Maryann and Dallas

Time Keeper: Ryan

Stack Keeper: Scott

Stack Greeter: Joe

Minutes Taker: Paige


Maryann made note that the 30 person quorum expired yesterday.  Announced that there was a dance party at 8pm that many people were planning on attending.

Welcomed new people.  Core values.  Step Up / Step Back.  OccuCop presented the Hand Signal Rap.



Kit – Austin Art Nerds is meeting 1/22 at a private residence to make Tiny Tents.  Please contact me if you are interested in going.

Tom – No Drugs and Alcohol.  Beware,  I will report you.

Pops – Money categorization proposal will be coming from the Finance team soon.

Amanda – Zilker Park Tree planting is happening Jan 14th 9 am – 12 pm.  I still need more volunteers.  Please let me know if you can volunteer.

Amanda – Stand up for Occupy is happening Jan. 29th.  It will be at Hole In the Wall, $5 suggested donation, it is 21+.  9 pm.

Michelle – OA MLK day working group is meeting tomorrow at 9 pm at Austin Java to plan our involvement in the march on January 16th.   They will also be talking about how we can be in solidarity with Occupy Congress on January 17th.

Michelle – Austin Art Liberation Front is meeting Tuesday Jan. 10Th at 9 pm at Austin Java.

Chuck – Tuesday Jan. 11Th the End Homelessness Coalition is going to meet at 6pm at City Hall.

Maryann – (stepping out of facilitation) SXSW is in March.  We are starting to plan for it.  Hopefully we will be coordinating with AALF.  Email me if you’re interested in it

James – Safer Spaces Working Group will be discussing Conflict Resolution Classes and inclusion not exclusion.  Email

  • POI – Kit – the Burners are working on this too.


Report Backs:

Kit (Twitter) – 7,361 followers on Twitter!  We had a teach in this afternoon.  We still have more handouts at the info desk.  People are retweeting about our dance part last night.  People also are asking how we are going to  be participating the Occupy Congress action Jan 17th.    Occupy Nigeria, who we consensed to be in solidarity with, is planning a strike on Jan. 11Th of over 4 million people.

POI – Dante – We are all family.

Jamie – After the march last night we had a sleepover in Palmer Park.  The cops did not bother us all night.  At about 9 am they did ask us to take down the tents.  Tonight there is a decentralized dance party at 8 pm sharp at 7th and Brazos.

  • POI – Amanda – over 2,000 have RSVP’d on facebook.

Ryan – We had a teach in this afternoon with about 15 people on social three folding.  Dr. Stephen Usher’s explanation of Rudolph Steiner’s theories.  Email me for more info. .

Joe – (Facilitation) There will be a teach in tomorrow at 7:30 pm either here or at Austin Java, depending on the weather.



Joe :  I propose that the Quorum of 30 people that expired Jan. 6Th be reinstated, permanently.

CQ: Does this only applies to GA’s.

Joe: Yes.

FA: Amanda – 2 GA’s with no quorum can still pass a proposal.

Joe – I don’t think that is necessary for this proposal.  Friendly amendment was not accepted.

FA – Pops – We should announce all major proposals at 4 GA’s.

Joe – You should make that into it’s own proposal.  I would like to pass just this proposal.

CQ – Brie  – What would Amanda’s proposal help with?

Joe – These are good ideas but let’s just pass this proposal as it is.  We can bring these other proposals later, even tonight.

CQ – Does this apply to emergency GA’s?

 Joe – Most emergency GA’s have more than 30 people.

There were no blocks.  GA consented to this proposal.  Proposal Passed.


Pops – If we’re bringing a big issue we should announce it at four GA’s before we bring it.

CQ – What is a big issue?

Kit – could this be a discussion topic?

Pops – A big issue like finance or direct action.

POI – We have limited ourselves previously.  When we wanted to move from 7 GA’s a week to four we discussed it over two GA’s.  We should trust the group.

Temperature check – the group did not want to continue discussing this proposal.  Since there were still unheard concerns we could not move to consensus.  Proposal Tabled.


End of GA.

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