Rich and April facilitate

Troy Davis criminal system racist

Dec 9th mumia abul jamal

ash – anouncing occupy bee caves starting friday food at 530

michael – announcing working group, structuring groups and consolidating

natalie – took 8 people to johnsons backyard garden volunteer work for 9 boxes of always needs help


anton – posters and flyers available for move to capitol, talk to anton about getting them out saturday at 11 oclock am

michelle – infoscribes had good meeting, ask for other committees to work info desk, sign up for shifts

brian – not an attourney, bunch of attourneys, establishing new relationships

john P – social contract in final edit, everyone get on google doc and add comments, monday final meeting at 5 off exile island, wednesday proposal next week

occupy dallas – welcome, dallas occupation continues at undisclosed locations, everyone is welcome in dallas


michelle egypt solidarity rally 530 to 630 at the capitol tuesday passed

Brian – negotiations have been occurring locally and on a national level, peter morales has been negotiating, Chief acevedo turns to him saying peter was responsible, no threat of tear gas on the bus, peter putting together secret group, cesar blowing the whistle,

peter can not speak in our name. passed

april leads chant

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