QA 12/12

[Committee Reportbacks]

Michael – Asessment group.  Proposal for policy regarding facebook admin issues.
MaryAnn – Newsletters out today
Tony – DC Team – hit 8 different occupations, got lots of info, participated in a blockade of K street, shut down for 6 hours.  Met with Sen K Hutchinson.  First National GA.  46 states represented.

Bethany – Womens group meeting tonight.  City Hall.  First part will be women only after 45min to 1hr men

Heather – Natl Def Authorization Act.  Thursday national action.  Meet at courthouse.  Tape our mouths shut.  Encouraging people to write letters to reps.

Waterloo Records selling occupy buttons at cost.

Sterling – 24/7 occupiers had no room.  Close quarters cause tension.  Plans to go to the city to create earth bag houses.  If you are interested contact Sterling.

Yoshi – Tents, each occupy is personal to the community.  The Challenger paper.  Should OA create jobs?  Challenger is looking for people to distribute papers and pay them.

Frog – Going to get information on places to squat or acquire from the city.  Where people can stay 24/7 and be safe and secure.  

John – There is no non-violent civil disobedience without a written plan of action being formed.

Robby – $1000 for bail bonds for people arrested in houston [passed]

James – At this thursday city council meeting.  We hold GA at thursday inside city hall lobby.[tabled]

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