Facilitation Team:

  • Tara: stack
  • Ronnie: minutes
  • Maryann: moderator
  • Amanda: co-moderator
  • Dawnielle: time

Maryann: went over GA process and signals

Amanda: went over OA/OWS core values announcements



Amanda: Tonight after GA occupyAISD will me meeting to talk about march first day of education action, Austin Java

Dan: From the Justice Party, new political party, gave information about how to get involved and offered an informational flyer and sign up sheet, chief amongst initiatives of the party is to get the corporate influence out of politics, dan@belovedpixel.com

Evette: performance artist announced plans to perform a play called occupy egg, 99 percent of the eggs are edible, called for volunteers to help

Maryann: looking for musicians, performers and teach-in helpers for occupy swsw sxswoccupy@gmail.com, meeting this Tuesday

Joe: teach in announcement on consensus and GA, soon, was scheduled for sunday but that is the super bowl

Lanie: on welcome wagon, meets sundays from 6-7PM, planning an outreach picnic on feb 12th 11am-2pm at zilker, announced NDAA action for Feb 3rd, first at noon (funeral attire protest/performance art) at capitol, 6PM at capitol rally with speaker, NDAA authorizes cyber warfare and initiative against Iran, part of the ndaa protest at 4PM



Amanda: occupyAISD, went to AISD board meeting monday night, were able to read letters by teachers who have been silenced, occupiers collected letters and read them to the board, mic checked the board and the chronicle ran a story about the event, after the mic check the president of the board looked to the superintendant for clarification on new information he heard that day

Kit: twitter, had first official twitter meeting last night at Austin Java, offered to share minutes, working on a best practices doc, would like to be at all events, attacks are happening on reporters and journalists, watch the back of the tweeters and livestreamers, have 7,774 followers on twitter, doing a postcard for occupy syndey, blake from austin was recently evicted in sydney during evictino, announced voting for occupy supplies

Ronnie: Local Outreach. Went to UU church Wednesday. Presented first draft of solidarity statement. Working with the Social Justice Committee. Reading it to the congregation on Sunday. The service is at 9 am. I’ll be there. Everyone is welcome. This weekend we went to the Quaker Friends’ House. Chris and I participated in a non-violence workshop. The facilitators have done this in other places. They have offered Occupy to have around 20 folks participate in this workshop. they are going to give it to us for free. It is usually $75/person. They are going to give us some dates. Probably March/April. Chris and I participated with Sylvia Benini. Sylvia told us about the workshop.

Interocc: We had a national conference call with Noam Chomsky earlier in the week. We have about 20-30 a week. interoccupy.org – find out about other occupies are doing. Third Coast Activists – They have offered to give us a table. February 12th at 6pm 5604 Manor. We need people to be in that booth. Contact Kit if you’re interested.

Justin: outreach to some churches have been looking at what food needs we have, job training and other needs, occupy UT has a number of events coming up, meet every Thursday at 5pm at the tower



Amanda: went over proposal process


Kit: announced what happened with occupy oakland on J28, city has been calling occupy oakland a terrorist organization and asking OWS to separate from OO, proposal to for OA to formally stand in solidarity with OO, occupy austin stands in solidarity with the nonviolent activists in occupy oakland we believe we are all one in occupation, we oppose the violent actions by the opd and oppose all the actions created to engender dissent, occupy oakland, occupy austin, occupy everywhere

Chris: block, concern that there was no language about the actions at city hall in oakland, feels that the actions there destroy public sympathy

Kit: responded the concern, stressed that we support with the non-violent activists in Occupy Oakland

Speaker: has a brother who was from oakland, the folks who entered city hall were not part of the occupiers speaker: spoke the fact that there are inflitrators in oakland and did a rundown of some of the history of that city and violence in oakland, believes that the actions at city hall were not occupiers and likely inflitrators

Kit: Occupy Austin stands in solidarity with the nonviolent activists in occupy oakland , we oppose violence at actions but we believe we are all one in occupation, we oppose the violent actions by the opd and oppose all the actions created to engender dissent, occupy oakland, occupy austin, occupy everywhere

Dave: belived that there was already mention of violence in the proposal and specific language about city hall not needed proposal tabled to work on language


Ronnie: Start doing canvassing – I think we need a listserve to sign folks up. I’d like to make an official list serve to do outreach.

Clarifying Question: are you going to be in charge of it?

Ronnie: yes.

Clarifying Question: Are you affiliated with any private businesses

Ronnie: No

Clarifying Question: What resources do you need?

Ronnie: I’m not sure yet – There are afew ideas.

Michelle: this is a good idea beacuase I’m trying t oget events out to everyone and a list serve for events would be really great. This would help out. Maybe you can just do it.

Ronnie: I can make a mail man list serve.

No more Clarifying Questions or concerns

No blocks

General Assembly consents to the proposal.


Dave: opinion that we are focused on too many projects and no support network, propose OA form the occupy austin spokescouncil to meet on thursdays where members from the working groups will gather to organize events and prepare timelines,

Kit: question, can spokescouncil set agenda due to GA cannot enforce people to do anything, will spokescouncil be able to mandate that folks do something

Dave: the purpose of the council is to make sure folks are

Lanie: can spokescouncil be dissolved speaker: does the spokescouncil set the calendar, will that turn people off?

Michelle – point of information: many GA’s went to a spokescouncil model because many folks scattered, this is mainly a way to prevent overlapping events

Justin: believes that there might be some disorganization between the working groups and that this could help

Chris: is there a loose model of the spokescouncil that can be shared

Joe: ows spokescouncil is composed of working group members specifically, similar to GA but GA is more open for voting

Maryann: more time for discussion (no consensus) can we move to consensus

Dave: we will form the council for working groups to better coordinate their projects and a suggested point of action that we collectively prioritize events, anyone can come, including folks who have just formed working groups

Michelle: friendly amendment, a sunday council instead

Greg: what time on Sundays?

Chris: likes the idea, concern that there is not discussion about the process, if it is replacing GA or if it can be attached to an IA

Michelle: crowded schedule

Dave: accepts ammendment to make it on Sunday

Mike: likes the thursday date, thinks the traditionally it is only one rep from a group that participates in the council process

Maryann: temp check on which day of the week, most sparkled on Thursday

Dave: spokes council form on thursdays at 7 in place of GA, set priorities to recommend to GA for action, 1 person per working group participating in operations

Chris: will delegates rotate

Dave: process can be worked out during council

Proposal passed


Michelle: announcement- NDAA action for the 3rd, please come and talk to her about performance art, also with infoscribes, just put out new newletter, email infoscribes@occupyaustin.org, email to add events to calendar, also with AALF that concentrates on performance art and injecting art into the movement

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