John: Wants to put livestream back up on the occupy website. Ustream a bit limited. livestream offers
deaf transcription.

Brian: Not available to blind, which goes against principles. People have other streams that they
want to put up there.

Yatzel: Can we do both?

John: Livestream is used for occupystream

Jim: Connectivity issues with youstream. They get timed out and miss chat interface.

Point of process: this is a proposal, not announcement

Brian: Anton stepped down from legal, web teams.

Nate: Houston wants to send copys of the Occupy Wall Street Journal. Give us 10,000 copies. We just
need to get them and bring them back. 512-565-4494

Michelle (infoscribes): Anton stepped down from web as well. Taxi cab protest tomorrow. Slashing
wages for drivers. 8:30 – 11:30 AM. Looking for Curtis if anyone knows him, contact Michelle. Need

Justin: Group staying in Chicago harassing local businesses. Correction, that’s in Austin. Chicago is the
name of the occupier. Ice cream shop by the discovery place.

?: Establishing land to build an eco villiage. Meeting with guy about land this week. Wants a group to
lay out plans.

Stewart: Lot less people here. Be careful telling people they should not do something they want to do.
Bring them in. Wants input on the Facebook thing.

Michelle: 3 FB admins, now

Stewart: Wants to put up FOIA requests or open records request so that it can be evaluated and used.

Jessica: White House announced they are not going to veto national defense authorization act. Action

Qustion: What time is march? Will be announced later.

POI: Technically, enough senators voted that a veto could be overturned.

POI: Doesn’t it have to go through May session? Yes, it did last May.

Question: Has it been signed? No, but it will soon.

Michelle: Protest at 8AM tomorrow at Republic Park. Silent protest against NDAA. 4: Marching
to another location. bring duct tape.

Brian: Reading statement from lawyers from Support Occupy.

Support Occupy’s response: Send messages to them about infractions. Said they had support
from members, but not Occupy.

Support Occupy: No vote to create those two entities, and told that others can create it with
solidarity with Occupy.

Support Occupy: Created and not paying any members. They are a non-profit, but seems to be
set up to profit certain members.

Support Occupy: Philisophical difference, but questions to Peter Morales were directed to his
lawyer. GA only had info from Cesar.

Support Occupy: Will post in public places, FB, Twitter etc. From Brian J Oberman

question: not accountable to ga. what is the difference?

POI: Peter was here last GA and did not mention occupy austin 2.0 FB page.

Amanda: This was brought to GA and has come to all occupies so that they can help across the
country, not to coopt us.

Friday under Zilker tree, more occupy carols. Carols starting at 8 after info assembly this Friday.

There is a teachin on twitter from 6 till 7 on Friday

Info assembly is at 7 on Friday, should we reschedule it?

Sunday the 18th is the first barter market. It is at fire tower so bands can participate. Bring goods,
services, etc to share. 1PM – 6PM. Search for OA Barter Market to find Facebook page to see stuff being

Bethany: Had tent city in Paducah, were evicted, but there is not a lot of shelters for homeless. Sign
petition at occupypaducah

Dave: Meetings Sat at 11AM, Tuesday at 8PM for Bank Action. Looking for eviction defense candidates
and outreach.

Houston port action cost port $7M, CEO resigned. Occupy Oakland reoccupied their port in support.
Arrested in direct action on Port of Houston. Thank you all for your support! People in lock boxes do not

want Yatzel investigated. We do not sell out our own!

Question: Why did CEO resign? Already had corruption charges.

Robbie: working group at 5:30 tomorrow to go over tactics used at port of Houston. Some have serious
issues with the actions. We are turning more people away by these actions. We are for the 99%, not the
1% radical. Need to build, not destroy.

Steve: Was there when terminal was shut down. Shifts were cancelled. Goldman Sachs owned one
terminal that we shut down!

Chuck: Wants to organize homeless direct actions as well as sweatshop workers and the disabled.

Point of info: Already have a direct action committee as well as homeless issues.


Joe: Violent posts will be deleted or hidden from the FB page since nonviolence is a core principle. This
guideline will be posted on the page and followed by admins.

Question: What constitutes violence? Only threats against people?

Joe: This just applies to physical violence against a person or group of people.

Question: Why not just leave it up to moderators? Joe: Some trust will be needed, but these are
basic guidelines.

Amendment: Should take a screenshot for full transparency. Joe: Should just hide it, not delete
it so we can always refer back to it.

Question: Saving it would be good to refer them to police about criminal action.

Question: What does hiding mean? Joe: Text is there, just only visible to admins and not public.

Amendment (Brian): This is from one working group about another. Groups should have say in
how they are run.

Joe: Already discussed with all admins already. Need guidelines for what is acceptable to be

Friendly amendment: need to make hiding more transparent, since only 3 people can see
hidden posts.

Joe: We will have a way to archive the hidden posts and send it out to everyone. Guidelines
directly on FB page.

Concern: need better way of letting people know posts are not ok. Just FB message not enough.

Amanda: posts can be reported to FB and will be hidden if more than 2 people report it.

Joe other occupies remove violent posts and moderate in some way.

Concern: Portland has issues with censorship, don’t use them as model.

Joe: Only applies to violence against people. Corporations are not people.

General assembly consents to new FB guidelines which will be posted on the FB page.

Joe: Safe space policy for forums and FB page. Same as our face to face safe space policy. Comments
violating policy will be removed.

Joe: Policy will be posted on the forum and FB page just like the non-violence policy.

Joe: They can say whatever they want on their own site. It is our site and we want it to be a safe

Claire: Concern about censorship. Why not be able to say “F*** you Carl!”?

Brian: Accusations might be seen as personal attack and hidden. Joe: Have to leave it to the
judgement of our elected admins.

Joe: Amended to have community hide posts instead of admins. Admins can show the posts
after they have been hidden on FB.

Safe space policy is tabled, failing consensus.

Amanda: Go to AISD HQ this Monday the 19th at 7PM to protest the adoption of IDEA Charter Schools.

Amanda: Charter schools need not adhere to rules like free public education to students with

Amanda: AISD has been trying to open an IDEA charter school. Another vote on Monday. Wants
endorsement of OA for this protest on Monday.

Amanda: CEO of IDEA has no teaching experience except Teach for America. Got a $239,000
salary last year.

america teachers. English language learners and special needs would be sent to other schools.
His pay would increase.

Amanda: IDEA is a corporation and will act as one. 44 e-mails leaked talking about never giving
teachers chance to move up, only teach for

Amanda: Teaching to test. Looking at product, not process. We should look at how the kids
learn, not how they do on tests.

Information: AISD meeting starts at 7PM, protest likely at 6PM.

GA consents to endorse protest on Monday against IDEA charter schools.

Amanda: Move GA on Monday to Tuesday to support the protest.

Amendment: Move GA to AISD headquarters instead. Amanda: Only if it is before or after
meeting, since we should focus on IDEA.

Question: How many non-occupiers were there? About 300 from Eastside community, unions,
international socialist organization.

Amanda: Informational GA on Tuesday will now be a normal GA at city hall.

Concern: Moving GA will cause confusion as to the dates of the GA.

Concern: Transport to AISD. Amanda: It is on 6th at Lamar, close enough to walk.

Michelle: Just cancel GA instead of moving it? That will alleviate confusion. Amanda: Fine with
canceling or moving with consent of GA.

POI: Address is 1111 W 6th St. for AISD headquarters. There is also not enough space inside for
everyone. Would be outside.

Proposal to cancel GA on Monday night and go to AISD in solidarity with eastside consented to.

Michelle: Tomorrow morning Austin Cab Company, Longhorn and Yellow Cab are protesting about wage
cuts. 8:30AM at Capitol, we should support it and add it to the calendar.

GA consents to support cab protest and add it to calendar. Fastest proposal ever!

Proposal (Kenneth): Add media team member to FB admin list to post press releases and whatnot.
Wendy is the proposed member

Previous admin wants to be made admin again. Amendment not accepted, should be a
different proposal.

GA consents to adding one media team member to FB admin list.

Christian: Tenet should be that occupy is not authoritative and has no right to dictate people’s right to
free expression. Individuals must face consequences and answer to themselves. Occupy should never
condemn or denounce anyone. Occupy can only express core principles and disassociate people, not
control them. Occupy upholds the freedom and liberty of each person. Occupy cannot limit expression
or protest of others.

This proposal is long and will be posted online.

Question: Example of this? Christian: Houston. People didn’t agree with those actions. GA was
used to dictate what individuals should do.

Proposal was tabled. Full text will be posted on Occupy forums.

Proposal: Replace ustream with livestream on website.

point of process: no proposal needed.

Proposal is withdrawn since it is not needed.

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