A smoke grenade explodes in front of occupier's shields.

JANUARY 31, 2012–The following video was uploaded yesterday to YouTube. The narrorator, speaking through annotations, explains the timeline of events that occured before the arrests of over 300 demonstrators on Janurary 28th in Oakland, California. Most of the footage was shot by citizen journalist @OakFoSho.

It plainly shows demonstrators working their way down broadway, followed by officers. Another line of officers suddenly appears in front of them and kettles the marchers on the 2300 block of Broadway.

The marchers undoubtedly appear to be walking directly past the YMCA building they were later accused of breaking into. In the footage, you are made aware that employees of the YMCA may have opened their doors and allowed many protesters to escape.

The key point of the film is to show that no auditory dispersal warnings were given by OPD before they asked protesters to submit to arrest–as OPD claims and as their policy demands.

Another embarassing moment in the footage is the point at which the corporate media return to interview a spokesperson for the Oakland Police, who takes time to adjust his image for the interview. As the narrator explains, the reasons given by the officer for the mass arrest actually occured over a mile away at another location by a seperate group of protesters.



For full footage click here.

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