7:20 pm Meeting is called to order.

Robbie moderating

Maryann co-facilitaror

Chuck minutes

Joe stack

Tera timekeeper

Robbie going over hand signals.

Maryann going over core values, and principles. 


NATE:  Delivering Occupy Wall Street Journal.  10,000 copies.

MICHELLE:  AALF had its second official meeting last night.  Plans in the works for stuff coming up in new year.  Next meeting is tomorrow night at Austin Java at [minutes taker missed time].  New Year’s day we have movie night (“Exit through the Gift Shop”).  It’s at a private residence so see Michelle for details.  Also, AALF is getting ready for OA birthday on January 6.

JOE:  Facilitator training every week on Sundays, and also come see him if you want to be facilitator; we need more!

KIT:  We have recruited some people for Twitter already, but we need more.  You don’t have to be an official member of the team, you can just be a citizen journalist.  See Kit for more details.  7,150 people subscribed to the OA Twitter account.

AZZURRA:  Planning bank action rally and teach-in for Saturday, January 21.  This time these will be more fun and lighthearted.  Some comedy.  We have moved more than $600,000 to credit unions!  See her or Dave Cortez for more details. 


MARYANN:  Reminding us that at the last GA we passed a proposal to require a quorum of 30 people in order to pass a proposal.  She notes that we have a quorum present.  Going over the proposal-related hand signals.

Proposal 1:  MICHELLE:  There are currently 4 FB admins.  We need another person because I am overwhelmed and not everyone is able to post events.  Media is not posting events b/c their rep is not in town right now.  I propose we bring in Jamie Leigh to be a fifth member of the FB Admin team.

POI:  KIT:  Jamie was on before, so we are just bringing her back on.

Temp check:  Group wants to come to consensus.  No blocks.  Consensus achieved, nearly unanimous. 


Agenda Item 1:  AZZURRA:  The reason why corporations came into being is to address how liability is shared.  Azzurra reminds us that during the Houston port action, the lock box materials were purchased with GA-approved funds.  It is possible that the person who approved those funds could be liable.  Azzurra urges us to become familiar with how non-profits work.  She also notes that we spent money on a FOIA request with the idea that we would ask OWS for re-imbursement.  But we don’t have any bank account or way to accept those funds if we got them.

Maryann opens stack to speak on this.

CQ:  BETHANY:  What have other Occupy groups done?

AZZURRA:  Other Occupies are doing similar things.

JORDAN:  I’m familiar with Occupy San Diego in setting up a non-profit.

[minutes taker missed something]

AZZURRA:  Says that organization only wants to deal with 100k or more.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER:  Will we have to enact a board of directors.

AZZURRA:  Let’s do what Occupy Denver did and nominate a dog as our leader.

MICHELLE:  Lots of other Occupies have created fake boards.

POPS:  We gotta have money to do this.  We should fall back and have some festivals to generate money.

KIT:  CQ:  Anyone from finance here tonight?

AZZURRA:  I’m on track to becoming a member but need to go to one more meeting.

JACKI:  [missed what she said]

MICHELLE:  We went with Rowan and Brian to take money out of our previous account and went to UFCU to cash the money.  Now Rowan has what’s left of the liquid funds.

JOE:  I have set up 3 corporations, and the board of directors is a pretty serious task, and we are having trouble keeping a finance committee together.  In Texas it’s easy and only costs $400, but with non-profits it gets more complicated.  If we can’t sustain a finance committee I would worry whether we cuold keep a board running.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER:  We need some sort of non-profit.  This is a serious issue and we need to talk about this.  But I am not well-versed in this.

Temp check:  not enough people want to continue talking about this, so we are tabling it.  (About half of the group sparkled.)

KAT:  Can’t we keep talking about this since we have no other agenda items tonight?

MARYANN:  The GA has not consensed, so we can talk about it afterwards.

KAT:  Wants to add an agenda item.  She appears to want to continue to talk about this.

JOE:  Suggests she join finance committee.

KAT: Notes that it is difficult to commit to groups because of time constraints.  She gives examples.

MARYANN:  Do we want to talk about this now?  General organization issues?

Group generally sparkles.  Joe will open a stack to discuss this.

KIT:  Notes that almost all committees publish their contact info and so people can contact them to figure out when/where to get involved.

TURTLE:  I LIVE down there.  Anytime you want to talk, we can talk.

KAT:  says she’s been down there but people don’t have the information she needs.

SPEAKER:  We just got a brand new tent down there, where is everyone to help us?

KAT:  We all have to be on the same page with scheduling.

RONNIE:  If there is a specific WG you want to get involved with, I can help you with that.  Groups generally have a google group or a wiki, and I am glad to help.

KAT:  My concern is that most of those meetings are not happening.  I suggested having a suggestion box.

MICHELLE:  This has to do with the infoscribes.  But I can’t go to every group and demand information from you guys.  Please step up and get me information.  Even though we have other infoscribes, we need more.  The key issue is that we need people to commit to things.  I get a lot of flack because I am visible as the inforscribes, but if I get something wrong, then I get a lot of emails saying “That’s wrong.”  But she does not get the emails with the information ahead of time.  Please step it up.  The google groups are not emails, please have a real email for people to contact you through.  Or at the very least a number to text.  I’m not so concerneed about meetings overlapping; when we have a lot of events that is what is going to happen.  I would clone myself if I could, but I can’t.  I need to know the events in advance so that I can pass that information along.  And please help infoscribes.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER:  I honestly agree with everything she has to say,  and that is our weakness as a movement.  We need the ability to give out work to people who are willing to do work.  Maybe I’ll get a point of contact or an email, but if we want to get stuff done, we have to recognize that we need to expand and get more people to help.  For every group meeting we have, any and all WG’s where we have a decison to make, we also need to figure out what extra work we have, how we can delegate it, and how we can get others to join in.  If you aren’t in an WG’s, this is maybe what you can do to help.  When people show up, we need to have an at-hand ready list of things people can do.  Would that be something people could bring in as a proposal?

Temp check.  Group wants to continue talking for another 5 minutes.

ROBBIE will step out of his role to take a conference call.

JAMIE:  We need to work with the people who have CT’s at City Hall.  We need to move our GA’s back to City Hall.  I know there’s a few people who still have CT’s, but if we have our GA’s at City Hall, everybody knows we are there.  Its not good when people go there and don’t see anybody.  Secondly, we used to have  dry erase board, where is it?

POI:  UNKNOWN SPEAKER:  It got ruined.

JAMIE (CONT):  We need a new one.  And every WG needs a FB page.  So anyone could join.  If I want to be a member of every group, I should be able to.

End of stack.

KAT:  About the FB thing, not everything is updated.  I know people do their best, but individual committees do not keep on top of it.  I don’t think we shoulod rely on 4 people to network what we are doing.  I’m talking to people who don’t even know we have a website.  But I haven’t seen this many people down at city hall in a long time.  I know there was a reason, with the CT’s, but we can’t let 10 peolple determine what we can be.

POI:  JAMIE:  Some people have left OA, so we need to find out what WG’s are still active.

MICHELLE:  Sorry im talking so much, it’s because this affects the group that I work with.  We are emailing all the WG’s we are aware of, to see who is still active. Now that it’s the holiday season, people are bored and its a good time to do this again.  I need to make another round of this.  I’d like to propose some solutions.  One thing is that my group could make contact with each group 1x per week to see who is still active, and which aren’t reporting back.  The other thing is that we bring our meetings back to city hall.  Austin Java is great because they have electricity and wifi, but freedom tower is coming back and so our only excuse is cold weather.

TURTLE:  notes that its only 33 degrees tonight!

CQ:  TURTLE:  City Hall or Austin Java.

MICHELLE:  City hall.

JAMIE:  Spokes council / magnet meetings on nights we don’t have GA?

KIT:  POI:  I’m trying to get every event that we do onto Twitter.  Notes that even if you don’t have a Twitter account, yuou can still get the tweets via text message.  See him for details.

KEVIN:  I’d be more than willing to help form a spokescouncil or get a preliminary meeting of those magnets together.

AZZURRA:  Is that separate from what Michael is doing?

KEVIN:  Yes, that’s differnt.

KIT:  I would like to hear from Kat again.

KAT:  I basically put out there what I thought about it, but it seems like pelople are being cut off, and then it gets tabled.  I think the magnet idea is a great idea, because it furthers communication within.  But to table anything or to say we can pick it up next time…

KEVIN:  Asks for magents to raise hands.  Notes that we might not even know who is a magent.

KAT:  We are all leaders, so I don’t htink its a good idea to say there is one leader of a group.

POI: MULTIPLE PEOPLE:  They are not leaders.

MICHELLE:  We are going to be having an infoscribes meeting at the Hideout right after this GA.

MICHELLE (ANNOUNCEMENT):  Chris Krass called and said 9am tomorrow is his final hearing.  To support him, please dress nice, NO MIC CHECKS please. Court house, 8ths street and lavaca.

KEVIN:  Can I reportback from AISD?


KEVIN:  From Occupy’s perspective it was very successful.  It was a taste of actual camping style occupation.  The actual board meeting itself sucked.  They voted 6-3 [in the bad guys’ favor].  They had probably alread decided their vote.  BUT we also made some great connections to the east side people, and we were just there for support.  We held a place for 30 parents to speak, and they were very grateful.  It was very beautiful.  Even though IDEA is in, it was a successful event for OA. Talk to me or Amanda for more information.

TURTLE:  You did 10 tents?  When are we gonna do that at city hall?

Group wants to hear from Kat again.

KAT:  I don’t know what else to say.  I brought my concerns.  I don’t fully understand the whole GA process, I’m not gonna lie, but I respect it.  If anyone wants to have further communication on this, please contact me.

JOE:  I would be happy to have a facilitarors teach in anytime anyone wants to. 


JAMIE:  Jan 6 is our 3 month anniversary, so we are gonna have a big party at city hall, 6pm.  Revitalization of our movement.  We need to be working behind the scenes to get everything beautiful for Jan 6.  We are gonna make a video montage to play on Friday night.  Anyone who wants to play music, please bring it.  And we are looking for donations of wood so that we can do art on it.  Houston has an art gallery at their occupation.  We should have that ready for Jan 6.

LEVI:  January 4 is the first First Thursday for 2012.  It’s a very big day on South Congress.  We have yet to go down there.  I think we should go down as a group.  Bring handouts.  Bring umbrella.

JORDAN:  POI:  im with the OA debate team and I’d like to get that involved.

End of stack. 

MARYANN:  That brings our GA to conclusion.

GA adjourned at 8:40.



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