There was no GA tonight. Instead, we had a an “Informational Assembly”. This was done at the suggestion of guest occupier Andrew, who hails from Occupy the Big D. The assembly was at Austin Java and had one committee report back then a few announcements. No proposals were heard. I took stack, moderated and scribbled some lame notes. A one woman show! Here are my lame notes: Committee Report Back: Infoscribes: looking for more volunteers. Hoping to have more involvement from the different committees to help with the welcome booth as the capitol expansion happens. Announcements: Andrew from Occupy Dallas: Working on OccupyNow – trying to bring all the occupations in TX together @ Capitol. Can find it on Facebook. Step 1 – Occupy both Dallas & Fort Worth together. Step 2 – Get San Antonio & Houston to join in, then come to AUS. Chad W: back in Austin from a sustainable bus tour (promoting sustainable agriculture, renewable fuels). Managed to see a lot of occupations on the 4 month tour. Back in Austin & ready to organize. Lucian from Occupy UT: Will Mic Check the UT president at the meeting where they get approval for the tuition increase. Nov. 30 @3:30 Michael: went to Occupy Bee Caves. Received media attention & made impact despite lower turnout. Other items: – 2 were arrested in Dallas tonight – Occupy Colorado Springs was kicked out of their encampment – Occupy LA was told they will be forced out Monday.


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