General Assembly – January 16, 2012

Facilitation team:

  • Moderators: Bishop & Spencer
  • Stack & Time: Spencer
  • Notes: Amanda
  • Introduction of GA – Hand signals, core values, step up step back.




  •  comedy benefit at hole in the wall Sunday, Jan 29th. Next Monday there will be an aisd meeting and we would like to get some kind of demonstration together. meeting tomorrow at 6.

Kenneth – has posters for Standup Comedy Benefit


  • Occuqueers  group, group for queer people and straight allies
  • Last night at 560 Manor met with Third coast activists
  • February 12th, want info tents for “poverty themed meeting” for organizations that are trying to fight poverty. At 560 Manor. Maybe bring concrete defined actions instead of just inviting to GA.


  • Seeking group of people to talk about Monsanto. Whole Foods has caved in and one of the head people of Monsanto has been put on head of agriculture department (?). Monisanto controls 80% of corn and 90% of soy products. Known for suing people.
  • Looking for a date to picket outside of Whole Foods
  • Meet after GA to discuss what action items we can do
  • Contact info:
    • Find Kris Krass on Facebook
    • Or meet after GA


  • Putting together a silent demonstration
    • On agenda at OATS meeting
    • On 29th during the day (Sunday) on the bike trail. People will be holding signs silently as a silent protest. People will run by and read the signs and form their own opinion.
  • POI: Silhouettes of houses that have been foreclosed homes with facts.
  • Contact:


  • Homeless initiative going well, had meeting at Angel House. See Bethany for more information
  • Spoke with Jim… about Anarchy Wrestling. Owner/promoter is down for doing a show for Occupy including their talents and WWE talents.
  • CQ: Can Occupiers wrestle with them? A: NOPE. J
  • CQ: When is End Homelessness group? A: At Angel House at 11:30 on Sundays



Report Backs:

 Duffy: – Guerilla Gardeners reportback:

  • OATS at Domican Joe’s after GA
  • Guerrilla Gardeners have three gardens around the city now. Tomorrow’s guerilla gardening is cancelled.

Amanda – Tree Planting Reportback

  • Tree planting was really successful , planted 600 saplings at Zilker

Bishop – IT Team report back

  • Waiting for a person to come back to town to fix the Freedom Tower
  • Solar powered generator at the welcome tent
  • Working on aerial surveillance cameras
  • Online servers to get PR releases out
  • A lot of people involved, but don’t come out to City Hall. All are very committed to the same goals and mission and are clearly providing things that we need out here.
  • Austin Java 12-5pm on Saturday an IT meeting. Inviting EVERYONE to come. Looking for “techy, hackerish” people for the “nerd-a-thon”
  • POI: Other occupies are starting to develop other aerial cameras to survey actions, meetings.
  • CQ: Is there another time to meet?
    • Usually meet on Wednesday or Tuesday nights and plan on starting those meetings up again.
    • Mailing list and any other information
    • Go to wiki and join the mailing list.
    • CQ: Will you send infoscribes list of upcoming meetings?
      • Yes

Brian – Food report back

  • Got good donations this weekend.
  • Any donations or raw materials can go to any Planet K location
  • Prepared foods, nonperishables, and water should come straight to City Hall
  • Starting a working group with different people who can help find transportation, kitchens, etc. Would like to get more than one hot meal a day out to City Hall.

Kit O’Connell – Twitter Report back & NDC

  • As of right now we have 7,539 followers, continuing to increase
  • We were very helpful in helping Occupy San Diego people that were stranded in Amarillo
  • About 10 OAers in DC for tomorrow’s OWS 4 month anniversary
    • They lost some supplies off the week
    • Will be live tweeting from DC
  • Solidarity action tomorrow- asking people to meet tomorrow at 6:00 at the capitol for a solidarity event to show we are occupying the capitol at the same time they are occupying the nation’s capitol

Michelle – Infoscribes report back

  • Started a newsletter that’s separate from the media newsletter. Simply a text-only email to post on facebook, etc for events, dates and actions. Trying to stay on top to be sure every date is clear. New groups being formed so trying to keep people informed.
  • If you’d like a personal email of weekly events sent to you, email

Maryann – Occupy SXSW

  • Had an exciting meeting with the “Million musicians march for peace” and they want to have the march for US! Haven’t officially yet consented to partner with them, but will bring a proposal
  • Having very first meeting this Wednesday at 9:00pm at the Hideout on Congress.
  • Email at or Facebook GROUP at Occupy SXSW.
  • Final Saturday of SXSW is march 17th, which is St. Patrick’s Day & 6 month anniversary of OWS


Proposals – Have reached quorum and introducing proposal process

Chris Nielsen

  • Ran the former OA Basecamp – failed experiment, but still feels like they had a big hand in foundation of OA.
  • Chris has been getting a lot of emails about re-opening basecamp and are receptive to opening for specific projects, somewhat supervised. No more sleeping there.
  • Got left with gigantic amount of bills after the beginning of OA
    • Dropping off the bills to finance, not asking for help for all of it.
    • Asking for some kind of help from OA to pay the bills
    • Has bills with him
  • CQ: Where is it located?
    • 5011 E Cesar Chavez
  • CQ: What is the total?
    • Close to $4,000
  • CQ: Is your proposal about opening basecamp or about help pay bills?
    • Both, but just asking for a little help to pay bills.
  • CQ: What are the bills for?
    • Water bill, from people showering and washing clothes, $1,200. Usually like $80.
  • CQ: Are you proposing that we help with bills and re-opening for a work space?
    • If you have direct project, yes. I still do work with occupy, but don’t come to GA.
  • CQ: Can we split them into two?
    • Yes, let’s do proposal first.
  • CQ: Where do you think the money is going to come from for bills?
    • “I know it can’t all come from me.” – Bills were the same until Occupy. Not including stuff that went missing or got damaged, he’s taking responsibility about that.
    • Will be calling Lauren about the Wepay
  • POI: Closing of basecamp put a big damper on this occupation – the Money isn’t there
    • “Broke my heart to do it”
  • CQ: If someone had a project to use basecamp how do they get in touch with you?
    • Find on facebook
  • POI: Basecamp gave 600-800 meals a day. No one from finance called Jim (owner of basecamp). Ask finance to give
  • CQ: How much money does OA have?
    • Wepay $2,963.29 –
    • Total is $3,307.75
  • POI: None of the original finance magnets are here.
  • CQ: Is there a deadline for the bills?
    • Has made some leeway, but sooner rather than later
    • If he gets shut off his business gets shut down
  • CQ: Can we pay in installments as money comes in? Couple hundred here, couple hundred there?
    • Yes, definitely.
  • CQ: Would you open up your records from the date you started basecamp to now?
    • Yes, all about transparency. Will provide graphs and information, the best way I can do it show the consumption graph where it’s all the same, and then October & November it skyrocketed. Not asking for help with rent, just utilities.
  • CQ: Is there anything you’d be willing to take in-lieu of money as far as work for labor of people?
    • Yes, I’m open to anything and everything. Not here to just roll up on occupy, not just asking for money, but got left high and dry in a situation with a lot of “bad blood.”
    • If we came to a percentage agreement, would you also accept help from people?
  • CQ: What do you think is a fair percentage?
    • Not sure, doesn’t really care so long as it helps.
    • You offering that space as basecamp, taking a little bit of responsibility for not knowing.
  • Opening up to discussion
    • Erich
      • Sounds like what we need is a plan. Right now we have a problem and no way to create a solution. We need to start trying to meet about this outside of the GA. Try to plan to make a plan.
      • When can we try to make that happen?
        • This needs to get done at some point. At the end of the day Austin Energy is “the man.”
    • Amanda
      • Chris opened up his business and living space! Help him out!
    • Claire
      • At the beginning people were telling him that he would get his money back. Occupy taking care of Occupy. We can pay him at least half of that.
      • Chris: not comfortable taking half –
    • Uncle G
      • In light of what he just heard, Chris talking about separation. What happens if you don’t get the money?
        • Power gets shut off, business gets shut down
        • So, you want us to pay you so you can keep your business? – Basecamp closing abandoned people with no resources at city Hall. You’re about to make us go out of business.  At this point, OA doesn’t have the money to help.
    • Kenneth
      • Suggests that we agree to give him half in installments. $2,000 in 3 to 4 months.
        • Chris: If we throw that at Austin Energy, they should be okay with that idea.
    • Katzen
      • Suggests if we did a smaller increment. 25% plus labor.
    • Kacey
      • When went out to basecamp, 40-60 people. People working 10-12 hours a day. Got people excited about being part of Occupy. If anyone wants to talk to Jim (other owner), he’d like to talk to whoever has questions.
    • Michelle
      • Question: Was it a GA decision that you would be paid back by the GA?
      • Answer: Yes
      • In that case, then we have to pay it back.
    • Steve
      • Jim Austin, Chris’s partner, worries every night about these bills. He feels let down by the way occupy treated him. Thinks 50% would be a fair amount. Has to worry everyday about the livelihood of his business
    • Kris
      • He’s not even asking for half of the amount. We did make the agreement at Satillo Plaza
      • Pay installments every few weeks. As some money comes in, pay him.
    • Duffy
      • Terribly unspecific proposal which is why everyone is proposed. Can you come up with a specific request? Can we consent to give you $250 now and then come back later with a specific?
      • Trying to get a specific proposal
      • Friendly Amendment: Show finance your bills and work with Finance and we give you $500 now?
        • Friendly amendment accepted.
    • Jessica
      • Get a group of people together, we will itemize all the bills to come up with a number. Figure out the difference between the normal bill to the occupy bills.
    • Rick
      • Is $4,000 the water or total?
        • Austin Energy is who would put him out of business
        • Can you figure out the minimum you need to pay to keep them off your back for a while.
        • Chris will try to get a hold of Austin Energy tomorrow to figure out the minimum he can pay to keep the business open for now.
    • Michelle:
      • “I propose that we do what someone already mentions, give $500 to keep AE off of you and then bring a clearer number to us later” – We can’t fight over if we are going to pay cause GA consented before-hand that we would.
      • Friendly amendment/proposal accepted by Chris
      • CQ: Did you say you can go tomorrow to get some kind of bill from AE?
        • A: Claire has all the bills
        • CQ: How long has basecamp been closed?
          • Since the 3rd week of November?
          • CQ: So it’s been closed for almost two months? Are you asking for bills up until this point?
            • No!! Just for the month-2 months that occupy was there?
            • Friendly amendment/proposal accepted by GA

Opening up to Friendly Amendments

  • CQ: What d you mean by “Paying the difference”
    • He wouldn’t want occupy to pay what he was paying in bills before

Consensus to move for consensus


  • Just before you consent, think about who you’re giving money to, this person has had bad behavior, etc.\
  • We can give $400 right now, $500 is not physically available because they can’t access the WePay
  • Chris can call up Laruen who ahs WePay account to talk about paying bills.
  • $400 will wipe out everything, WePay is stand-still until we get a non-profit and have money to balance it out.

Proposal with friendly amendment:

  • We will give $500 tonight with the intent that he will meet with more people to determine installments, etc.
  • POI: Only $400 available in liquid
  • Friendly amendment to give $400 then.
  • New proposal: We give $400 tonight with the intent that he will meet with more people to determine installments, etc.
  • POI: Having benefit on the 29th, opportunities for getting more $
  • Anymore concerns?

Final Proposal:

  • Give $400 to Chris now and then he will meet with others to come up with ideas for installments



  • Proposal: Move all GA’s back to City Hall.
  • CQ?
  • Concerns:
    • How are we going to maintain any presence at Captiol at all?
      • Anyone can go to the capitol if they want. She’s suggesting that Gas are held at City Hall
      • POI: Having solidarity event there tomorrow
  • Extend discussion?
  • Ready to come to consenses
  • Any unheard concerns?
  • Call for Consensus
    • Final Proposal: Move all GAs back to City Hall.

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