I am not an Austinite (sp?) in the sense that I was born or raised here. I’m a New Yorker who recently moved to Austin for a better life. What I found when I got here was a community that was not only open to the idea and implementation of supporting the local businesses, but a general social confidence and pride in shopping local and supporting local artisans and businesses. The fact that this somehow has excluded the local banks, makes no sense to me. The World Banks have failed the citizens of this country by only looking out for themselves time and time again. It is the people that suffer every time. Austin is a place made weird by its ideals of community and openness to people, ideas and taking care of its own. Having Austin be a local bank city only strengthens the mission of what this place was built for. It keeps money in the local economy, and allows for more opportunity to grow and prosper, no matter what is happening anywhere else. Coming from a place like New York City, where you don’t even know the name of your next door neighbor, it’s has become a valuable asset for me to know the people who make my cheeses, distribute my coffee, work with me, play with me and last but not least, bank for me. The strength of our banking system is at the heart of every opportunity given to us. It is where our monetary needs are satisfied and where companies and ideas get the chance to grow. If Austin is all about keeping it local, why would it not be supporting local banks as well? The fact that I am now able to look the person who handles my family’s livelihood (money), in the eyes and know they are looking out for me, because I am a neighbor, a friend and a repeat business for them, who helps to pay for their livelihood as well… is so empowering. Keep Austin Weird, Keep Austin money Local. Gem Hurlman

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