Solidarity march in Houston

  • Protesting on the lawn of the consulate in Houston
  • facebook page
  • Flyers, please distribute
  • Contact has been made with Cairo Defend the Revolution on facebook
  • Meeting at 9PM at Austin Java to schedule rides
  • Q: How are people getting there? A: Caravan, several cars.
  • Q: Headcount? A: 47
  • Q: How much has been donated? A: ?(Minutes keeper had to deal with a peacekeeping issue during this part of the discussion.)


  • Work done over the past week to respond to the city
  • Took ten days to come up with five paragraphs
  • We have an issue…we have a city that talks to us, but we don’t have a way to talk to them.
  • All the occupies have this problem. We need creative ideas for talking to their leaders without having our own leaders. Stepping down for a while…needs other volunteers.
  • POI:I’d like to get a permit to paint the bathrooms.
  • POI:Last time we tried to get a permit, we got 60+ cops. Be very careful.
  • POI:Communication is why we have a GA, they can get on the stack.


  • Remind yourselves why you’re here.
  • We are constantly bickering.
  • Real issue here is people losing their homes, forced out of homes, schools, we can’t be marginalizing each other.
  • Before we start fighting, let’s stop, press refresh button, give hugs, and move forward. Please respect one another. Discuss peaceably.
Discussion Groups

Breaking into groups for ~10 minutes to identify problems

Groups are randomly formed by assigning numbers to participants, 1-6.

General Assembly reconvened after about 20 minutes of discussion

Reportbacks from discussion groups about the biggest problems we face as a movement:


  • Occupy 24/7 keeping people here and bringing people in
  • Transparency accountability and sustainability for committees training
  • Moving?


  • Safe space with accountability and security
  • Peace and security group
  • New location


  • Safety Community Diversity Events
  • Occupying large locations


  • Having two occupations, city hall plus sleeping camping location
  • Food table, aggression and hostility
  • Overall image that we’re giving the world


  • Lack rapport and respect for one another
  • Lack of organization and logistics
  • Growing the movement through unity


  • Having a better location where a community can grow

Issue-focused Discussion

The assembly prioritized location as the most pressing issue to discuss.

Location Discussion


  • Against moving, won’t solve the issues
  • Where would we move?
  • No place to camp in the city
  • In Chicago they had no home and it’s very difficult
  • We’ll have a lot more problems with police

John P-

  • We got a workgroup setup for doing this, people who want to leave no matter what
  • There’s no room for more


  • We’ve established ourselves here, and we can talk about the issues in our movement, but I don’t think moving is the solution


  • Changing location is not going to solve security
  • Big park across the river, illegal or legal doesn’t matter
  • You stay there and stand up and put up the tents


  • Parks and Rec, $75/day to reserve a park, no drugs no cigarettes
  • Can’t grow out here
  • Pro moving but maybe private property
  • Squatters laws, morphing into sustainable location


  • Pro moving
  • Need more people because we’ll get arrested
  • Setting tents up makes a community
  • Repercussions if we aren’t big enough


  • $7000 available for legal and logistics costs
  • This is horrible, and we’re going to die if we don’t move


  • New space means we casn create a culture of respect
  • City hall will be out of our hair, they are a distraction
  • We need to be one step ahead; so we have contingency plans
  • POI:John Committee exists


  • Keep city hall, do activities, second location for community


  • Pro moving.
  • Pro staying here.
  • Two occupations.
  • We have occupy together, we can occupy all over.


  • We have to occupy…public property it’s our land.
  • City Hall can be our job.
  • Community where we live, send people out to do the work.
  • Be comfortable, be accountable, and be amazing.


  • This is a good location, but it’s a horrible place to sleep and live.
  • City Hall has no showers
  • Safer in a closer community


  • Pro moving
  • Biggest obstacle is camping ban
  • We have to show up with a bunch of leverage to force the city to negotiate
  • We have to act…stop everything else, hold it down, accept arrest…will you move us again or give us a space.


  • I’ve listened to everybody’s bullshit since this started
  • It’s my undeerstanding that Occupations are nonviolent civil disobedience.
  • If somebody wants to put a tent they can.
  • POI:?-Many open places available.


  • I¬†was fed up, and its my first time back in ten days.
  • I did need a break. Sounds like this is the same bullshit since I was last here.
  • I’m glad to to see people are listening to these ¬†problems.
  • Another occupy one guy shot himself and is dead…another has TB.
  • We’re doing great.
  • This is an opportunity for serious growth.
  • I’m not against moving…we need to think hard about that.
  • Don’t want to go to jail.


  • Great to see so many people here.
  • I’m from El Paso.
  • We are entertaining multiple occupations.
  • You don’t need to petition or get a permit to protest and gather
  • My position as an outsider is to occupy as many spaces as you see fit.
  • POI:?-In most cities there are places where public and private and city spaces ownership is all fucked up and nobody really owns those spaces The deed might be wrong, and people are fighting over the space. Every town has a piece of land nobody owns.


  • Consider these past two ideas.
  • Newhaven has a vacant building.
  • Why not in Austin? Why not many locations? Stay in dialog.

John-Relocation group is meeting tonight

Safe Spaces and a list of agreements for each of us to commit to Tomorrow we will address the community issues


Kenneth-Veterans parade

  • I’m signing us in at 7AM
  • 9AM parade
  • Be at the bridge
  • I’m paying the fee of $25 at 7AM I need people to let me know by being there by 9AM
  • At 11AM there is a veterans memorial ceremony
  • Also food happening at the capitol
  • Occupy Texas joins, we need Occupy Austin to help make it happen

Jo-Occupy Texas

  • Peoples mic please
  • Little story real quick
  • When I was in Dallas, when I did the occupy chant, I said Austin instead of Dallas.
  • I’m glad I got it right this time.
  • Tomorrow is 11/11/11, it/s important in three ways.
  • Veterans day
  • World is occupying the planet
  • There’s also artists and bloggers and such
  • We will be supporting the 9AM parade
  • At 11AM and a lot of occupations across Texas will be supporting veterans on the south capitol steps If you want to be loud, and you want to occupy a different space, that’s OK
  • Please be respectful to our veterans
  • Event at 11PM at night
  • Facebook search 11/11/11 Occupy Texas event will popup
  • Please come

Claire-This is our flyer about the march


  • Its good news.
  • FireDogLake has purchased $40k of winter clothing for midwest occupies
  • The first shipment is on its way

Yatzel-Houston March

  • Two contingents…leaving tomorrow and Saturday

Turtle-Safety. Go meet people and learn their names.

Jamie-General Assembly at the Capitol at 7PM

Chris-This park, the woman it is named after was a victim of Nazis. Please keep her park clean.


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