Minutes began late, due to lack of volunteers. Minutes keeper arrived late to see that no one was keeping minutes, so began keeping minutes upon arrival. May have missed one or two announcements.

Committee Reportbacks

Natalie-No longer food magnet. Stepping back for a while.

  • Communities need to grow up all over Austin.
  • If someone feels passionately that food needs to happen, they need to step up


  • Up until 5 am
  • If you’re taking action, please communicate with media team
  • Caught by surprise battle in media taking us off-message let media team know what you’re doing
  • We want to have your back, but we’re not good at having your back in the middle of the night


  • GA can discuss civil disobedience, but can’t effectively form consensus on individual choices
  • Q-shouldn’t we consensus on endorsement?
  • POI-Diversity of tactics; as advised by ACLU (i.e don’t endorse or enforce)


Jordan-Occupy LA and San Diego

  • Putting together specific move against banks
  • Fundamental reform of the system multiple occupies could consent to lend weight
  • 3 petitions to the White House w/ media blast: Individual responsibility, enforcement of existing laws, fundamental reform.

Mike-Ideological Discussion Group

  • Mission statement, many are still ok with that statement next meeting soon on the plaza
  • This group will decide on seeds of unity to find shared causes for people with diverse views

Robbie-March the weekend after thanksgiving

  • Banks and corps control our govt
  • Happens through lobbyists
  • The cloakroom dive bar is where lobbyists make backroom deals
  • We should advertise how awesome this bar is in the news etc
  • Take pictures of folks coming and going
  • poi-legislature is not in session
  • q-are we sure this bar is endorsing this behavior?

Joe-Everyone except Caitlin is out of jail

Steven-Role of space station creation, ideation round table, for the purpose of creative ideas for business development and entrepreneurship, so we can get funds for the movement alternative energy technology elhilan@gmail.com Steven Roberts


  • Campaign going, I need people to discuss and research real community policing with real subpoena and power to investigate police abuse
  • I testified on one of these commissions in Portland, but they did not have power to subpoena
  • POI-In New England…(?)
  • POI-Kenneth-Speak in support of what. Steve has campaigned for Law enforcement is taking our picture, and if we wind up dead the police will have our picture in the fusion center…we need power to investigate how that information is used
  • POI-Civic groups in town are working on this issue, bring them here. Don’t reinvent the wheel…there are people working on this.

James-UT presentation about Occupy. At Jester(?)

Kevin-A few weeks back some guys from UT Austin came, they’ll have a debate of pro vs. con

  • Working group to find our delegates
  • POI-I bought a bunch of clip-on ties, show up in ties and white shirts
  • POI-LA and SD has mock debates on the street, to debate the issues in public

Natalie-The black friday event at bee caves

  • Tons of people not thinking about what they’re doing there
  • Camping, food, music
  • Guerilla theater in the malls
  • Dorrie has made a list of stores and malls


Joe-Proposal to have General Assemblies 4 nights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday), with off days being dedicated to working group time, training and teach-ins, and community-building and outreach activities (music, movies, actions, flash mobs, etc.).

Consensus reached after addition of three friendly amendments

Full text of proposal, and accepted friendly amendments, here: http://occupyaustin.org/discuss/#/20111115/proposal-to-have-fewer-general-assemblies-1018648/



Jason Mallory-Robotic workforce with voting for what robots do idea.

Amanda-Nov 30th benefit show doors 7, show at 8. No GA that night. Sponsor people who can’t pay, talk to Amanda amaustin@gmail.com

Open Mic

Feeding these people up here not all of them are part of occupy people are 24/7 every meeting and all the food is gone, because the majority of the people are taking the food and not participating.

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