Facilitation Team

Facilitator: James/Bishop

Stack-taker: Tara/James

Notes by Lainie



Bishop recites the core values

James reviews hand signals




  • MBA Student at UTA-San Antonio
  • Is working on an assignment trying to improve Occupy
  • Magonzalez08@yahoo.com


  • Here for Justice Party
  • Alternative to Dem & Republican parties
  • Wants to get corporate money out of politics
  • Trying to get Rocky Anderson on the ballot in all 50 states
  • Mayor of SLC for 2 years
  • Gay rights/human rights/anti-war activist
  • Stopping wars and restoring civil rights
  • Committed to social, economic, and legal justice
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Voterocky.org / justicepartyusa.net


  • Feb 3, National Day of Action Against NDAA
  • 2 protests planned:
  • Noon @ 11th & Congress – Silent protest, funeral attire
  • 6 PM @ South Lawn of Statehouse – Candlelight vigil and rally
  • Law professor from UT will speak at 6 PM & other speaker in the works

Jamie suggests we call representatives to see if they will be in their offices


  • Announces Occupy Welcome Wagon Meeting Sundays from 6-7 PM
  • Occupy Loves You! Valentine’s day potluck brunch @ Zilker park feb 11, 12, or 14
  • Bring a friend!
  • Occupy getting to know you “hello my name is” cards”


  • Guerilla Gardeners duffy.contact@gmail.com
  • O.A.T.S. Meetings Mondays post-GA

Kyle: Will talk to Austin Stone Community Church regarding food & support


  • List of open mics handout
  • Million musician march March 17th
  • Wants to encourage us to occupy everywhere


  • United Communities Action Coalition
  • Goal is to move into communities
  • Bottom-up approach
  • Work with what we have to make our communities strong
  • Meeting Friday @ 5 PM @ AJ
  • Doing more with less for more!


  • People needed to do newsletter once a week
  • Talk to Maryann or email media@occupyaustin.org



Occupy Congress group (Jamie, Natalie, Dallas, James, Jordan, Levi, Corey):

  • Did outreach and guerilla newspapered along the way
  • Stopped at Occupy Little Rock & saw the Dome
  • Video of the tour to be edited and put online
  • Have a permit with the city
  • No fast food – only local grocery stores
  • Went to Walmart and almost bought stuff, but had a G.A. in the middle of the store and decided not to
  • Did not use any of the money voted on by the G.A. & returned to finance
  • Guy at tire shop fixed tire for free
  • Had a G.A. at the Washington Monument
  • Occupy 2.0 was about working within communities to provide services and find people who can offer skills
  • Networking between groups & sharing problems and solutions
  • National Actions working group: Created a list of all of the upcoming actions this year
  • Visited Lloyd Doggett’s office to find out why he voted for NDAA and invited him to speak to occupiers about why he voted for it
  • Staffers say he supports the parts of the NDAA that gave raises to veterans & supports a bill that clears up the issues about detainment of citizens
  • Visited rep from Taylor’s office and mic checked him.
  • Video available on occupy Austin facebook
  • Lots of marchingness
  • Took the steps of the supreme court! Woo!
  • Marched to the whitehouse with 1500 protesters.
  • Someone threw a smoke bomb over the fence
  • Natalie started a sitting meditation when things got tense
  • Only 4 arrests the whole weekend (partly due to “unarrests”)
  • Ray Lewis was prevented from attending the GA, but was escorted in by occupiers

Dave (Bank Action):

  • No meeting this week (tired)
  • March last week with street theater
  • Two people closed accounts at Chase
  • Arrested banksters & put them on trial & executed CP Hood
  • Since 10/6 $1,521,000 has been moved from bailed out banks to credit unions in Austin.
  • Tuesday: Texans United for Families is having an action outside of Wells Fargo on the Drag @ 5 PM
  • Discussing with city officials how to break their ties with BankOne

Maryann (Occupy SXSW):

  • Trying to get permits for performances during SXSW
  • Working with Million Musicians for peace
  • Meeting this Weds, 9 PM @ AJ or City Hall if nice
  • Contact: sxswoccupy@gmail.com
  • March on 3/17 – 6 month anniversary of OWS
  • PoI: This event is a musical/informational event designed to fit in with SXSW
  • Everyone invited to bring instruments and march in parade

Brian (Food Magnet):

  • Slight hiccup with food situation over the weekend
  • Still trying to put together a network of different kitchens to rotate meals
  • Need bowls, plates, utensils
  • Fuck you to snitches, stoolies, & provocateurs
  • Message for Chinese occupiers

Amanda (Occupy AISD):

  • National conference call regarding International Day of Action 3/1
  • Meeting tomorrow at 6 PM & after that meetings Sundays at noon @ CH or AJ
  • Just came back from the meeting regarding bonds for Idea & AISD will match bonds for schools that students who opt out of IDEA will be going to
  • GA canceled next Monday canceled to encourage people to go to AISD board meeting
  • Contact: occupyAISD@gmail.com Facebook: Occupy AISD

Kenneth (Occupy Standup): Sunday, 1/29 @ Hole in the wall Standup for Occupy fundraiser 21 & up.



Quorum present (approx. 40 people)

Bishop explains proposal process


Proposal #1 – Maryann:

  • Occupy Austin Officially partners with A Million Musician March for Peace
  • Non-partisan group
  • Have been marching for 7 years
  • Began as a protest against Iraq war
  • Still marching because we still need peace
  • They’ve already got some permits
  • They’ve already secured some musicians
  • Have a history with the city and sxsw

CQ: Is there any corporate sponsorship

No corporate sponsorship

CQ: What does partnering entail

Dual effort & joint partnership

CQ: Is this affiliated with support occupy


CQ: What is the focus of the march

That has yet to be decided – lots of options on the table

PoI: A very specific alignment with OA is that in previous years the march ends up at CH

CQ: Will the organizers be willing to use consensus process

Yes. They are here right now. “I’m sure we can work it out.”

CQ: What time will it start

Noon-3 at the capitol & marches through SXSW

CQ: Will we need to clear the steps?

“I don’t want to clear anything, but we do need to make some room, perhaps near the stage.”

CQ: Would you be willing to leave some speaking spots open for Occupy


CQ: Will this cost money

It may, but it will be very little if it does

Ready to move to consensus. No blocks!



Proposal #2 – Colin:

  • Has been researching water filtration system
  • Option 1: Biofilm – filters out pretty much everything
  • Australia  uses a larger version
  • Option 2: Charcoal filter – like a brita filter
  • Major concerns are
  • It has to rain (when it does…FREE water!)
  • Money (cheapest option is paint bucket kind of deal that will cost $70)
  • (other option is 55 gallon barrel $200)
  • (Carbon filter $260)

CQ: Did we pass something like this in a previous GA?

We did give $400 to someone else, and he skipped town ($200 for water filtration, $200 for gardening)

We also passed something like this earlier for free, but it never happened

CQ: Will this cost money?

See above

If there are concerns about Colin running off with money, he would be willing to let someone else buy the equipment and he will build it.

CQ: How are we going to get the water to filter?

Will leave buckets out wherever we’re allowed to

CQ: Have we considered water buffalo, like occupy little rock (it’s a short trailer that has a huge container that goes through a gray water filtration system)

Doesn’t know what it is

PoI: G explains how we are currently getting water

PoI: A human drinks about a gallon of water a day, and the filtration system will only supply enough water for approximately 4-8 people.

Do we want to extend?


Do we want to take consensus?


Proposal Tabled

PoI: if you bring water, pour it into the big jug so people don’t abscond with it.


Proposal #3 – Levi:

I’ve been hearing a lot of feedback from passersby, and I’d like to propose that we all take showers and get jobs!

PoI: There’s a place up the street at the Austin Recreation Center where people can take showers & it only takes 15 minutes to walk up there.



Special Topics

Dave: What are our demands from the city?

Claire: Why is the city now asking us what we want after ignoring us. We need cede nothing. We are legally protesting here. If they come, it will be to their own detriment & our benefit.

Dave clarifies: This is a discussion about what we want from the city

Thom: We want the cops to stop getting overtime to stand here and stare at us

  • If staying = Conditions that human beings need: access to water, bathrooms, power, food
  • If leaving – demands that are vital to the community.
  • “It’s inconvenient to have people constantly practicing democracy in your face. It makes them look bad.”

Esler: Necessities to live & a permanent site where we can harvest food and generate clean energy.

G: Tent cities, tent communities, something to ease the homelessness in the city. They have to know where some property is that can be used for homelessness. He’s willing to represent

Duffy: We need somewhere to go. They need to lift the camping ban and decriminalizing homelessness & let people stay in a park or at a location the city can give us

G: suggests we occupy here and expand. Occupy is an umbrella & we need to support communities

??: Sever ties with big banks, City council pass resolutions against NDAA SOPA & PIPa

Brian: We need to show the city that we don’t just want to go someplace and stop protesting, but that we need a base of operations.

OccupyUSA: Why can’t we just lease a piece of land or whatever. Why not?

??: This sounds like we are saying round us up and put us on a reservation

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