minutes 10/22  first part missed because i needed to hook up the computer

Kris Sleeman talking about his court experience. Case still undecided.
They won’t be able to ban for random things anymore.
Opinion written by the judge late next week. Appeal to 5th Circuit court. If we appeal we should organize against the city.
Pulled arrest history on Kris. Showed up today looking for him.
Judge was appointed by Bush but positive on first amendment.
She was quoted and reporter tried to take her words as her own. Only read what’s in the quotes.
Austin Cut Magazine
7150 followers on Twitter
Encourage people to get on Twitter, lots of viewership
Twitter important in Arab Spring
Talking about AISD action, doesn’t want to go through what happened
Wants magnet for group against AISD, Jessica interested, some others want to help
Starting January 4th
Dave says several groups working on AISD issues
Some teachers will be joining Occupy Austin
Brian is out of town
Guy busted a few days ago, theft arrest not our responsibility
Skill-sharing Initiative
Anyone who wishes to build a stronger bond and community
goal is to make connections between occupants with different lifestyles
complete a task with that person and get to know them
make new friends
natalie is point person for match making
compiling a list of stuff that needs to be done by infoscribes could coordinate with this group
come see her after GA
Agenda Item
I understand we are fighting against corporate personhood but we need to be a 501 C3 non profit
Anton will turn over site, liability protection
members of the board makes people uncomfortable
who represents you?
what is legal liability?
Do research on 501C3 non profits.
Stuart brings up cooperative
January 12th
March on imposters date may be wrong
Jan 14th
tree planting
occupy tampa
huge victory, could not revoke bonds
Matt from OWS says hello
Mon and Thursday at City Hall
Jan 6th 3 month anniversary
warehouse party?

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