Moderators: Dorothy and Amanda

Minutes: Maryann

Time: Katzen

Stack: Claire


Introduction of Facilitators.

Introduction of Core Principles and Step Up/Step Back.

Introduction of Hand Signals.



Maryann: I am gathering people for SXSW.  Email me

Pops: Will be bringing a proposal to have an envelope for donations so that people can donate to specific causes within Occupy.  Have them mark where they want to give it.  He will announce this at another GA and then announce which day he will bring this proposal.

  • Point of Information: We do have a way for people to do that.  Uncle G – he’s on the finance committee.  Currently we are respecting people’s intentions for donations.  We give people receipts.
  • Pops will meet with Finance.
  • This is a good example of how to bring proposals forward.  Let people know before you bring them.

Ronnie:  For InterOcc – Some other cities

  • Feb 4th Weslaco Occupy McAllen is going to participate in a conference.
  • Amarillo – preparing a response if there is an action against Iran
  • San Antion, Ft. Worth and Houston are participating in MLK actions.
  • Houston – continued weekly protest outside the Russian Consulate.
  • Conference Calls – tomorrow facilitation conference call at 2 pm
  • Texas Conference call
  • You can register and find out more at


  • Jan 14th Tree planting at Zilker Park at 9 am.  9Am – 12 pm.  We need 50 volunteers.  I have 30 I need 20 more.  You have to come in appropriate clothes and closed toed shoes.
  • If you want to come let me know ASAP.
  • We are having a benefit Jan. 29Th at Hole in the Wall.  It is a Comedy show.  $5 suggested donation to get in.  21+.
  • I am working with the East Side Community for the families affected by the AISD charter school, IDEA.
  • Start researching Koch Industries.  I will be bringing a proposal about this in the future.
  • POI: Combined the two brothers are the 4th richest person in the world.  They are spending a lot of it against Progressive Candidates.
  • Clarifying Question:  Where does the money go after the Fundraiser?
  • Answer:  The finance committee will take it immediately and put it in our bank accounts

Ganga: I am a Kundolini Yoga Teacher.  I have a friend who is heading up Occupy Yoga in NY.  We need people ot help us on the facebook page.  We are looking to begin in February.  If you have any information that will help me fine Yoga teachers or people that can help out with administration please let me know.

  • Occupy Yoga Austin
  • We will have yoga classes in February on a regular basis.


  • Monday night it was proposed that Occupy Austin exercise solidarity with Occupy UT for the MLK march Jan 16th
  • Working group is meeting Tomorrow at 9 pm the Leaf Tree 2nd and San Antonio
  • We will go meet with the Occupy UT GA tomorrow.
  • Monday morning at 9 am at the East Mall of UT campus then a march to the capitol and then a march from here to Houston Tillotson.
  • This will help us redirect our energies to the broader community.
  • We will either be joining with them or creating our own movement
  • OAMLKWorkingGroup – Facebook
  • Decided that we will bring this back at a Future GA to consense on the full proposal.  I will be seeking an endorsement.

Claire:  (stepping back from Facilitator) I will be printing out the GA hand signals and putting them down there at City Hall so that everyone has access to them.

  • POI: We already have a brochure.
  • Claire:  I would like to have something bigger


Report Backs:

End Homelessness working Group:

  • We set up a Facebook Group –
  • Our working group is trying to:
  • 1.  radically promote homelessness awareness in austin
  • 2. try to overturn anti-homeless laws
  • 3. Get a Tent City.
  • OccupyAustinEndHomelessnessWorkingGroup  on FB

Maryann:  Facilitator Working Group Sunday at 7:30 pm.  We need more facilitators.  Come join us.

POI:  Occupy UT GA meets at the tower.



We have 32 people.

Amanda Explained the Proposal Process


Claire: I am proposing that we take things slowly.  I am proposing that we take the change from City Hall slowly.   We should

Clarifying question: What are you talking about?

Claire: we talked about solidarity last night.

Pops:  Claire is talking about the list we made at Monday’s GA about people’s concerns. I think she is saying that we need to go over that list completely before we make any decisions.

Amanda: Summarizing Proposal – You are asking us that we take this slowly.  If you want to make a proposal make it more concrete.  This is more an announcement.

Amanda this is more of a temperature check.  We need to take these serious concerns very slowly.

Many people sparkled.

Claire said that this is correct.

Pops:  We have a list of concerns.  We need to keep on things and do things when we say we will.

Uncle G: The list that we are talking about only three were discussed yesterday.

Maybe we should bring this to the GA’s.  We’ll talk to the facilitation team and we’ll maybe bring a special topic to the next GA”s based on that list.


Announcement: Chaos Radio – the Tyranny of Beauty –  NO corporate sponsors. We want to  give people an outlet.

  •  Every Wednesday 1-3 pm.  The shows are archived.


Steve’s Proposal: The Unitarian Universalist Church is donating land. My Proposal is that Occupy Austin consider going over to the UU church and talking with them about donating land.

Bethany:  We could make a proposal about how we deal with religious and political organizations.

It’s the First United Unitarian Church.

Dave Cortez met with them this week.  They are having a dinner Wed Jan. 11Th at 5:30.

Pops: We are saying that we don’t support one or shun any.  We embrace all of them.

Dorothy : I’m hearing that we’re suggesting that we form coalitions with the UUC .

If the UU Church on Grover offers land for homeless folks in conjunction with Occupy Austin that we should take them up on it.

The proposal was tabled.


End of GA.

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