Meeting called to order at 7:25pm.

Introduction of consensus process.
Introduction to hand signals.

Count of People: 60 people

Committee Report Backs

1st Report: Legal- Peter
    • 15 people have handed in paper work for returning to city hall
    • Safety number 512.292.9044
    • Thursday Morning Dept of Transportation Protest against Confederate Flag License Plate
    • Missing 11 arrested people names

2nd Report: Anton – Web
  • Web and Social Media numbers are good
  • Working groups contact him, meetings every Tuesday after GA @ Austin Java
  • Looking for someone to do admin work
  • Working with IT to merge two tasks

3rd Report: Ronnie – From Outreach Group
  • Information for national and internation organization will be on the Wiki
  • Doulbe check my information on the Wiki that I have made
  • Link to our wiki from OA Occupy Page

4th Report: Boyd – IT
  • Boyd is stepping down from the local OA magnet to work on international IT
  • OccupyRAdio (Austin, Chicago, Houston, Oakland, OWS, Seattle, Vancouver and Miami)
  • TV Occupy
  • Occupy Website
  • Occupy Edu- for caputre teach-ins
  • Can always use more…
  • Working on Sustainable Power Options
  • Austin Hacker Space
  • Contact

5th Report: Amanda- Transportation
  • Need people to drive food at 9am, 1pm, 6:30 pm
  • Contact Josh @512.203.6700 if you can drive food from East Cesar Chavez to OA

6th Report: Report: Media- Carl
  • City Management meeting
  • We have cost the Tax Payers $200K to police this peaceful protest
  • Thursday is beginning of Homeless Awareness Week, event at City Hall

7th Report: Gary from Bank Action
  • Over $650,00 taken from large banks in the last month(rough estimate of what people have told her)

8th Report: Heather from Infoscribes
  • Working for more transparency within committes
  • Get a sheet, fill it out with member names so we can direct people to different magnets

9th Report: Report: Natalie from Food
  • Stop complaining about the free food

10th Report: Phoebe- Nic at Night
  • Taking tabacco donations


Jerry- Here next Saturday 12th we will march on Citibank opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline. 11Am meet march at 1130 am…

Jamie- Friday 11th 11.11.11 Occupy Texas Event @ Capital moving our GA to Capital 7pm.
Missed the flash mob? Check it out online. Vets will be there in the morning… All Day

Lucian- Nov 17th is international Students Day and Global Event. International Student Movement, find Lucian to work on the Nov 17th

Brian- Heist. Who Stole the American Dream? He contacted them about screening it here in Austin, they responded with a maybe

Yaetzel- Working on a March on the Egyptian Consolute on Saturday.
Looking for cute males to strip at Austin Gay bars to raise money

Dietrich- Started a blog about my experiences on City Hall. Google my name to

Jim- This previous weekend two anti-oppression training sessions were held in East Austin

Filipe- Love yall, 73 old activist

Jessica- Don’t disparage the food, be grateful and volunteer to help

End of announcements

Open agenda items proposal

NAME: John
  • Remove the food table for 1 week. To prevent the internal conflict resulting from the food table

Debate on food table consented to 5min
Discussion to 10min
Proposal did not reach consensus, and discussion continued in working group

Yaetzel- Asking OA to endorse the march on Egyptian Embassy, and allocated $500

Kenneth and Carl- Response to City Halls Letter
Appreciate the movement of cleaning and looking  for more flexibility
Acknowledge our need for food tables
Ask to extend access to mezzanine

Sent to a working group
Passed with friendly amendment (after return from working group)

Jamie- Occupy Texas Rally, Friday GA @ 7pm
[Broke into Working Groups for 15-20 minutes]
Working Groups Reportbacks
Lucian-National day of action Nov1 7th
Jessica-Houston march in solidarity with Egypt on Nov 12th
  • Sign-in sheet
  • Meeting Thursday 6PM?
Natalie and John-Food table discussion
  • Broken into two groups (food already existed, and continues to have Natalie as contact person)
  • Start campaign of education and awareness of where and how free food comes to the table.
  • Servers are working too much, more volunteers are needed. Contact Natalie to let her know who is providing good service and who is not well-suited to the role.
Carl-Response to city hall proposal came back with friendly amendment to item 3 (regarding areas available for “free speech activity”). Consensus reached on amended response to be sent Wednesday Nov 9th.

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3 Responses

  1. 200K to “police this protest”? We didn’t ask for any of that, nor did we ask for nightly powerwashings.

  2. From what I’ve been hearing, the primary reason for the power washings and evictions is that Occuppiers are allowing poor families and homeless people in their midst.
    At least that was cited by Bloomberg and Sam Adams as a primary reason for their crackdowns. If so, it would clearly constitute class warfare by the wealthy against the poor and destitute.
    Businesses in the area simply don’t want any homeless around and if if you have homeless among you, then it is very likely the city will continue to make your lives difficult.

  3. Robert,
    Sam Adams seems to have had a change of heart…. or at least vocabulary. In his most recent statement he said ‘addicts and thieves’…. ain’t nothin to ‘thieve’ though …. maybe it’s the pc word for homeless???

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