Facilitation Team:

  • Maryann and Amanda Co-moderators
  • Tara – time
  • Azurra – stack
  • Katzen – minutes



Occupy Prisoners:

  • February 20 6-7 pm teach in
  • Standards of living on death row
  • Rob Will video

Occupy Little Rock:

  • We have all you could want i.e. Internet, food, tents etc
  • Great relations with the city, state etc.

Occupy Austin Interfaith:

  • 7 pm Sundays
  • 6pm Tuesdays at Austin Java

Occupy Corporations:

  • duffy.contact@gmail.com for more information
  • Against Monsanto February 29th.
  • Needs: People to help get petitions signed, projector, DVD players, speakers, a copy of “the world according to Monsanto.
  • Needs many organizers before February 29th.

Occupy AISD:

  • Protest against standardized testing in schools.  Needs flyer street time.
  • This Saturday, February 18th at 12pm at Republic Square park.


  • March 17th at the capitol at noon.
  • Million Musicians March
  • Planning meeting (9 pm Austin Java)

Mka –

  • 512. 945.0637.  Bree – scswn@aim.com
  • Community Gardens on the Est side.  Mural space etc.

Chicago: His court date is February 27th at 10 am Austin Community Court. He is asking for solidarity either in the form of a march or people gathering at the Court House.

Bethany: End Homelessness Working Group meets Sunday at 11:30 at Angel House.

Cedric: Occupy Austin is going to start a Baseball team or some sort of Athletic endeavor – be in touch with him.

James: City Council Meeting is in two weeks (3/1).  In order to speak during citizen communique you have to sign up tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:30 am.  He would like to have all ten spots reserved by Occupiers.  Call 974-2210 to sign up to speak.


Report backs

Duffy:  Just returned from Houston.  They are struggling.  He would like us to reach out to people we know in Houston.  Also, the legal team representing them in Houston has incurred expenses in the process of defending them.  They are asking fro $2600 to cover these expenses. He will bring a proposal at some point to cover part of that cost.

Dave (Bank Action)

  • They have a found a person who’s house was stolen by Wells Fargo.  They are working with the lawyer Bill Gammon.
  • March 19th is a conference by big banks – needs volunteers to research the speakers and help plan.

Claire  (Finance) – clear up secrecy.  Finance working group is open.

Kit – (twitter/occuqueers)

  • Twitter might meet next Wednesday at 6 pm.
  • Occuqueers – participated in the action 2/14 for same sex marriage at the City Clerk’s office.  Unitarian Church was there as well.  Occupy Austin was partnering with other organizations.  Three people were arrested.  Three couples were married by the Unitarian Minister.  Next Occuqueers meeting is Thursday at 9pm at Austin Java.

Brian – (food) – have a kitchen!  Needs perishables, volunteers and transportation.  512 662-9775



Dave Cortez:  Recoup $50 of the expense he spent on getting posters of the police action on February 3rd.  He spent $108.  He would like to get the GA to consent to give him the money.

GA consented.  James also gave him $48 of his own money.


Claire – Finance Working Group – The finance working group processes need to be officially consensed upon at the GA.


Ten minute break to read over the process document provided.


There are eight sections.  Each section was consensed upon individually.

Section 1 – consensed upon with no amendments

section 2 – consensed upon with amendment that the meeting location is specified as City Hall or Austin Java.  Consensed that Emergency GA’s can be called for emergency funds.

Section 3 – consensed upon with no amendments

Section 4 – consensed upon with the amendment that it is only for more than  $100 and that emergencies are exempted from this requirement.

Section 5 – consensed upon with the amendment that the finance working group must get back to the person within 48 hours.

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