A corporation is not a person until Texas executes one… so what did Texas do.. well Texas went ahead and executed one. Actually Occupy Austin did this weekend, as part of their rally to fight corporate personhood and expose the corruption of the big bail out banks. Occupy Austin’s Bank Action team and Austin Art Liberation Front combined forces to march against the bail out banks, have a mock trial of bank CEO’s, and ultimately stage an execution of a corporation.

In this 1:45 video Occupy Austin members stage an execution of an effigy of a corporation named C.P. Hood

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  1. Do not know what to say to this. I’m just speechless!

  2. holly cairnsFebruary 1st, 2012

    Hi, thanks for waking up the middle class. I was scared by your title. . So I had to read the story. My first thought was, uh oh, did Texas really? The death penalty list is pretty long in Texas. But I do have one q about this. Why exectute the American flag? We are just a few regulations away from protecting the middle class and opportunity everybody. Executing the flag, which is a symbol and stands for us, hurts my heart. PS, I like it better when we talk about what we are FOR, not what we are against.

  3. holly cairnsFebruary 1st, 2012

    Feeling stupid right about now. No kindness shown.

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