• I closed my Bank of America account because I no longer wanted to support an institution that has robbed and continues to rob families of their homes, all while posting record profits and paying huge bonuses to executives. I no longer wanted to support an institution that has stolen the retirement benefits of many Americans, Americans such as my grandma.


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  2. My hometown bank lost it’s name, Industrial National Bank, held for as long as I could remember it. Then it suddenly had a new name, some kind of take over, which was Fleet Bank.
    I thought this was strange because it is also the name of a product that has long been used for those poor folks in need of an enema . Fleet Enema, Ready-to-Use Saline Laxative, 7.8 fl oz.
    The symbolic imagery because someone true after time even though to start they were pretty good to local citizens, offering free assistance in how to use the new automatic teller, and even allowing me to let my students art classes hang their canvasses for display. But then the real tellers starting disappearing and it took longer to find someone to transact with at the bank. Then “fees” starting happening for “services” that you would expect them to offer as regular business.
    Well, the word came down that Fleet, having fleeted as many as they could under that strange flag, was being absorbed into Bank of America. Jeepers, and even bigger bank! Anyhow, it was time to head down the the local credit union, which answers to the members who even have an option to vote on the board if desired. Also they invest in the community and are involved with community affairs and fun functions. In other words “user friendly”, just like my mac.

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