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Claire: new finance team/account opened/keep money “until non-profit formed”/all occupy austin is in the acct / UFCU on gaudalupe. Cedrick: some in savings only for emergancies, some in savings 50/50% assumed savings/checking
Michelle: Tree planting at Zilker Park, 50 volunteers needed email /supplies provided by helping organization. On calendar and web.
Dave: finance/bank action looking for ppl wed 2-6. Help needed to crunch numbers. Tues @ 6 Austin Java.  Tues Jan 3rd monthly auction of foreclosed homes 10am at west steps of Travis county ct house .  March/ “arrest” of CEOs Jan 21st Sat.
Stephanie: occupy UT joining march and having rally before hand.  Still in planning stage. MLK Day Jan 16th.
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Report Backs
Michelle: AALF: Movie night exit thru the gift shop RSVP to Michelle.  Next mtg Tues at 9 Austin Java. Birthday party and bank action to be discussed.  Rick Perry Roast. Etc. . .
Justin: went to Houston. . .Jim Helwig wrestler turned politician. Houston Occupy failing fast and needs help. Show – bad boys of wrestling.  All proceeds to OA.
Jessica: Dimples reading official report on domestic violence charges @ OA. 2Nd degree felony charges. “. . . unacceptable to blame the survivor of domestic violence.” Occupiers get violent about statement and OA’s response – they claim they tried to help and were told to fuck off “You weren’t here”. Mic Check – take it elsewhere if you do not respect the process. Keep personal live out. Jessica has not been allowed to finish speaking. Statements on female empowerment about “letting it happen”.
Claims of hipocrisy on Dimples’s behalf.  People on steps blaming Dimples. Mic Check.  Ethan: All communities deal with this and we don’t need to interrupt each other, show respect. No name calling is appropriate.  Cedrick: instances similar. Temp check: let’s move on. Stack over. GA off the rail. Light dude with high-pitched sound going on and on and on. Discussion regarding death threat.

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