Facilitation Team:

  • Moderators: Maryann, James
  • Stack: Tara
  • Time: Spencer
  • Minutes: Bishop

Core Values: Non-violence, Do not support or oppose any religious faith, Non-partisan, ask you to be sober, step up step back
Review hand signals and meeting agenda: announcements, report backs, proposals
2 new people! cheers. No livestream, are live tweeting.




  • introduce you to Wendy Darling, media team magnet.
  • We have been putting out a ton of press releases. If you know a labor org, church, or any other org that should receive our press, please email us at media@occupyaustin.org with subject line.
  • We also have a report on the article the statesman published about Jordan. There are a lot of inaccuracies, we have been in contact with Jordan about what you are aloud to say.

Jonathan: I have paint to help with making signs. 40% off, hashiedswift@gmail.com

Paige: I have our post card to send to Cindy. I will be here all week to get as many signatures as possible.

Kit: Was invited on KlBJ, is being asked to speak to the media. Always speaks as individual not as OA. Contacted by Dudly show, was contact this morning.

Erik: Hosting a movie party on Saturday, an Inside Job, 6pm on Sat, after at 9pm, The Corporation 713-906-3137, bring food and beer.

Laine: A Picnic this Sunday at Pecan grove in Zilker Park, please bring friends, Potluck, bring kids for bouncy house. Will post brainstorm from Welcome Wagon, will need help with logistics, OAwelcomeWagon@gmail.com Sunday, 11am, bring tents, has flyers.

  • CQ: Is the bounce house just for kids?
  • A: maybe

Interrupted by Security, Mic Check, You are not allowed to be on steps, facilitators are discussing with CH security.

Mic Check: Security Officer informed us that new rules, this area must be reserved, however ground is Free Speech area. Temp check to move?

CQ: Can we move over there

POI: Policy from Friday, all of this area…

POI: anyone that wants to move or not, can move or not

Duffy: Tonight after GA, OATS Working Group will meet at Dominican Jo’s about actions, after GA, Riverside and Congress, Behind bank.

Joe: Spokes Council on Thursday, would like to come up with guidelines. Please review similar councils, 7:30pm at Austin Java or City Hall. Talk to me after for more info. Spokes Council is a GA for WG.

Amanda: Occupy AISD scheduled action on March 2nd, Friday afternoon, Student teacher walkout and march to Texas Education Agency. Protesting Star Test.

Bishop: Delaware has invited all evicted Occupiers to come live at Occupy Delaware. OA won FDL, FDL blogger in Austin is getting laptop, initially giving to IT to deliver to new WG for LiveMedia that includes LiveStream of LiveTweeters and live media in any medium.

Kenneth: Psychotherapist and mediator, working with attorneys, working with OA attorneys, attorneys is asking to be a part of OA. David B got 37% votes, please make it possible for professionals to participate. To make leadership work. make leadership work.

  • CQ: what are professionals?
  • A: ??
  • POI: everyone is welcome
  • A: You let him know
  • POI: Many way to get involved
  • POI: David called and is supportive, but cant come to GA, needs a more direct line to handle new people, steering committee, etc for professional types
  • POI: Is difficult for many to come to GAs

Mic Check, we have tacos and orange juice

Michele: Infoscribes, I am stepping back to work on a film for a few weeks. Please keep infoscribes@occupyaustin.org with any announcements.

Jordan: Was told PR bond was denied, was told would be in jail for two years. Charges are trumped up, including … tampering, attempted assault, please send any footage to our attorneys, please spread pepper-spray meme. talk to me after the GA.

  • POI: same offer that arrested Jordan is the same one that NYE3
  • POI: also threatened pepper spray
  • POI: also threatened critical mass bikers in the pass

Jamie: Suggesting marching march to denounce Police Brutality, getting temp check for march tonight.

Dave: Anyone in contact with folks that had stuff confiscated. Eric.Stockton@austintexas.gov has confiscated belongings, requiring description of things to retrieve them. Need help with transportation. 721 Rutherford Lane is location

Brian: Enjoy the tacos. Owner of fairy kitchen is getting too much pressure, we have a lot of food and supplies, we need alt kitchens and storage space. needs to happen in next two days.  Speak to me after GA. or call …9775

Azzurra: Gave an Interview to Fox News about Anonymous, refused to answer. Has messages from City Council on phone. Gist is that Council is planning to discuss bank divestment.

  • CQ: anything we can do to help?
  • A: attend city council on Thursdays at 10am
  • POI: On Sat GA we all agreed to attend Council meeting
  • POI: Public comment time at the beginning, inquire at City Hall
  • POI: Kiosk inside City Hall to sign up

Antonio: thank to all from Occupy for supporting NYE3 protests. multiple charges that are trumped up. Many people have come forward with stories of police abuse and false charges. Many of us experienced this over weekend. Get peoples stories out.

  • CQ: how can we help?
  • A: All agree this is a bad thing, lets band together to confront issue

Claire: Hello everybody, I did not have a seizure, I was pushed down, pushed down again, bumped her head, took to hospital, refused service, took to jail, strip search in front of drunk men, is starting civil suit for all arrested that night, report degrading treatment, is not right, is highly illegal



  • Safer Space meeting on Thursday, is stepping back as magnet, we need a document, please step up if you are interested.
  • Wed 6:30pm at Austin Java, OccuQueers for sexual violence abuse meeting.
  • Twitter has over 8000 followers.


  • Kathy Tovo has said she is fine with eviction. Some way to push back against oppression: Teach in, Show broad support to combat PR offensive, AFLCIO is speaking on our behalf, big name speakers, Wed 15th at 6pm, before GA
  • Moving forward with plans to address City Council members. Please attend meeting this Thursday. Show up with signs. Drafting document of abuses. We should have 24/7 access to City Hall grounds. Meeting starts at 10am, plan to stay till 2pm.
  • POI: You can sign up to speak on agenda items.
  • CQ: meet here?
  • A: gather inside building
  • POI: saying we must have permits to be on steps
  • A: we are making a statement
  • POI: speak about anything they are speaking about (at Council meeting)
  • POI: sign up and talk off topic, all they can do stop you, better than not speaking
  • POI: City Hall staff now saying we can be on the steps
  • POI: City Elections are May 12th

Steve: End Corporate Personhood WG, meet Sundays at 2pm at top of steps. working to form a proposal, Luncheon at 11 at Casa … was 4th meeting, participate and tell your friends by signing online petitions.

  • CQ: How can we help?
  • A: Google End Corporate Personhood Petition, and Bernie Sanders bill on it


  • InterOcc: friend in DC, ejected from Liberty plaza and McPherson, still can do vigil, no tents
  • Local Outreach: went to sermons, tied occupy into sermon, UU is having a Valentines event to apply for same0-sex marriage licenses.
  • another event at UU…
  • Going to court on Thursday… tell your friends to join working groups, continue to reach out, 2 people need a place to sleep
  • POI: another occupier looking for roommate, can help with rent, name is Victor

Bishop: Occupy SXSW Meeting Wed Night at Austin Java 9pm

Heather: Citizens review panel, got information for anyone that would like to file a report against the APD. Also has list of all officer that have been reprimanded. 974-9095, austinpolicemonitor.org

Kenneth: google “nrebazan” supreme court case, how to get rid of a Council Member


  • Sat the Feb11th, March in evening, against violence against women, @ 3100 Guadalupe
  • May 19th Dan Choi is coming to Austin.



Review of process.

Proposal 1 – Michelle:

FDL Laptop one individual be in charge of the laptop, Corey Williams, whose laptop was broken.

CQ: In charge of? To have possession of

CQ: For how long?

FA: If Corey gets another laptop, it would be returned

Friendly amendment passes

FA: Corey should get it forever

Friendly amendment does not pass

POI: FDL wished this not to happen

R: FA should address FDLs concern

CQ: can IT fix the laptop?

A: no

FA: Label the Laptop with Sticker

Friendly amendment passes

Proposal Passes

Proposal 2 – Amanda:

Love of Education, inspire, refused to be pushed by 1% for accountability training, not rote … snap of fingers … closes public schools … join us in an international action … protest Readiness testing …

Asking for Endorsement of statement and action

POI: endorsement

POI: … too fast .. testing is a perversion … big issue …

POI: may be calling for a boycott, could have real effects

POI: teachers are majorly in support of this

POI: I was a teacher, we hate it, students hate, parents hate it

Concern: Why not commit more people to do this

A: we cant compel people to do things

POI: please people go

CQ: when is the meeting to organize

A: next meeting is Thursday, 6pm at Austin Java

Proposal Passes

Mic Check: My name Solumn, I need a place to stay

POI: Meeting after GA to find people a place to stay


Proposal 3 – Heather:

We petition the city of Austin for an Urban Land Grant

CQ: for what?

A: give us land not in use. sustainable garden, for all OA activities

CQ: Is there any private land

A: This proposal is just about public land

CQ: what is the process?

A: There would be signature we need to collect

CQ: Do you have the documents.

A: Some of them, I have the city codes, more

CQ: Are you asking for a WG or endorsement

A: both

CQ: Signatures

A: 1500

CQ: who would receive the land?

A: Would be give to public for public use

CQ: not for OA then?

A: Correct, only for OA as part of the public

Concern: The best approach is to open condemned buildings…

Point of Process, off topic

Proposal Passes

Special Topics

Topic: Homeless

How many people need a place to sleep?


Can people offer their places to stay?

Are there any women?

Can you take the bus?

Mic Check: I have one more here.

Topic: Ideas about what to do next?


  • FDL runs Occupy Supply, their bloggers have traveled on
  • They analysis, no matter how vital they are, they need a place to be.
  • The place is special in the minds of the people. March on Sat was amazing. But we had no where to go. We must have a place.

Claire: Consider renting places that will be ours.

Kit: Foreclosure would change the rules.

Jason: So many great people, I am here everyday. This is family.

Someone: Consider land that is 30 acres for $400 /month

POI: 15 min from airport

POI: the property is rough, needs months of cleanup, is a long term investment. needs to be cleared, not driveway in

Kit: we need to do something Quickly

Mic check: The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people

someone: Likes foreclosure idea

Natalie: please stop using mic check to interrupt

James: Please meet with people to spark interest in ideas.

someone: please come to City Hall during the day, keep coming to GAs

GA adjourns

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