Austin, TX – Febuary 10th 2012: Officer Whitehead has announced that the felony charge against Jordan W. during the February 3rd eviction has officially been dropped. Occupy Austin has maintained that the “attempted assault against a Peace Officer” was erroneous and completely inaccurate.

Occupy Austin demands that the remaining three misdemeanor charges against Jordan also be dismissed, along with the criminal trespass charges seven other Occupy Austin members have been cited with as well.

We would also like an official apology from the Austin Police Department for their absolutely unnecessary level of violence on display the night of the eviction, and for their efforts to follow and terrorize Occupy Austin members as they left City Hall on the night of the eviction, and the following night as well.

Finally, we would like the APD to also admit that they have paid informants actively infiltrating Occupy Austin, and we would like these people to be immediately removed from this duty.

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