General Assembly Minutes 1/2/12 @ City Hall

Facilitators: Maryann and Spencer

Stack: Tara

Minutes: Brian H

Time: Bishop

Explanation of hand signals and General Assembly process and principles. Per Pops’ request, Spencer is stepping back and Joe C is stepping up as co-facilitator.



Claire: Bank Action –March intended to double amount of money moved to credit unions. Tentative date is Jan 21.

Brahe ( sp? ) and Dave: Starting political radio program weekly Wed 1-3 pm on KAOS. Currently internet based. Website

Michelle: Looking for teach-ins and skillshares, contact InfoScribes. AALF meeting Tues 9 pm at Austin Java.

Duffy: Strategies meeting at Dominican Joe’s after GA.

Amanda: Tree planting event Jan 14 at Zilker Park, 9 am. Need 50 volunteers. Stand Up For Occupy event at Hole In The Wall Jan 29, suggested $5 donation at door/ Stepping back as contact for benefit shows. Emo’s East willing to host a show

Jonathon: 75 years ago Jan 1, Michigan autoworkers occupied factory for three months, formed UAW. This is a precedent for current actions.

Kenneth: Issue 7 of newsletter is out

Virginia: Reporting costs of actions taken against Occupy movement. Advises we tally cost of services we provide.

Jamie: Three Month Anniversary Jan 6 and 7. Awards ceremony, video montage, acoustic music acts needed. Decentralized Dance Party on Jan 7 will be announced. Locations to be announced for actions.



Ronnie: Interocc general assembly, needing helping for action and facilitation. Occupy Texas holding conference calls every Thursday at 9. Info at for upcoming conference calls. Need to register.

Claire: Finance—donor gave $50

Duffy: Guerilla gardening at two locations for info

Azzurra: Bank Action 10 am Travis County courthouse to protest foreclosures, 11th and San Antonio

Kit: Twitter account has over 7000 followers, good online response and retweets, arranging teach-ins


Proposals ( intro of hand signals used during proposal portion of GA  and explanation of consensus process)

Jonathon C: Traditional annual march on Jan 16 for MLK b’day. Asking for OA numbers to represent or  plan OA march.

Bishop: Stepped back and gave inspirational speech. We are in the New World! We are home!


Late announcement: Miley: grad student from Netherlands conducting study re: student loans and path of students after school )


Special Announcement re: the future of OA. Invitation for discussion about recent issues of contention.

Brithe: Lots of tension. No one person speaks for the whole. Occupy Everything! Setting up camp further downtown. “I’m learning as well.”

Claire: We don’t have to like each other to work together. Our purpose is meaningful. We have been doing something, and we can if we work together.

Peaches: Homeless Advocate for over 20 years. Shortage of women’s shelters in Austin. Can create unity. Advocates a tent city.

Kenneth: Advises any FB group should remain either open or closed.

Jordan: Dicensus. Disagreements can be harnessed while maintaining cooperation and mutual respect.

Natalie: Remember what we felt on October 6! Harness that energy to progress. Love each other. This is Phase 2. Tent city, eating well, changes will come.

Sterling: We all have common purpose. Has an idea regarding building a biodome or “monkey hut”. ( Portland as a precedent. ) Can we get city gov’t to support us?

Ronnie: Understand differences to move forward. Have discussions informally. Need more local outreach. Solidarity statements?

Kit: We need to grow beyond City Hall but not abandon it. Need to step up communication. Liaisons between different factions of local Occupy.

Caroline: Would like to see more efforts to include supporters who often cannot be a physical presence.  Sees city has been using psychological tactics to split OA.

Pops: Sees everyone is concerned about issues at City Hall. Would like to see most important GA on Sundays. Would like to see more transparency and accountability. Admits there is a “violent” nature to 24/7 occupation at City Hall.

James: OA as a large networking session. Would like to see decentralization of power/influence. Inverse hierarchy.

Michelle: Too many generalizations between disparate groups. This is one of the most diverse movements in history. GA consensus not perfect but better than establishment. If you say you’re going to do something, do it!

Duffy: Wants to see inspiration, because we have been inspired!

Amanda: Feels like she has a family here in Austin. Don’t assume people do not want to talk to us. Would like to see more protests of gov’t.

John S:  We have more supporters than we think we do.

Jonathon: We need to continue getting the message out, including everybody!

Bethany: Need more cultural awareness in OA. More teach-ins, more workgroups. Talk to each other. Bust stereotypes!


Consensus options to break into workgroups fort 15 minutes and come back for discussion; or have separate discussions and report back at next GA or informational assembly. Consensus reached to return at next informational assembly.


Quick announcement: Cedric says city hall restrooms have been painted over, need  more paint.


Adjourned 9 pm.

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