[First part of GA had no one taking minutes]


Proposal: Occupy mark ott!

PoI should we find out who to hold accountable

Proposer (Mike): This is a protest movement, I can’t get specific about the protest, but I think we need to act sooner rather than later.

PoI: We should attend city hall meetings

PoI: In retaliation for the eviction, Anonymous has released a lot of information about Marc Ott, including his personal phone number

PoI: Let’s just all agree to occupy the next city council meeting this Thursday PoI: We can’t sign up for this coming meeting, we should just show up with signs and be there

PoI: City Council is in the morning 10 AM

Concern: Since we can’t consense that everyone should do it, we should consent to endorse individual action. (turned into friendly amendment)

Clarifying Question: Still not clear on how to get on the speaker list for a city hall meeting

Answer: It’s too late to sign up to speak for this meeting. You sign up at 9 AM 2 weeks ahead of the next meeting. Call the city clerk’s office to sign up. You have to check the calendar because the meetings are not scheduled every Thursday

Point of Process: Friendly amendment never voted on.

Friendly Amendment passed

PoI: You can be there but you can’t sign up to speak

Concern: Be careful about our behavior to not attract more criminal trespass charges.

Concern: Make sure we support this

Restated proposal: Take the protest to Marc Ott, with the amendment to endorse this protest and to bring the protest to city hall on Thursday

Proposal passed


Lainie announcements

Picnic on the 12th at 11 AM at Zilker Park Pecan Grove Picnic Area Bring friends, food, valentines to write love letters and games to play

Welcome Wagon meeting tomorrow at 6 PM at City Hall – we will be writing letters


Kit announcements

We need to tweet! It gives us exposure

Fuck the police marches in Oakland are in solidarity with us tonight & Chicago

The whole world was watching

As the police was pushing us back, Occupy Wall Street Journal was taking notes, and they will be writing about us in the Journal.

Over 800 viewers on livestream

Edited video will be up soon

Social media is fueling this movement. Spread the news.

The media really wants to cover our story, however they had a hard time doing it because everybody kept using the f-bomb. So if you can sacrifice using the f-bomb for ten minutes, they will be able to really cover us.


Debbie Russell – Legal updates

Jordan is getting out soon

It was hard to get him out, but we managed it. All are out now

Debbie’s first arrest

Those who received CT charges don’t have the warrants and can still be here, although that was apparently an oversight, and might not happen again in the future.

all got p.r. bonds & yes, there will be lawsuits

CQ Do we have a legal phone number?

A no, not yet

PoI Roadkill is still in prison, and he is a veteran. We need to exercise the option to get him out through a veteran’s program.

CQ – Is Chicago out of jail

A yes


Michelle Report back from NDAA day


Silent protest at noon dressed in funeral attire

People in jumpsuits

Flashmob in front of innocent bystanders who looked on in horror as people were dragged kicking and screaming

At night 250-300 people took the streets & it was a great night.

Thanks to everyone!

We should continue to plan actions in advance with information and outreach



March tonight after GA in solidarity with the homeless population

Let’s stay on topic!

PoI It’s Bethany’s bday

Mic check! Happy Birthday song to Bethany.



Announcement: Movie Night – Inside Job through Moveon.org pol.moveon.org/event/insidejob126127 after that movie The corporation. Next Saturday 2/11 @ 6 PM.

See Eric after GA for address or call 713-906-3137


Lars – yields his time


Carey – Proposal

Occupy Oakland was raided and 400 protesters were arrested. Carey proposes we issue a statement of solidarity with Occupy Oakland

CQ – Have you talked to Kit who brought a similar statement previously

Restate – working group to be created to draft a proposal in support of Occupy Oakland

Proposal passed



Announcement: Would like to start a project to get a letter of solidarity drafted and find a sister org to stand with occupy Austin against the actions of Feb 3.

Needs consensus for him to draft a letter and send it out to groups

Proposal passed

If you want to join that working group, please contact Dave



Also working on that march & it’s important that we leave as close to 9 as possible

PoI there will be newscasts here at 10 and it will look bad if we aren’t here

Answer We are not here for the cameras, they are here for us



Proposes we provide safe places for homeless occupiers to sleep

We should continue discussions with the city to make sure they know we disapprove of their actions


 PoI Lainie has notes of the timeline of events in hard copy



Jordan is asking people to upload videos of his arrest to prove he did not assault police officers

Donations needed at WePay


Meeting Adjourned

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