Facilitation Team:

  • Moderator: Joe
  • Stack: Claire
  • Note taker: Eli
  • Stack greeter: Mary Anne

Hand Signals:

  • Twinkle Up
  • Twinkle Down
  • C hand in the air = concise question
  • Point in air = Point of information
  • Circle hand with two hands = wrap it up
  • Circle pointer one hand in the air = off point
  • Triangle with hands over head = Respect the house

Step up step back

Let others speak

Be sober

Nonviolent nonpartisan and nonreligious movement




  • Another working group eco action oaecoaction@gmail.com
  • Street theater First Thursday


  • Action at Austin Police Headquarters
  • Rally at PH in defense of NY Eve 3
  • 100 people Marching and signs


  • local business donations
  • needs to talk to Claire or Cedric on finance
  • food donations to Planet K and talk to Brian

Maryann: Comedy 9pm Hole in the Wall suggested donation $5 21+ No one turned away


Report Backs


  • IT delivered freedom tower
  • Had trouble with transit
  • free wifi


  • Occupy Action during SXSW
  • Need volunteers
  • Two week event
  • March 18
  • Need events all day every day
  • Venue for event details Monday
  • Need musicians maybe make
  • March at end of SXSW

Don made contact with Laura Eisenhhower about march


  • Safer spaces mtg last Thursday at Austin Java
  • Poor attendance
  • Safer spaces proposal document
  • Occuqueer mtg
  • Twitter has lots of followers
  • national day of action
  • occupy Sydney postcard
  • Blake asked for it
  • Wed 6 before GA Austin Java twitter team


  • End homelessness working group
  • Angel House 11:30 am



Do we have quorum?

Yes we do have 30 or 31


Bishop – GMO labeling:

  • Printed document of proposal on food labeling
  • We as occupy Austin send letter to city council
  • Send legal resolution we want city council to pass
  • list of local business that support this issue
  • Put out document of what we want?
  • 10 years waiting for food labeling

 Clarifying questions

  • Kit – why twitter quiet on issue for 2 wks
  • Maryann – what is in proposal in handout
  • want labeling of GMO foods

85% want to come to consensus


  •  Kit – movement on transparency

Bishop and assembly vote yes

  • MaryAnn – press release
  • announce when we do it

assembly and Bishop agree

  • Chuck – language in document
  • don’t start out on defensive and apologizing
  • not effective language
  • remove second sentence in cover letter up to “as such”
  • does this paint in a corner for further demands

Carrie: Before this goes to city needs edit

Joe: working group to work on language

agreement from bishop and group mtg after GA Austin Java

Proposal Passed


Collin – water for occupation

  • money for water filtration system for occupy austin
  • takes grey water and makes it drinkable
  • infrastructure here

Clarifying question Jodin – does this count as semi permanent structure

Austin has filtered water through city

water on tap is clean enough

70 dollars to set up/ smaller set up

200 dollar system/ need two for everyone

would you need a working group

can we work on it here

ask for volunteers

two wks to set up

red cross can bring one

idea tabled


Finance Proposal

Clair passing out finance proposal

finance group finance document

tabled until people can read it


Special Topics

Molly Macintire: Austin Occupy Org freeloaders weed out people who are not taking part in mtgs

Solution oriented pts

everyone is here for a reason

jordan – spend more time on steps/ be more friendly/ we can’t make people listen

Don – we need everyone numbers to make a statement, these are the people we are here for

Nate – safer spaces working group

Claire – we are on their porch

kit – wed 9 pm on steps safer spaces


Nikki mtgs not everyone can go to coffee houses bc they can’t buy coffee

Step person – ? are we going to do something about it


MTG adjourned


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