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Facilitators were approved by general consensus.

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Report Backs

Ron: Outreach National/International will be having a conference call at 9pm. IF CT people want to come we will mov. There are a number of national working groups they will be added to group wikis.

National action is encouraged for many upcoming events. Please meet at the n/w corner of City Hall. Nov. 30th is a National Strike day (Occupy Dallas is trying to get this started).

A Rhonda is trying to get an Occupy Texas together. IF you have been contacted by her.

Maryann: Media – Newsletters available. email media@occupyaustin.org

IT: Allen – as it is set up right now the website is not part of the IT group. If you have any questions about the website please direct those concerns to the web team. UPdate on projects – we are working on a power station to get us unplugged from city hall. We have a parts list and we will be putting out a call to businesses in Austin to get parts donated. We will use some finances if we have to. We are also working on getting better equipment for livestream. Also working on anti-oppression training. Also an invitation for anyone to join the IT group. All meeting open. Every Wed. at 7 pm at City Technologies on Guadelupe. I will be available tonight after the GA at AUstin Java.

Dave: On friday The bank action is organizing occupy blakc friday. We’ll be gathering at CIty Hall (exiles gather at austin java). We will be coordinating mic checks at retail outlets. The premise is move your money. Friday at 11 am. buy nothing or buy local. We are trying to rganize the city to divest from Bank of Amerca. Get non-profits and businesses to divest occupyaustinbank action bankaction@occupyaustin.org

Natalie: I’m up here on behalf of food. I stopped cooking for a couple of days because I was not getting the energy back I was putting in. Food is back now! People started putting more into it. We are making sure people get fed. We still need donations. All planet K locations are 512 -431-4595. Please call me. My previous email address has been blocked nat.at.the.water@gmail.com

Finance committee: Nate is the new Finance magnet. Kyle is stepping down as finance magnet. Christian has voted to add her name to the OA bank account. There was one proposal that was tabled about how to prevent theft of cash donations. We also tabled a proposal to deal with small recurring requests. Next meeting: Monday at 6 pm email is finance@occupyaustin.org Please use all caps in the heading to make sure the email gets any attention.

Anton: I’m actually going to be giving report backs for three working groups.

Web team – as was discussed Web and IT are different. info@occupyaustin.org Meeting tomorrow at 8pm at AUstin Java. Also going to have a teach in for how to better organize gmail accounts. Date is not set yet.

Legal – We are in the process of reestablishing the legal team. Peter has left as legal magnet. However, the lawyers have been very forth coming. One big thing – there are multiple arrestees that came together via texas civil rights projects. They are requesting a restraining order against police relative to arrests for civil disobedience. It’s a formal challenge to the unconstitional nature of what’s been going on. We should have some conclusions by the end of the month. We are in the process of getting lawyers together for jail bonds and also as legal respresentation.

Expansion group: There is a large group planning to occupy the capital beginning Saturday. IT is listed currently on the website and facebook. We are working with the lawyers to discuss what we can/can’t do. We will be dsicussiong what the consequences will be. Lawyers think this is a better move : 2 reasons -1 we are going to be dealing with the state police. 2. State leg is not in session. There is no argument that we will be impeding the working space. Please look for that additional information in the next few days. Brian, Dave and Natalie are working with me. email me legal@occupyaustin.org


Black Friday Family Day – We are organizing this to have a day to give families a chance to do something besides spending money on Black Firday. We have a band. All kids “unsocialized” – they are all homeschooled and perform rock-n-roll covers.

Robbie : At last friday’s GA we decided to have GA four days a week starting this next Friday (11/25) With the GA meeting every night not enough work was getting done in between to effect real Change

GA’s will be held Monday, Wed, Thursday and Saturday. Those other days will be opportunities to do work and make this place a beehive of activity. Clarifying Question – the cleaning days were not considered in picking the days – having the people is helpful in cleaning. There will be a training session this Sunday at 7 pm for people interested in facilitating.

Amanda: I’m a magnet for the PR/Fundraising group. We want to get positive PR – not just when we’re arrested. Our first event is Nov. 30th at Headhunters on 720 Red River. The donation is $5 . Doors at 7pm Show at 8pm. There will be no GA that night. Jim Hightower will be opening the event. We also have on Saturday Jan. 28th a tree planting project on Lamar Beach – 3 hours City is going to provide shovels and trees. Just show up! I need volunteers to help me work door at the show. Someone that is informed about the movement email prfundraising@occupyaustin.org There is a facebook event ‘rockupyAustin’.

Heather: I have all the details on the trip to DC. leave ATX dec3. arrive DC dec 6 return ATX dec 11 Anyone that wants to go I need to know tonight Cost per person is determinate of how many people are going. THe more people that go the cheaper it is. The cost right now ranges from 225-297/person if 25-45 people go the cost reduces if only14 people are going – 150.

There’s a large number of people going right now. People are waling to DC right now. Trying to create a visual presence. Taking our grievances.

Kim: I just wanted to talk about another talking point that is important. It is the use of depleted uranium weapons. Whether or not wars are happening. It has a halflife of 1.2 billion years. It has radiating effects forever. Gulf War Syndrome is depleted uranium syndrome. It causes cancer and children to be born with birth defects. It’s a generational effect.

Information (Kenneth) Nuclear Disarmament training go to Lafayette park to pick up information.

Jessica: I’m the magnet for the new Occupy Austin women’s group. We’re meeting for the first time tonight at Austin Java. Tonight women only. After this the meetings will be first 1/2 only women, then both men and women. We have activities planned.

Elizabeth: I’ve been working with some other people from different occupies developing a national action Occupy Congress. The National Congress is going to be home in their respective districts Dec 16 – Jan 3rd. We would like to take letters/messages to the home offices. Email me if you want to help out: elizabeth.brossa@gmail.com

Michelle: I’m with the Infoscribes. We are seeking new people for the infoscribes. Right now it’s just three of us. Our jobs are to disseminate info. We help get info out. We need people who love research. We need the nerds. Come see me following the GA. We have a meeting tomorrow night following the GA. It’s fun. If you love information join us. There are multiple people welcoming – not just infoscribes. inforscribes@occupyaustin.org

Jessie: We are working to start an interfaith service here at Occupy. We are connecting with faith communities around Austin. IF you’re interested contact me jessiemargaret@gmail.com.

John: report back on social contract: right now there’s a lot of input coming in. I held off on putting the principles and the social contract together because of the big talk of the expansion to the capitol. Right now I’m just laying back and keeping the discussion going. Then I’ll put those two together and put the draft up.

Ann: A group of us have been meeting talking about how to find some language to express our ground/purpose. We will have another meeting tomorrow at 5:30 pm at Austin Java. . We are using the existing mission statement as a starting point. We are creating a short/punchy statement that says what we all agree on. We will also be expanding into specific demands . We will bring this document to GA for consensus as many times as it takes. hushpuppymix@yahoo.com

Jim: a few days ago I was at the plaza who as around 50 years old. Typical clean cut. I started talking to him. He was angry about situation in the government. He was willing pay someone to burn something down. Brian Mulligan was the name on the card. I tried to help him channel something constructive. He might have been working on another level. So please be careful.

Kenneth: Now we have copies.


Cedric: I proposed starting a design/apparel company. There is no cost on equipment. I found a company to provide the equipment. I need funding from Occupy Austin to buy the t-shirts and get ink. I need $400 for shirts. 100 shirts. Clarifying Questions: Where are you going to get the shirts from? We are here protesting economic injustice. What’s the purpose? – sell it – profit will split between OA and people that make it and the rest will be given to a non-profit. What’s the design ? has some – we will vote on the designs at the GA Point of Info: web team – already committed to selling occupy apparel. We will only do that when we know that OA will be benefitting from the sale primarily. What about sales tax? – give it for a ‘donation’

Proposal was tabled. We can discuss it when we break into working groups.

Kyle: This is a simple procedural thing. This is the receipt. It was 198.35 . Can I get consensus to pay back Carl for the cleaning equipment. Clarifying: Where are the supplies? At Town hall/in an infoscribes car MIchelle: If we start reimbursing people to buy things – where is line drawn. Information: Dave – I made a call for cleanup . We made a list – started with Habitat, then thrift stores, then ended up at Lowes. Those brooms are left in Josie’s truck. This was proposed to the GA – but not the expenses. For the sake of transparency we are coming back to the GA for approval.

Also – suggestion – create a sanitation committee. We already have a committee.

This was done out of order. Yes, the

Friendly Amendment: make this a regularly scheduled thing – using the supplied that Carl has bought.

Final Proposal: Pay Carl 198.35 for the cleaning costs. Get with Sanitation crew to make sure that they get all the supplies that were bought. They will be handling all future needs of this. We have consensus. Proposal Passed.

Daniel: Travis County has a corrupt voting system as well as the rest of the nation. All of our votes are being counted by machines with no paper trail. I’m going to be starting a petition to get back onto a paper trail system. The voting machines of Travis County are currently under a lawsuit. http://boycott.net78.net

Point of process: This is an announcement. Not a proposal.


My proposal is to have everyone come to all locations to converge at their state or national capitals Dec. 6th. We will have all sorts of actions happening that day. We want to expand/fortify this proposal. Want consensus to be able to ask all states to do tonight. This proposal will be enacted by showing up at your capitol and not leaving. Dec. 16-23 – write your congressmen. We ask all occupies to converge on Dec 6th! Clarifying Questions: are there other actions going ton that day? Yes, there are lots of things. They will center around the capitol. Point of Info: I mentioned earlier Dec. 12th Oakland/Los Angeles/Portland are calling for a blockage of ports – Point of Info : we are legally allowed to serve food at the capitol.

We have consensus. Proposal Passed.

I propose that we create social contract

respect the rules with dignity no drugs/alchohol no troublemakers self monitor or probation (24 hours or 1 week out) pets allowed, with control watch out forchildren volunteer 10 hours for week no ‘isms use composting toilets listen to the ones who know, have faith

Point of information: we already have a group that is working on this. We need to clarify many things. Point of information: John is the point person. We will combine this with the group already working.

We are basically finished with the second draft. We will have a meeting tomorrow to talk about he social contract.


I am forming a working group to help people build their personal skill sets email cesarff2000@gmail.com


On behalf of the finance group: Dave: I am not a member of the finance committee until today. Because there’s been an issue regarding cash donation – Occupy Austin will no longer be accepting cash donations. unless the cash donations are being collected by at least two OA finance members. Theres donations ahve been used to buy several things that were not approved. OA finance will write a press release. You can still donate online via wepay or through a credit card. People who are still taking donations will be asked to stop and then brought before the GA.

two blocks: michelle, james, and others. There are many people who cannot bank and do not have access to credit cards or giving online.

POI: we collect five times more online than every day.

friendly ammendment: make a lock box and lock it to a tree. Leave it at the info table – and give keys to the finance committee.

We will discuss this in a working group after the GA.


This proposal is on behalf of two groups. Primarily the expansion group and the web team. I am asking for 250 for flyers and posters to promote this. Clarifying: We are going to get as many as we can. posters are $1/print. How are you going to spend the money? Friendly amendment: buy a printer – no that is not possible right now.

Proposal -100 posters and 600 flyers up to $250 advertise the expansion to the capitol.

Consensus reached. Proposal Approved.

Duffy: We abandon City Hall when we move to the Capitol.

(Facilitator – there is no quarrum for making decisions)

Point of Information: There are people who are sleeping on the steps. If we are moving instead of expanding then we are leaving them behind. We can find people places to sleep – but beyond that we have a more difficult situation with the police. If we officially move we look like we know what we’re doing. Many of the people who would be left behind are not really ‘part of the movement’. We can call it expansion – but it would make more sense to take control.

Clarifying: We are moving to the capitol on Saturday? Are we sleeping there?

Anton: We are confirming with lawyers – but we are not allowed to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. We are allowed to have blankets but we are not allowed to have tents or sleeping bags.

Natalie: The more people we build.

Dave: If we abandon the protest at city hall. If we abandon the people who have already been arrested – the lawsuit will be brought into question.

Duffy moved to consensus : No consensus was made. This proposal was tabled and put into a working group.

John: I have a device that has become a point for three different working groups and several national working groups. For me to continue what I’m doing I’m kind of a poor person. I need some financial aid. I’m asking finance to help me, one time only, this month, to keep this device operation, for a $133. Right now I’m on my 10 day extension, I managed to keep my 7 day extension. Clarifying question: What is this device – it’s a smart phone. Friendly Amendment: Why not get a phone and leave it at the info desk. Natalie: Everyone is putting everything they have into this movement. If you get this paid then everyone should be reimbursed. John: Amendment – this can be a loan.

Facilitator: Can we come to consensus? There was not enough to come to consensus. The proposal was tabled.

That’s it for proposals. Thank you to everyone that stayed for the entire GA.

Katelyn: Announcment: I need volunteers to help greet people at the teach-in’s caitlineb3@yahoo.com

Natalie: food@occupyaustin.org

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