Minutes for Occupy Austin General Assembly, January 25, 2012

Meeting began at 7:15pm at City Hall.

Facilitation Team:

  • Co-Moderators: Bishop and Dallas
  • Stack: Maryann
  • Minutes: Chuck

New members are greeted.

Facilitation going over core values: non-violent, nonpartisan, non-religious.

We also try to be sober while we are here.

Step up, step back.

BISHOP: going over the hand signals.



MARYANN: Occupy SXSW is going well, and the next planning meeting is tonight at 9pm at Austin Java.

VIRGINIA: Sharing with us some of the entries made in her survey, which asks people “Why are you here?” “Why do you Occupy?” Answers include “Power to the people”; “failure is not an option”; “an opportunity to fight back” after losing house, car; because it is a living example of a better society; “Keep fighting for our constitutional rights”; “move money out of banks”; “to lift the camping ban”; and to look at other cities such as Portland who have had some success in doing this.

JUSTIN: The next End Homelessness Working Group meeting is this Sunday at 11:30am at Angel House.

DAWNIELLE: (1) if you want to get involved in a flash mob (about NDAA) next week, get with her; (2) coordination call is coming soon and you are welcome to get involved with that too! Email: dawniellec@gmail.com

MARYANN: We have some events coming up that nobody else is announcing. (1) This Sunday is Stand Up for Occupy! Hole in the Wall, 9pm, $5 donation at the door, 21 and up only please. (2) We agreed at a previous GA that next Monday our GA will be cancelled so we can join the protest at AISD at West 6th at 6pm; we want to show them what democracy looks like. Remember, no GA next Monday. Contact Amanda for details about AISD.

JIM (?): There will be a hearing here at City Hall next week; they will be discussing the electricity rate increase. Thursday the 2nd, City Council meeting starts at 6pm.

JULIA: Wants to express what Occupy means to her. “Unity, solidarity, and [can’t hear]”. “This is my fourth meeting; there is a lot of intellect here. There’s a lot of caring. There is a lot of give-a-shit here.” She is glad to be a part of it.


Report Backs

BISHOP: We were going to deliver the Freedom Tower [an IT mobile wireless station] last night, but we are glad we didn’t because of the weather. But the Freedom Tower is coming tomorrow.


[Out of process]


(POI) UNKNOWN SPEAKER: Concerned about the threatening environment.

(POI) MARYANN: There exists a “Safer Spaces” Working Group; they are meeting tomorrow night at 9pm at Austin Java.

(POI) UNKNOWN SPEAKER: Describing how she gave a guy a “knee and a fist”.

(POI) MARYANN: Other Occupy groups have also made a Safer Spaces type of a group, with some success.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: It is important to understand that you are allowed to speak up for yourself, even though nobody speaks for Occupy.

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: I do a lot of work (and has info about) non-violence and creating a safer environment. [OA members will meet her after the General Assembly has adjourned.]

(POP) JOE: We are out of process, but there is room in the process to take the safety issue up as a special topic.


[Stack notes that we have one more report back, and one proposal, but we do not have quorum.]


 [Joe is asking the group whether we want to open this up as a special topic]


(POI) MARYANN: I’m gonna go to Austin Java after this if anyone wants to continue talking!

(CQ) CEDRIC: Is the quorum permanent?

(POI) JOE: Yes it is now permanent.


[back on process]


CLAIRE: Our finance group is at a standstill…


[Out of process again. There are a number of new people here who do not understand our process. Various OA veterans are helping them find their way.]


BISHOP: notes that we have no more agenda items. GA is adjourned!


Meeting finished at 7:42pm.

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