Facilitators: Kevin and April Minutes: Michael and Maryann

Kevin: Do we have any new people? Take this moment to say hi to your friends. My name is Kevin I will be facilitating tonight. Introduction of facilitators follows… We will opt to turn off the human mic and use loud voices. On minutes we have Michael taking minutes

April:Our core values, no drugs and alcohol. Nonviolence. Laptop:We use step up step back. I want to go over hand signals with you. First hand signal – sparkles. Another hand signal, is clarifying question. It helps you understand better. Another signal is point of information. Short fact that supports or contradicts what is being said. Another hand signal means “I don’t like what I’m hearing”. Point of process hand signal. Final hand signal is wrap it up, it means you are taking too long hurry and finish up what you have to say.

Kevin: Do we have any questions about the hand signals?

Kenneth: Announcing hoot.com


Nate: Announces about the Defense Authorization Bill. Changeaustin.com

Michelle: I am doing a teach in on December 11th political pranksters.

Esler: We started this organization called United communities action coalition. What is the next step in the movement? We’re gonna go to East Austin to canvass the area. Please meet me after the meeting. Facebook page “United Communities Action Coalition”.

Jaime: Today was the December 3rd be heard rally we marched down to the drag. We are planning to do Carols tonight by the tree. Next w

Michelle: January 17th is the next bi

Duffy: Occupy the ports Occupy the Wal mart distribution center Timekeeper: UT action at the tower. Join us January 16th 11am

Green: Hit me up. East Austin Middle School vote to close down the school on the 12? I’m not involved but hit me up after and I’ll get you the info.

Vincent: Parent of the kindergartner on the East Side, my child will be affected by this. In district charter school. Change the whole vertical team of east side school. The indistrict charter school will have special privelages. Some people who want to camp out Sunday to speak out the following day.

Steven: I’m a high school math at east side. I am working on an exchange tool, barter services. Getting stuff that individual people might need. kirpeep.com/occupyaustin

Dave: Tuesday December 6th Travis county courthouse will be auctioning off foreclosed homes. If you want to get involved, email us. It’s between 10-4 on Tuesday.

Clarifying question: Does that interfere with any other events?j Answer no by Dave.

Black shirt guy: Why does Obama not work for me?

Dave: Bank action is also looking for people who were victims of bank foreclosure.

Clarifying question: Are you looking for people who were already foreclosed or about to be?

Sal V: I’m a former service member I’m here to connect with other veterans. We would like to bring lawsuit against kotodc.org? Keepers of the oath to defend the constitution.

Committee Report Backs

Anton: report back from legal and expansion to the capitol. Big win, we won. 3 hour rule is no longer. We are encouraging everyone to call to the preservation board directly. Just so you know, because we are now allowed to be here 24 hours, we may eventually be allowed to have sleeping bags. Please connect with me if u are interested.

Mike: I believe that we can win. (chanting)

Kevin: moving on to proposals now. I’d like to go over our proposal process. We can take points of information, solve some questions, this is hand signal for concern. We will write down concerns on the white board and try to address all of them if possible. Not all concerns may be addressed. On option is to stand aside. Another option is friendly amendment. Block – most serious hand signal. It means this doesn’t jive with the movement. We will ask each proposal be no longer than 3 min. Then we have will open discussion. We haven’t’ been having a lot of open discussion tonight we will try to have that. First proposal is up on the stack.

Chris: Alright folks hi. I’m here to propose that the occupy group get together to ?? on the defence authorization act. 61 senators have voted on the bill. Only the white house can say who can get arrested because it is murky. This bill allows citizens to be detained, and can deny them due process, and citizens can be killed if they want. It also allows interrogation. Mueller backed this bill. This means the us homeland is now a battlefield. List of illegal things, buying gold, having more than 7 days worth of food in your house,. We would like to sign a petition to get rid of this bill. Even the United Nations doesn’t like this bill.

Green shirt: I think this is a great idea but members can do that alone?

Chris: We want to do the petition together that’s why we need to use occupy Austin for it.

James: Once again a lot of these are individual actions that don’t need consensus because individuals can do it on their own.

Chris: True but also I want to get some pranksterism going on. He says that he wants official occupy Austin backing so that’s why. He wants it to be endorsed.

Laurie G: Do you know if any other occupies have taken action on this?

Chris: I don’t know. Ann: Basically this bill has already passed. I would suggest to do some phone calling because of that fact to let them know we care.

Chris: When are you leaving for DC maybe we could send the petition with you.

Ann: I’m leaving on

Brian: Can we include patriot acts I and II to this amendment? Because those are bad too

What follows is a point of process, some crosstalk.

Kevin: Do we endorse this proposal?j

What follows is clapping, we have reached consensus.

Kevin: next proposal

Jackie; I’m Jackie Blue. My proposal is that ? Is funded. He has keeping the live stream up. Starting with $325 to buy a Toshiba laptop.

Geo: You should talk to the tech group. We may already we already have the laptops we don’t need to buy new ones. We have donated laptops.

Green shirt: I want to emphasize that Morlock has been there since day one streaming.

Phoebe: There is a secondary stream that Alex runs, but the tower was down, had problems.

Black shirt: It doesn’t seem right that the people from live stream aren’t here, not being represented. We should remember to respect and kindness. Slurs about working groups are bad.

White shirt: I want to clarify that the IT committee might have laptops to let Morlock use. They can allow Morlock to use the laptops.

Anton: FYI IT considers livestream under their domain. It is part of what they can have say so in. Morlock is separate.

Phoebe: did Morlog ask you to propose this?

White shirt: How are we going to keep him going, with a dead computer?

Melanie: if Morlog cannot do it, can another person use the equipment, can another person do it?

Jonathan: Morlog lost his place to sleep. Now we need to provide a place for him to sleep.

Kevin: we have reached our time limit. Names the 3 options… Do we want to extend? No Do we want to table this to a working group? No Do we want to come to a consensus? No By default it is now tabled.

Yellow: Hey this is important. We depend on the live stream. Breton: Morlog needs to be here if we are deciding these things.

Jaime: I am on the live stream team, and we are waiting on the packs(live stream kits). We may get the packs and discover we didn’t need to spend the money.

Phoebe: I think we should only give funds when we need it.

Anton: The only way we can sure if the amendments are ok is if the proposer accepts them.

Kevin: OK we have 3 choices here… Do we want to continue this discussion? No Do we want to table it? YES Do we want to take consensus? NO

Kristian: You can still encourage a working group. That’s a good idea.

Kevin: This proposal is tabled by default.

Anton: This was discussed previously. The request is being made on behalf the legal team. Concerns the freedom of information act. There is information that can only be accessed except by accessing through the freedom of information act. A request was made on our behalf. This is beneficial to legal, media, ect… Any documentation memo, alerts, analysis, intelligence gathering techniques, that pertains to… austin regional intelligence center. The time frame is between September 1st and October 31st. The fee associated with gathering this data is $1490.10 the proposal is that we spend this money on this information.

Kristian: How will you be using this information to your advantage?

Anton: Primary purpose is it would benefit the legal team, many people are saying that it would be beneficial. Reporters says it would work in our advantage as well.


Geo: How much money do we have?

Anton: we have a little over a 1,000 in cash. We need to pass this tonight.

Kevin: we can create a sub stack We’re gonna break for that.

Assembly called back to order:

Anton’s Proposal:

Pro/Con Stack

POI: Phoebe – they are obtaining the information directly. However some information will be redacted. Dace – anything that is part of an ongoing information will be redacted. TCRP has filed a FOIA request. This is the easiest, most direct way to get the information Yatzel – There are other avenues to pursue this information – they are more indirect. My concern is that the last group of people that were arrested – their were questions about whether or not we had the money to get people out of jail. I am not in favor of this amount of money being put towards this at this point. We should instead focus on putting the information from the lawyers. Rowan: I’m Pro – the national lawyers guild has filed FOIA requests for OWS. This information will be very helpful to that group. They are asking Occupies to gather this information. FOIA is an important right and we should take this opportunity to do so. Dean: I think that the violation of our personal privacy. I am not opposed to it if it goes through a lawyer. He has three counts of police assault. Possibly a friendly amendment so that all involved will have access to their information to ensure confidentiality. Chuck: I support this. I think this an excellent idea. It is work spending this amount of money. My concern is that we’ll spend all this money and then they’ll tell us that they have no idea we exist.

Heather: How much money do we have? POI: 6,500 Clarifying; who is actually making the request. Gabe Bigger. I will go down with him and have the disc immediately.

???: How will the information be received? Electronically or on paper? Will we all have access? That would be interesting to see what the information is.

Anton: The information will be made available on DVD. That is part of the basis for the fee. That DVD or DVD’s will be made available for download on the website for everybody.

We don’t have a large amount of available funds. The funds will be available this week. It is only 20%. There are no other indirect ways to get this information. The lawyers are making requests – but we will not have access to that information. There is no way for us to get this information except this request.

I think this movement is bigger than me – in relation to the confidentiality. Anyone here can make a request about anyone else. Just b/c we’re making this request doesn’t mean they

FOIA cannot charge us money and give us nothing. The fee is based on how much they have for us. They would not be charging us 1,400 and not be giving us anything. There is information to be gained.

Kevin: Anymore concerns?

POI: Rowan – FBI denied they had any information in OWS – we are actually not requesting information from the FBI but only Austin City.

I am sure that it would be very possible to edit the information once it’s available to us. Joe: All of this is public information that will be made public in 7 years anyway. It will be worthless to us in 7 years – but from a confidentiality perspective it’s kind of a non-issue, in my opinion.

Kevin : more POI’s? (none) concerns that have not yet been identified and/or expressed. Concerns will be listed and then written on white board.

Yatzel: Friendly amendment – make sure that those who do not want to be included that their information is redacted before it is made public. I would like to focus our energies on challenging that they can charge us for the information since it is our right. ?:??: In some cases I know that they’ve allowed people to go in and do their own copies to defray costs – I wonder if this has been pursued at all. Dean: you’re talking about anyone getting access and posting the information? But I’m talking specifically Occupy Austin on the Occupy site. If i know that people are going to go into my legal history I never would have joined. People with past arrests – by putting that on the website would deter others with a record from joining.

Anton: The fees are nonnegotiable and unwavering. They have been determined by the legislature. Everyone will have to pay.

If an individual has been informing on us to the police – would that be included ?

It should be but if it is part of an ongoing criminal investigation than it might not be.

Friendly Amendments: Yatzel – Given that we have 6,500 – I would like to amend the proposal – that some of the money come from other sources.

Friendly Amendment: ??? – Make the request and then distribute the information in person and then give anyone who does not want their information on the website even if they do not want a chance to say so.

Anton – he does not accept either of the friendly amendments.

Temp check: List any new concerns – extend conversation – 2nd option – come to consensus.

Concern: you proposed this on Thursday and have not yet tried for more outside funding. I would like

Friendly Amendment: we will pay it first and then request the money back from OWS.

Dean: POI – we should vote on whether on the information Kevin – POP we do not vote – but we cannot vote on something.

Kevin – it looks like we have a block –

Dean – We do not want our criminal records on our website. I do not want my criminal record on the Occupy website. Phoebe – 23% or our funds. It is not unreasonable that they give us money. This Kevin : we have 90% This proposal has passed.

Jamie: We will go carol just south of the tree there are some empty parking lots. This will take place directly following the assembly.

Claire: there ave been many battles for America for rights on American soil but never in our lifetime or our parents lifetime have we as a unified people been so openly unilaterally oppressed by our government that is supposed to work for us. We can see complacency and denial everywhere. Everywhere among us. There are people who are part of the 99% there is one strand that runs clearly through every shameful government act no matter the time in history and that is people Tha tis part of het basis for hte fee.said and did nothing. Well too many people died and their liberty was stripped form them. As Thomas Paine put so well : “what we obtain too cheaply we accede too lightly. It is in dearness only that gives everything it’s value:” I’m taking about our rights – what our future will like what we make it. We are the 99%. We will make this a nation that cares for all the people!

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