General Assembly Minutes–1/18/12

Facilitation Team

  • Co-Moderators: Joe C and Jim
  • Stack: Bishop
  • Time: Chuck
  • Minutes: Brian H

Beginning 7:20 pm

Explanation of Core Values, hand signals



Michelle M: Infoscribes–Contact for issues /workgroups of interest; today is SOPA Blackout Day in protest of SOPA initiative.┬áNDAA action day February 3 at noon ( silent protest 11th and Congress ), rally at 6:30 at Capitol for candlelight vigil march

Maryann: Occupy SXSW meeting at Austin Java @ 9 pm; facilitation teach-in Sunday at 7:30 pm at City Hall; Media workgroup needs help, was not able to get latest issue of newsletter out

Chuck: End Homelessness workgroup at 11:30 am Sunday at Angel House to discuss action on Feb 4 and women’s shelter; Call to Action from Occupy Portland for Feb 29

Amanda: Stand Up For Occupy benefit at Hole In the Wall on Jan 29, suggested $5 donation; Occupy AISD group consented on Mission Statement ( read aloud ), board meeting on Monday to vote on how to spend 2008 bond money; another AISD meeting on Jan 30.

Joe C: Has posters and handbills for Stand Up For Occupy; OA website was transferred to new, cheaper server; Management and delegation class announcement

Megan: Feb 2 public hearing re: Austin Energy rate increases



Ryan: End Corporate Personhood meetings every Thursday at 3, City Hall mezzanine; Occupy the Courts action on Jan 20 at Federal Court on 8th St, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (solidarity with Move To Amend)

Brian H: Kitchens, cooks and donations for Food group

Azzurra: Bank Action on Saturday, meet at City Hall plaza at 11:30 am



Quorum present for proposal


Proposal–Amanda–Cancel GA meeting on Jan 30 to endorse and attend action against AISD re: IDEA initiative

Proposal passed


Discussion Topic

Dave C: Costs to city and incidents make it likely that City Council wants to shut down City Hall occupation.

Chicago: Lifting the camping ban would be good initiative to leave steps

Amanda: We don’t have to accept any deal offered by City Hall. Lift camping ban, break ties with B of A, end corporate personhood

Maryann: City needs to address issues of homelessness

James O: Spoke with Jason Alexander, who was receptive to lifting camping ban. There are many silent supporters who may not be aware of all issues OA has grievance with

Daniel: Make sure any concessions offered by City Council are worth the effort

Cedric: Address City Council, get demands and solutions in contract form

Justin: OA needs to show structure and pattern after Occupations in other cities. Lead by example.

Dawnielle: City Council may not keep their end of bargain. How much leverage will we have on national issues?

Dorothy: Social services are a band-aid to the real problems. OA has made City Hall our space.

Bethany: Leaving would be a cop-out. 24/7 Occupiers would have nowhere to go if OA is evicted.

Chuck: Local and national issue are equally important to OA; that City Council wants to make an offer or concession shows that OA is successful in proving the success of “people power”

Charles: Nothing wrong with structured representation within OA

Azzurra: City Hall banking with B of A ( $4 billion annually ) is an issue of prime importance

Dave C: City Council has authority over City manager’s office. OA has leverage with City Council that other groups have not been able to create.

Maryann: We need a space OA can “Occupy” if we leave City Hall

Pops: “I hope we don’t sell out for cash.” Caseworkers who were sent out by City Council were sent as a gesture but he feels they cannot help.

James O: We need to attend meetings and address needs and demands.

Joe C: We needs actionable proposals.

Pops: We need SOLUTIONS.


Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm

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