Facilitation Team:

Co-Moderators: Daniel and Maryann

Stack: Tara

Time: Caitlin

Minutes: Brian H


Beginning 7:15 pm. Core Values, hand signals.



Amanda: Tree planting at Zilker Park on Jan 14, 9 am to 12 pm. Need more volunteers. Benefit comedy show at Hole In The Wall, Jan 29. Suggested $5 donation at door.

Travis: Asking for food donations and group to facilitate getting food to City Hall. ( Point of information raised: Brian H is point of contact for food donations and logistics )

Pops: Spoke to arson incident and arrests at City Hall previous night. Instigators were not affiliated with OA. Concerns that APD is not doing their duty as public servants. Caseworkers are being sent to talk to 24/7 Occupiers about homeless issues and services. There is talk that OA will be evicted from CH.

Jamie: Three month anniversary party beginning 6 pm on Friday, Jan 6. Video montage, Sparkle Awards, food and music. Speakers and teach-ins planned for Saturday, Jan 7. Decentralized Dance Party  in evening at 8 pm.

Kit: Austin Art Nerds making miniature tents and dioramas. Meeting Jan 22 at private residence.

Jonathon C: MLK Day observance events on Jan 16. Meeting at Austin Java, 9 pm.

Bethany: Homeless initiatives workgroup forming, meeting Tuesday at 6 pm.

Pops: Suggests having donation envelopes or forms created that specify where monetary donations should be utilized.

Azurra: Sun Salutations observance at City Hall on Saturday, Jan 7, beginning at 11 am.

Maryann: Starting Occupy SXSW workgroup.



Kit—Twitter: 7325 followers. Holding basic Twitter usage teach-in Saturday at 5 pm.

Michelle—AALF: Working on projects for Bank Action events, Eeyore’s Birthday in April, signs, etc. Meeting Tuesday, 9 pm, Austin Java. Infoscribes: Asking everyone to refer to calendar of events when planning meetings and actions.

Uncle G—Finance: Just over $3500 available from all sources of donations.



 Explanation of additional hand signals and consensus process


 Kit: Request for consensus of support statement and action in solidarity with Occupy Nigeria. Proposal passed consensus.


Special Topic: City Hall concerns

Peaches: Concerns about conflict resolution. City needs to address enforcement of a social contract. Doesn’t think Occupation is over. Suggests gatekeepers or a security watch manned by Occupiers. ( Point of information: Other Occupations use shunning and keywords, among other methods, for dealing with disruptive actions or people within an Occupation. )

Maryann: Relocation may not resolve issues of Core Values being broken.

Azurra: Asks everyone to sleep out at City Hall in solidarity with 24/7 Occupiers. They are the most visible representation of the movement.

Pops: There is room for people to sleep at City Hall. There are rules imposed by City Hall that must be followed.

Levi: News about the arson at City Hall the previous night was frustrating to hear. OA no longer seems like a protest movement.

Michelle: Proposes to make discussion informal, rather than follow standard discussion forum procedures.

Jamie: If OA is evicted from City Hall, any marching action should be focused on taking City Hall back.

James R: Asks for temperature check of GA to set agenda of possible eviction for discussion.

Larry: Feels that federal enforcement will shut down OA.

Jordan:  The 24/7 Occupiers should open up space for everyone to sleep.

Bethany: Addresses concerns for the city to lift the camping ban and for a tent city to be started.

Levi: Make retaking a space a protest against the current camping ban.

Kit: Transparency is key to Occupy movement.

James R: Lifting the camping ban should be addressed in an action that directly reflects that concern.

Amanda: Affinity groups are not working. Some secrecy is necessary.

Brithe: We need to get under City Council’s skin. Our rights are being violated.

Owyl: Use honey, not vinegar.

Sonny: CH Occupiers were approached by caseworkers to go to shelters in San Antonio.

Jamie: Press releases and events need to be distributed and televised.

Amanda: Will all of us be at City Hall if we are evicted? We need solutions NOW.

Tom F: Will contact TCRP to get a decision regarding the 24/7 Occupiers’ immediate future at City Hall.


Meeting adjourned 9:25 pm.

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