Facilitators patrick and maryann

minutes kenneth stack trish and tara time keeper colin

report backs

amanda benefit show 954 dollars raised bands and venue liked it a lot

rowan benefit boosted cash but we are still low on liquid funds

kevin proposal forms are now available at the info desk also logged facilitators need more people , if interested talk to a facilitator

michelle infocribes emailed groups and committees 7 of 20 responded , check your emails and reply to infoscribes

anton legal and expansion memo issued by pr people that negates info on new rules that we were told about we now have unlimted 24 hour access to capitol no sleeping no 3 hour time limit

jim freedom tower is being repaired drying out sustainable power working group have finished design published today about 2500$ to build sustainable power

natalie health inspectors talking to us about permits they are concerned with spreading disease or illness , dont serve outside the group to get food, members will have to be identified

rowan cedric has official donation box at city hall 24 7

kevin leads chant


phoebe thanks to everyone that came out last night videos of her are on youtube

caleb group started to stop sopa go to caleb if youre interested

karen aisd proposal to privitize schools, starting on east side, moving to privitize all schools, vote happening on dec 12th charters will funnell the money, removes children from school dont have to provide schooling for everyone march on dec at 11am on east side

karen direct action meeting after ga at jave, rally on saturday meet at capitol at 11, at 12 march to the drag

phoebe form working group taking mic checks to groups that might be interested in joining occupy

sean working group to help the homeless find jobs, proposals to donate buildings support the homeless inititive

tim cdp doing teach in on 30 yr mumia dec 9th location to follow about 6pm details later

kevin owls backpack got stolen, pink sleeping bag, if you see it please let him know, somebody offered a sleeping bag

heather occupy now action in houston occupy the ports in houston on the 10th to orgainize events for the 12, some folks from oa going to dc

levi the 17th of dec day of national action, start thinking about actions

heather cost will be less for dc

kevin feedback afer ga for facilitators

sean ideas for homeless program posted online

caleb group expanded to constitutional issues

salvador veterans for building 7 , kotodc.com , bring suit against attourney general xotol51@yahoo.com


kevin move the ga to capitol on saturday, rally at 11 march to drag and back to capitol, downtown stroll 6 to 9, 10000 people out there, 9th up on congress closed, ga on north lawn, woolridge park 9th and san antonio, after march or after tree lighting ceremony, march at noon then back to capitol, consensus before lighting, on website calendar, 60% chance of rain, jaime making second proposal time changed to after march 4ish proposal passed ga 4pm at capitol

jaime ga at capitol everyday friendly amendment gas everyday amendment NOT accepted friendly amendment to move ga time to 6 permanently not accepted


heather matching funds for the dc trip what they have raised 840, passed

anton legal magnet FOIA request written up all info collected on occupy austin leading up to arrest 1490.10 to receive foia request, 8 days to give them money, we can access enough within 8 days “any documents, etc…intelligence, listing persons, orgs, rumors, verdicts, anarchists, civil disobedience, disseminated from fusion centers sept 1 to october 31st. No disclosure for 7 years if not passed, 2 months out if we dont pass now, info would be used like wikileaks info, lawyers need it for future actions, make all info available for download, names of attourneys are operating under texas civil rights project, tabled

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